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сряда, 21 ноември 2012 г.

"Bright" facts about our North Star

Our North Star, also called Polar, for centuries served as a landmark for seafarers, travelers and astronomers. This star is also known that almost stands still in our sky as the entire northern sky moves around it. However, the Earth's rotation makes the stars in our sky to change their position. However, the Earth's axis pointing almost directly at Polaris, and thus we feel that this star has never changed its location. According to astronomers, the fluctuations of the Earth's axis (precession) over the years, will change location to the point of planetary poles that after 500 years, Polaris will no longer be our North Star. Here are some interesting facts about her: North Star is located about 434,000 light years from Earth and shines about 4000 times brighter than our Sun. It is number 48 on the list of the brightest stars and is ranked by 2.02. This report ranks the brightness of the star from Earth, compared to distance her The less number has this rank, the more vivid the same object. So, Venus and the Moon have a negative ranking. Polaris is pulsating star. This means that, like contractions, it increases and diminishes, thereby changing the brightness every few days.   The bright point in the sky that we see here, in fact, a triple-star system, or in other words three stars that orbit around the same table. The main star Polyaris A supergiants is a mass at least six times that of our Sun. Closest to her star Polyaris Ab was off 3.2 billion kilometers from it. A Polyaris B is located much further.

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