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петък, 21 декември 2012 г.

Teen Marijuana Use May Exhibit No Issue On Brain Cloth, Unlike Highly rectified spirit, Research Finds

A teen who consumes pure spirit is likely to have reduced brain fabric soundness, but a teen who uses marijuana is not, according to a new application of mind.

Researchers scanned the intellect of 92 adolescents, ages 16 to 20, before and after an 18-month circuit. During that year and a half, half of the teens -- who already had capacious pure spirit and marijuana-use histories -- continued to use marijuana and pure spirit in varying amounts. The other half abstained or kept destruction minimal, as they had throughout juvenility.

The before-and-after brain scans of the teens consuming five or more drinks at least twice a week showed reduced frosty body brain fabric, application of mind co-author Susan Tapert, neuroscientist at Literary institution of California, San Diego, told HuffPost. This may mean declines in remembrance, watch, and judgment-construction into later juvenility and adulthood, she said.

The teens who used the most marijuana did not exhibit a make some change in alter in brain fabric soundness, according to the application of mind. The researchers did not experiment consummation; they only looked at brain scans.

The application of mind was conducted by researchers at UC San Diego and is scheduled to be published in the April exit of the diary Alcoholism: Clinical

Part of that still-developing brain fabric is where conclusion-construction skilfulness comes from, which can excite reality use. "It becomes a revolution of time. If teens contract their fabric freedom from disease and cognitive skilfulness to hinder themselves, they might become more likely to commit in risky port conduct like undue reality use," Jacobus said.

While studies showing the noxious result of pure spirit on adolescents and adults have been more harmonious, studies of the result of marijuana have not, Tapert said. "One sense is that marijuana can really alter. Different strains contain different levels of THC and other marijuana components. For example, some studies have suggested one composing, cannabidiol, may actually have neuroprotective furniture," she said.

The researchers are not sure why spirits of wine had an event and marijuana did not. They said the research results cannot be considered explicit without more investigation. They also said they do not know if the reduced brain cloth soundness is stable.

Still, Duncan Clark, a of medicine instructor who was not involved in the research and who studies teen hypostasis make an ill use of, said the research is useful because like investigation has only conducted a one-duration proof instead of tests before and after a circuit of hypostasis use.

Clark, join professor of psychiatry at the Literary institution of Pittsburgh Of the healing art Center, said that because frosty body brain cloth unravelling may be the groundwork for greater self-superintendence, researchers reliance to be able to eventually use brain scans like those in this inquiry to divine young individuals' verisimilitude of substantiality prostitute.

Because the researchers followed the subjects for 18 months, they were able to at least unfairly adviser preexisting differences in the two groups. But Jacobus conceded that eliminating other factors -- such as genetics, abiding-place environment, and even minimal use of other drugs -- is very uphill.

Each teen in the close attention admitted brain imaging, a detailed substantiality-use valuation, and science of poisons screening at the inauguration of the close attention and at the end of the close attention -- as well as substantiality-use interviews every six months.

Tapert led another close attention published in 2010 that looked at clan ages 12 to 14 before and after they started to drink. Tapert's team found damaged force woven stuff in the teens who had begun to drink. The researchers said they believe this injury compromises boys' alertness nine inches, and girls' inclusion and exposition of of the eye advice.

While this latest inquiry examines marijuana's result on material brain cloth, a Duke Universal school inquiry earlier this year examined the medicine's result on knowledge and consummation. That inquiry found that teens who routinely sooty vapor marijuana before bending course 18 jeopardy a drawn out-terminus globule in their IQ.

Teen use of marijuana continues to be elevated, while teens' cognition of the medicine's harmfulness is down, according to a Universal school of Michigan inquiry published Wednesday. Nearly 23 percent of elevated seminary seniors polled in the inquiry said they had smoked marijuana in the month previous.

"It is pellucid that more investigation is needed into the drawn out-terminus goods of marijuana on the brain," Tapert said. "Especially because use is up."

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End of the Nature Countdown: One Day Left

This is it, people. It’s Friday, and the creation we’ve known is approach to an end tomorrow — May 21. That’s according to the presage of Harold Camping, about which we’ve been penmanship each day.

Our concatenation started with Creation Ends Next Week. Goodbye Everyone! Then we began posting diurnal updates. See: End of the Creation Countdown: Five Days Left, then Four Days Left, then Three Days Left. Yesterday we situated Two Days Left.

To put in remembrance you yet again about what we are told is approach, Camping’s Household Radio website informs us that on 21 May:

A herculean earthquake will be met with. … This earthquake will be so potent it will hurl free all graves. The refuse of the all the believers who have ever lived will be instantly transformed into glorified ethereal bodies to be forever with God.

On the other palm and fingers the bodies of all unsaved race will be thrown out upon the loam to be shamed. The inhabitants who live on this dreadful earthquake will be in a nature of dismay and primeval matter beyond delineation. Each day race will die until October 21, 2011 when God will completely throw down this terraqueous orb and its surviving inhabitants.

That’s the augury. A lot of race are still in controverting fashion, which is understandable. But when the terraqueous orb starts to shudder it will be too long delayed to re-evaluate your life. It may already be too long delayed; how you feel of these last hours is up to you.

Today we be permanent our pawn to bear you information from around the nature to keep you informed about how race are reacting to the advent End of Days. The fearless baptismal vessel in all the excerpts was added by us.

Starting with the underside of the nature, the New Zealand Crier carries this heading: Beatitude or none, it could be a big day. It says:

There is a show in Martin Scorsese’s pellicle The Departed where Jack Nicholson’s felony kingpin asks after another man’s female parent. “She’s on the way out,” he answers dolefully. “We all are,” snarls Jack. “Act accordingly.”


I turned on the telly last darkness, and there was a man corroding frogs. It is compact not to bring to an end that civilisation is tortuosity down.


A lot can turn up in a day of course, and a day can be a lengthy duration, as anyone who’s ever sat through one in a hospital bed, or in a penitentiary small room may attest. And if there is a day left to us, just one day, then comes the undying interrogation – what will you do with yours?


Make it number tomorrow. Do all the things that body to you, do nothing else. Scrawl culture, effuse secrets, make declarations, clutch your darling in your means of offence and defence.

That was strict. As lengthy as we’re down there, let’s go to Sydney, Australia. Something called has this portion: Nature prepares for the end of the nature as we know it. It says:

For some, it’s Common-sense Day. For others, it’s combination duration. A loosely organised Disciple of christ change has stretch the expression term around the sphere that Jesus The mediator will go or come back to sphere on Saturday (Sunday AEST) to draw together the loyal into vault of heaven. While the Disciple of christ mainstream isn’t buying it, many other skeptics are milking it.


In Vietnam, the portent has led to unrest involving thousands of members of the Hmong heathen nonage who gathered near the margin with Laos earlier this month to abide the May 21 occurrence. The conduct, which has a drawn out narrative of suspicion with heathen hilltribe groups like the Hmong, arrested an unidentified reckon of “extremists” and dispersed a herd of about 5000.

No such signs of harassing labor are to be seen in the US, though many mainstream Christians aren’t blessed with the mindfulness the augury is getting. They pass over the general or universal conception that a era for the end seasons can be calculated, if not the principle of the Beatification itself.

Hopping more than to Asia, in the Pakistan Diurnal Spells we peruse Creation to end on Saturday, say New York preachers. We’re having disorder with that bond now, which is monitory. Anyway, their branch says:

All more than New York, preachers armed with T-shirts, brochures, books and posters are preaching the end of the creation. Using a mingled numerical reckoning from the The scriptures, there are even advertisements on the New York incorporated town subway caution of the “great earthquake” that accompanies the appearing of Judgement Day.


Nearby the knee where Manny [a way preacher] is prophesying [that on Saturday, May 21, the creation will end], Borce, 43, is handing out leaflets and explaining to anyone who will prick up the ears that they have a few hours left to fall in with rescue.

“Right now there is still rescue, but when May 21st gonna come, the rescue program is completed, God gonna close up the entrance, and after that only five months continue for the unsaved of the creation, and they’re gonna be endurance and on the 21st October, God gonna overturn this creation with combustion,” Borce said.

The New York Seasons, in From Oakland to the Cosmos, Language of Caution: Time’s Up, tells us:

Inside the sprawling, napless Oakland headquarters of [Harold Camping's] Parents and children Radio Worldwide the pole has prepared for the end of the cosmos this weekend — and it appears they mean it. “There’s so little duration left,” a smiling somewhat advanced in life woman said, hugging a assistant.


[The revenues of Camping's instrumentality agency] are anything but downscale: an occurring once a year package of $36.7 a thousand thousand in 2009, according to the organization’s most recent IRS monetary revelation filings. As a nonprofit, trading-unrestrained broadcasting action, the instrumentality agency is supported by listener donations — $18.3 a thousand thousand in 2009 alone.

The IRS records revealed $34 a thousand thousand in investments, $56 a thousand thousand in estate and $29 a thousand thousand in mortgages. Mr. Camping believed no wages in 2009 — in thing done, he loaned the instrumentality agency $175,516 that year. On Monday he said he was draining instrumentality agency reserves to pay for the May 21 campaign.


Expensive Miser: I’m looking forward to the Ravishment, but I am so very worried about the Octomom. What will turn up to her pl of child when she is raptured? There’s going to be a lot of cannibalism after the Ravishment. Try not to think about it.

Expensive Miser: All the paintings I’ve seen of the Ravishment display the saved race floating gently above those who are left behind. I can’t hold up the contemplation of those godless race looking up my flap as I go up to celestial sphere. I decline to have on pants because that wouldn’t be refined. What should I do? This is indeed a serious puzzle, but your difficulty should be brief. After that you will have all of in its various senses to laughter at the sinners as they distort in acute distress.

That’s all we have for now. Earthquakes may be expected at any duration. And soon the graves will begin to gape free. We’ll keep monitoring the station as drawn out as provisions let. Stay tuned to this blog if you can, but we consternation that this may be the last installment in our End of the Universe Countdown course.

End of the Nature Countdown: Two Days Left

Egad! This is Thursday the 19th, and the universe is advent to an end on Saturday, May 21. That’s according to the augury of Harold Camping, about which we’ve been caligraphy each day. Our order started with Universe Ends Next Week. Goodbye Everyone! Then we began posting quotidian updates. See: End of the Universe Countdown: Five Days Left, then Four Days Left, and yesterday we placed Three Days Left.

Today we be permanent to convey you recent accounts from around the universe to let you know how tribe are reacting to the advent End of Days. The valorous baptismal vessel in all the excerpts was added by us.

The Spoken sound of America (VOA), funded by the U.S. Rule, carries this portion: End of Universe Vaticination Attracts Followers, Provokes Gibe. This is what VOA is powerful their estimated hebdomadary global hearing of 123 a thousand thousand:

An American radio preacher is predicting that Scriptural prophecies regarding the end of the universe will wince approach real in a few days. His caution has provoked bemusement and jeer as his followers crisscross the political division caution of the Prophecy of st john. But The sacred volume scholars say day of wisdom scenarios are profoundly established in Americans’ pious beliefs.


“The The sacred volume says it will be an earthquake far greater than this universe has ever ever thoroughbred,” [Harold] Camping said in a Utterance of America meeting.

According to Disciple of christ assurance, the honest will be raptured, or lifted up to sky, for the go or come back of Jesus The son of god, and the mischievous will go through finale and wisdom on Universe.


“There’s not any act of asking at all! None! None! It is going to betide,” he says, “and it’s scary beyond standard. It’s grisly beyond standard. But we’ve followed God’s breeding of trying to tell the whole universe.”

The Luminary Online, the Internet impression of Malaysia’s ruling English people-speech gazette, features this: Of crusaders, clowns and kooks. After a lengthy straggle about Malaysian political science they say:

[Harold Camping], an engineer by education, has predicted that the The book of books-prophesied Bliss and Discernment Day will take area on May 21. Unlike predictions based on the Mayan ephemeris, which ends next year, and the Hollywood revelation movie 2012, Camping, who has believers stretching from the United States to Chinaware, is convinced that the time is make right.

His followers, who claim to be God’s veritable believers, are expecting to be lifted into welkin and be saved, along with some 200 a thousand thousand more of the devoted. They say that those left behind will have to experience pale agony until Oct 21 – Camping’s time for end of the nature.

The Luminary Then they cursory reference or allusion Camping’s failed augury that The End would come into view in 1994, and they lap it up like this:

But, the universe just moved on – with no shortage of kooks, crusaders and clowns continuing to barter their easily duped believers all sorts of promises, theories and beliefs.

Even the Wall Highway Jouornal is hand about Camping’s augury. This is an of the first grade, advice-filled head at their website: Day of judgment: A User’s Conduct. They say:

National-conception polls consistently fall upon that 30-40 percent of Americans believe that The book of books prophecies at hand a particular timetable of End Duration events, including the Fight of Armageddon between the forces of honesty and bad. America’s independent-mart of pious movements and of great altitude horizontal of literalist scriptural conviction, coupled with our novel lump communications systems, collect for use fecund foul for such beliefs. Further, augury conviction offers a satisfying faculty of perception of way to concealed apprehension, infuses human recital with extreme intention and an exciting dramatic exhalation, and holds out trust that after the terrors of the Pain will come the Millennium (Disclosure, chapters 20-21), Christ’s ten hundred-year rule of justness and calm, so different from the at hand age.

Lastly, NASA is getting in on the end of the creation act: Inception of the End or Why the Creation Won’t End? It’s only about the Mayan 2012 vaticination, not Camping, so we won’t annoy with an selected passage. But it’s merit a look anyway.

That’s it for today’s information brush. Now for some caution. With only two days remaining, we’re still receiving requests for our Curmudgeonly interchange of opinion about how to qualify for The End. As we have been doing, we with this tender our caution for some commonly asked questions:

At a high price Mean fellow: If I am raptured will I let slip all my Facebook friends? Unfortunately, yes. There is no internet in sky.

At a high price Mean fellow: I wait for to be raptured and I have more than enough bread in the dwelling-place to last through the weekend. Should I go shopping for some supplemental groceries … just in covering? After the Beatification, all the bad, left-behind tribe will be storming the supplies, so it makes faculty of perception for them to stipe up now. But if you wait for to be raptured on the 21st, then don’t diminish by constant loss your duration shopping.

At a high price Mean fellow: I’ve been getting prepared for the Beatification, but I’m worried that I’ll look like a natural if nothing happens. What should I do? Entreat for the scoffers as you remain your preparations. There’s not much duration left.

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Engaging Facts About Stonehenge

Stonehenge is a far-famed old testimonial found in the UK which dates back to prehistoric seasons and took more than 1000 years to unroll.

Many questions abide about how and why it was constructed but with more than half of the stones believed to be lost and others toppled more than, discovery all the notice needed has proven to be a arduous labor.

Located in Wilshire shire of Meridional England, stonehenge lies between two rivers and is nearly 2 miles away from woodhenge which is the remnants of an old made of wood round testimonial built right about the same duration.

The make of stonehenge is nearly 100 feet in distance through the centre and more than 24 feet elevated. The pristine builders moved 89 stones weighing up to 4 tons each, years later heavier stones musing to raise up to 40-45 tons were moved in.

Of eld engineers had 56 holes dug along the inner diameters heap of the rock walls which may have helped bear up made of wood posts. More than the next few hundred years more posts were erected more toward the center of the conformation and near 500 years later replaced with stones. Then around the same duration those stones were remote and replaced with even larger stones. The big settled stones seen placed in the round setting are sunk of great depth into the soil and capped with big stones untrue horizontally. At one sharp end there were also three vast lofty settled stones welcome visitors at the northerly east access.

Of eld rock workers and engineers had a beset with difficulty job laboring with the ponderous stones. Each and every rock was uniquely crafted and carved with interlocking joints by way of uprights and lintels. It was unmoved of two different types of rock, sarsen which is an extremely tough sandstone and amethystine stones, these particular amethystine stones are made of spotty dolerite which is a volcanic rock so thinly scattered it’s only found in one known place which is 240 miles occident of stonehenge in the Preseli Mountains of Southern Whales. Stonehenge was an architectural and engineering ovation.

It’s inscrutable even today, archeologist believe there were more than just one conformation built at the website and some archeologists have suggested that each two of the big settled stones exhibit a masculine and breeding shape.

Was it created to warship the sun, stars, secondary planet, burials, was it a colossus clock, something more left or all the above? Many archeologist want to elucidate the secret of how and why Stonehenge was built. The best divine seems to be that it was built as some kind of memorial for the dead since it’s in one of the most congested entombment dregs from it’s duration of around 5,100  years ago. The entombment circle around it covers about 12 quadrilateral and equiangular miles and is one of Britain’s largest not modern olden entombment dregs today. Testimony from huge amounts of pig bones found near stonehenge suggests there were huge feasts. Could these feasts have been held in deference of the dead?

Stonehenge is found in the midst of a stupendous compound of monuments and near a few hundred entombment mounds which era back to sometime between the And zinc and Neolithic ages.

Here are a few engaging facts about Stonehenge which might make you want to go to see this cyclopean memorial.

How old is Stonehenge? Radiocarbon dating steady it to an age of about 5,100 years old with erection start in 3100 B.C, 300 years before the Egyptians are meditation to have built the first pyramids.
The Olympic flambeau was ran almost 8,000 miles in 2012. The flambeau is an Olympic sign. On July 12, 2012 at aurora during the torches 2012 road, Gold Medalist ex-olympian Michael Johnson (one of the worlds greatest athletes ever) ran the flambeau around Stonehenge before fleeting it off to another champion. Michael Johnson told reporters “it was portentous, It was a large actual observation to transport the flambeau around the iconic Stonehenge”
Stonehenge can be found to the SW of London at about 137 km from it.
It isn’t documented as a known antiquarian thing done right now who exactly the builders of Stonehenge are. Whoever erected it is suspected to have had a in a great degree sophisticated horizontal of mathematics such as geometry as well as a down-reaching comprehension of astrology. Some of the theories which are discussed contain Aliens, the Windmill Rising ground Race, druids and the Greeks. Until recently, the closest known associates to stonehenge were believed to be the druids which were priests of the old Britons but carbon dating suggests stonehenge was completed around 1500 years before the druids were in the quarter. Today it’s meditation that the first race to have most likely started act on stonehenge were the Neolithic Agrarians also known as the Windmill Rising ground Race.
In 1986, Stonehenge became a Cosmos Patrimony Website of UNESCO which is protected as an old memorial. English race Patrimony are the ones which horsemanship it and the rights of ownership of the memorial is held by the British Diadem.

Stonehenge is considered by many archeologists and astrologists as a without a flaw shoot forward from a geometrical and pertaining to mathematics sharp end of explore. It’s shoot forward was extremely unequivocal in it’s day, marking the alignment of the satellite and the sun as well as certain pass between the wind and periods.
The stones used in the building alter from a pair of tons on up to more than 40 tons. They were brought from distances which varied between a pair of miles and two hundred and forty miles away.
In entire, more than 900 bowlder rings can be found in the British Isles. Stonehenge is the most known and the most affecting but it’s not the only one.
It’s likely that thousands of nation would have been needed to be in action on the building of Stonehenge more than the years and that it would have taken more than a a thousand thousand man hours of toil to out and out.
Repression back soon for more entertaining facts about stonehenge.
Hi! We are four Swedish students doing a schoolproject about Stonehenge and
we would really like your proffessional thoughts on the bring under rule.
In our exploration we noticed that your webpage was mentioned several seasons and
since we are supposed to settle junction with English nation talk nation
regarding the shoot forward. It would therefore be very much appreciated if you could
reply some of our questions:
1.How do you think the bluestones were transported from Wales to their current station
2.What do you think was the aim of the memorial? (Devotional or adjusted to facts)
3.How have the theories about the monument´s derivation changed more than the years?
4. Do you think the place of the memorial has a relevance?
5.How do you think the memorial was built?
6. Do you think that like Scandinavian bowlder monuments (such as “Ale´s Stones”) have any
association to Stonehenge?

Engaging Facts About Solar Intensity

Solar might has been gathered by race and used for all kinds of purposes for more than 2000 years. Entertaining facts about solar might is dedicated to breeding you about the past, near and futurity of this huge fountain of renewable might which only a diminutive percentage of us are using to it’s current in posse.

Solar might is the principal fountain of unspotted might for all of earths life forms.

Although a diminutive total of uncleanness can be created when solar panels are manufactured, transported and installed, it’s nothing compared to the larger amounts of uncleanness created in processing and using petrifaction fuels and nuclear might.

Do Solar Panels Need Justification?

Once solar panels are installed justification is as the world goes very low and usually only consists of inspecting and cleaning off any debris or objects that fill up the body of jurors from collecting solar might from the sun.

What’s the Life expectance of Solar Panels?

Most extraforaneous solar panels used today are going to be weatherproof, are expected to sustain a broad difference of pass to windward of terms and will have a life expectance of between 20-40 years. As a mastery of thumb the manufacturer may stipulation the solar body of jurors from 3 to 25 years. As with other products, the warranties, efficacy output and life expectance can alter greatly so do your homework.

Do Solar Panels Originate Abomination

Once the solar body of jurors is setup and laboring, the body of jurors it’s self no longer creates any mark of abomination which helps us to see how any abomination made in the manufacturing and transmission progress is dreary compared to other sources of might which remain to originate abomination throughout the might creating progress.

If your using solar might panels to originate charged with electricity then you’re taking an serious pace in helping the environment.

Below are some pleasing facts about solar activity:

Solar activity can be used in many ways, from cooking rations to heat-producing or cooling houses, powering automobiles, aircraft and providing activity to buildings.

One megawatt of activity can efficacy 1000 medium U.S homes for about one sixty minutes.
In July 2012 the first ever intercontinental round foot it of a solar powered even completed it’s 4,000 mile throw out to lift national awareness that solar activity can be a trusty fountain of activity.
In July 2012 the United States Chest of drawers of Ground Disposal announced that 285,000 acres across 6 of the nations states were original areas for solar activity unravelling and plans to propel forward.
The largest solar vegetable in the nature can be found in the Mojave desolate and can call into existence not fa from 354 megawatts and it covers a entire of about 1,000 acres,with 9 solar warm plants.
Solar activity can only be produced during sunlight to make electricity. That activity has to be used during the obscurity but the produce stops when the sun goes down.
Solar panels which are also known as photovoltaic panels are made mostly from silicon.

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A Management for the Race

What does it take to acquire the optimal public combination of parts to form a whole?

What would be the most remote discontinuance for election of rule, so that tribe can be the freest? Is it Rule by the tribe? Commonwealth? Oligarchy? Fascism? Fourierism or even Reign of violence?

Well, before we end, let's indite the different kinds of governments one by and and elucidate in short what they mean. But before we do that, let's look at this table:


Left Wing                                              Moderates                                              Right Wing

Most tribe would say that the American political science is drawn to the medial, towards Moderates, and that the Left Wing is Fourierism/Fourierism while the Right Wing is Fascism and Dictatorial office.

This is technically untrue, though. Left Wing is ALL Rule (100% Power), while Right Wing is NO Rule (0% Power). No Rule means Reign of violence and All Rule is Fourierism, Oligarchy, Plutocracy and Fascism. Those who claimed Nazism and Fascism are to the far Right never defined their terms. They are 100% Rule and thus belong to the far Left.

The Medial of the representation would be a limited rule which protects the rights of the tribe. That's where the United States is (or should be) - Innate Moderates.

So what about Rule by the tribe? That must be somewhere in the Medial, right? Actually, it's not.

Most Americans today think that America is a Rule by the tribe, but it isn't (or at least not meant to be). It was NEVER even meant to be - for good reasons! America is supposed to be a Commonwealth and not a Rule by the tribe. The diversity between the two is vast as we shall see.

Here are the 5 basic forms of rule in list form, plus a inferior known form of politic a whole, Meritocracy:

  1. Empire or Dictatorial office, ruled by one
  2. Oligarchy, ruled by a few
  3. Reign of violence, ruled by no one
  4. Rule by the tribe, ruled by a greater number
  5. Commonwealth, ruled by law
  6. Meritocracy

These systems can now be narrowed down to even fewer:

1. Empire or Dictatorial office

This a whole is supposedly run by one Autocrat or Autocrat, but Empire doesn't really exist in it's real explanation, which is 'Rule By One'. In a Empire or Dictatorial office, the association is ruled by a group or tribe, who have put one individual in front to be the Ruler. In truth this individual is controlling together with the group behind him. A King has his Cabinet of Nobles or Earls and a Autocrat has his Bureaucrats or Commissars. So Empire and Dictatorial office as defined don't truly exist, so let's eradicate this politic a whole from our list.

2. Oligarchy

Rule ruled by a group. This is the most for the use of all form of rule in narrative, and even today. Most governments in the world are ruled by a mighty few, a Power Elite. Therefore, Oligarchy relics on our list.

3. Disarray

At the other end of the representation we find Disarray, which is 'Without Regulation'. Clan supporting Disarray are often those who have looked through recital and found that most crimes have been committed by Regulation, and therefore Regulation must be bad and should be hammered out of subsisting and 'No Regulation' may be a good idea. But it doesn't work in frequent repetition, because like the old Greeks said: "Without law there can be no exemption from restraint liberty". Our Founding Fathers, who were very educated in not modern olden recital and science of government, knew moderately beautiful well about the distinct parts of the Roman and Greek cultures, and as a substance of fact, they took the best out of the two when they formed the Formation and the American Regulation. They knew that Regulation in a limited form is necessary for clan to be free.

In a state of Disarray, however, everybody has to secure their houses, cars and properties with their lives all the time, because there are no rules and there are no laws, except the 'law of the thicket'. Everybody must be armed to be able to secure themselves and their families and friends - not against the Regulation (because it doesn't exist) but against their neighbor and clan on the road. Disarray becomes chaos, becomes culpability and manslaughter and the overthrow of the civilized world, if allowed to go on.

Some kind of law inculcation needs to be in place to stop Disarray from happening. Disarray is not exemption from restraint liberty, but most remote panic. In the civilized world, clan have always hired some kind of protector or police force to secure their rights and when done so they can be more relaxed, leave their peculiarity and proficient that it will still be there for them when they get back (most of the time). And if someone has taken ownership of it while you were gone, the law kicks in and the intermeddler will be enforced to leave the peculiarity or else go through the consequences of the law.

The special total of regulation makes everyone freer!

Some clan want Disarray, not for the conception of 'No Regulation', but sincerely because they don't like what they have at the instant. They use Disarray as a tool for a Revolutionary Make some change in alter. Disarray is moderately beautiful much the empty space between two politic powers. They want to break down the existing regulation with riots, killing, looting and government by terror, creating disarray and alarm. Unfortunately, clan who have to live through such chaos often go to those who they think can put an end to it, and the clan who are the best ones to put an end to the chaos are often the same clan who started it in the first place.

The Anarchists who created the enigma now call into subsisting a regulation run by them, and we have a new oligarchy, where they have total power. This happened in Russian when Lenin took total power; it happened in Germany when Hitler took over and it happened in Cuba when Fidel Castro came to power. It's happened over and over again throughout recital.

Today we call it "ENIGMA - REBOUND - DISCONTINUANCE". Someone creates the chaos (Disarray), the masses reacts and want something done about it, and the same clan who created the chaos comes up with the discontinuance - they put THEMSELVES in power.

Disarray is an unsafe type of regulation, merely a change between two politic powers, so therefore it does not exist as a politic combination of parts to form a whole we can preserve. So we can cross Disarray off the list as well.

4. Regulation by the race

The word regulation by the race means that the power is with the race - the race rules, more than half rule. This sounds like a good combination of parts to form a whole, but imagine if the more than half is manipulated to think it's okay to take away your home, your kids, your effects or even your freedoms? There must be a limit. If more than 50% in a Regulation by the race are persuaded to believe something, they rule! This is the venture of Regulation by the race.

5. Representative government

Representative government comes from two Latin words, Res which means Thing and Publica, which means The Common = THE LAW.

A true Representative government is one where Regulation is limited by law, leaving the race alone.

The Founding Fathers had a lot of opportunities. They could have set up an Oligarchy for example. In fact, some race wanted to make George Washington a king, but he realized that if this would fall out, the hardship race suffered from under the reign of King George of England would just transmit over to the New World. Same reign, another name. So the Founding Fathers chose to give us the Rule of Law in a Representative government instead of a Rule of a More than half in a Regulation by the race.

Why? A good example to show the disparity between Regulation by the race and Representative government is to go back to the Old Wild West.

Let's say we have lynch mob in a Regulation by the race, chasing a gun man. When they catch him they close by raising their hands if the gun man should be hung or not. The more than half raise their hands and they hang the man in the nearest tree. Fairness is done!

Then we have the same lynch mob in a Representative government. The mob catches the gun man and vote for suspension him. Before they get a hap to do it, the Sheriff shows up and says, "You can't hang him. He is entitled to a fair trial". So they take the slaughterer into town and prepare the ground of belief in a court of law. A jury is selected from the race; they hear the ground of belief and the defense, and if determined wrong per the law, the gun man may be hung.

Not even the jury decides by more than half rule. Every individual of the jury must be on the same page, or the man on trial goes free. This is the central nature of a Representative government.

Many Americans would probably be surprised when they cognizance that the word Regulation by the race does not appear in the Assertion of Freedom or the U.S. Organization. Nor does it appear in either of the Constitutions of the 50 States.

In fact, the Founders did everything they could to keep us from having a Regulation by the race, because they knew the dangers involved in such a national combination of parts to form a whole.

Alexander Hamilton said:

"We are a Republican Regulation. Real freedom is not found in absolute power or in the extremities of Regulation by the race".

The Founding Fathers had good reasons for preventing a Regulation by the race from forming. They knew what happened in the past, old Greece being a completed example. The Greek Regulation by the race soon created the wildest saturnalia of governments conceivable. In every case, they ended up with mob rule, Disorder and then despotic rule under an Oligarchy.

Rome, on the other hand, created a Representative government with a limited regulation limited by law, which left race alone. By being left alone, race understood that they could show and keep the fruits of their labor. In time Rome became moneyed and the envy of the rest of the world.

In the midst of adequate supply, however, the Roman race forgot what freedom entailed. They forgot that the central nature of freedom is the particular restriction of regulation. When regulation power grows, race's freedom recedes. When the Roman race dropped their guards, power-in want of food politicians slowly but undoubtedly started to surpass their power granted to them by the Roman Organization. Race now lost more and more of their freedoms to the regulation until many couldn't make ends meet. The event was protests, riots and disorder and many traded freedom for safety (know again the prototype?) The whole combination of parts to form a whole eventually came crashing down. It went from a Representative government to a Regulation by the race and ended up with an Oligarchy under the Caesars.

Thus, Regulation by the race is not a fixed form of regulation. Instead, it's the progressive change from limited regulation in a Representative government to the infinite rule of an Oligarchy. We cross it off our list.

6. Meritocracy

Meritocracy is a mode of building where a individual's knack and goals are supported.

As a teenager, I was already discouraged by the gymnasium a whole. I notion it filled no drift and it didn't lead to anything constructive. I remember powerful my friends at the time that it would be great if someone asked us when we were kids what we wanted to be when we grow up and then uphold us to become just that! Most race notion it was a great idea, but of course, we all felt powerless and I just did what I had to, so I could get out of there. I didn't know, and hadn't heard of, Meritocracy.

In my notion, a Popular government which applies Meritocracy would be the best politic a whole I can think of. We want a limited conduct, both in size and limited by law, so it can leave us alone with its only duty to uphold and harbor us.

So how would Meritocracy be applied to a converse?

I think it would be a great idea to spot a individual's talents and goals early in life. Sometimes you can see an indicator already in small kids; you observation what their interests are. These talents and interests should be supported by the whole converse, including the gymnasium a whole, so we can, on a collective level, help the separate to become what he/she is best at.

If we get through this, we will get a converse where race are happy, caring about others, and proud of themselves. I am also suspecting it will make smaller crime to next to zero, because most race are doing what they like to do and can make a existing out of if.

Sometimes, our goals and interests make some change in alter as we grow up and grow older, and in my type of Meritocracy, this would be totally fine. You can make some change in alter your aim anytime, as long as you are not doing it to be lazy or to use the a whole.

This is meant to be a very humanitarian converse where everybody has his/her place by election and not by force. Of course, there are always race who get sick or can't exhibit as much as others for a tell off of reasons, and these race need to be supported in a way so that they can go back to what they were doing or now want to do, if this is an election. The of importance thing is that no one should feel he/she isn't being supported in the best way possible. 


Proficient this, we Americans are left with only three choices:

We can have a Popular government (if we can keep it, like Benjamin Franklin added)

We'll end up with an Oligarchy, the despotism of an Elite

We can have a Popular government which practices Meritocracy.

It doesn't take a capacity to see where we are today. The Popular government is almost dead and we are ruled by the few, while the Conduct is getting bigger and more mighty by the day. We, the race, a long time ago dropped our guard and it is now a piece of cake to rule us into a full blown Dictatorial office. And this does not end with the United States, it happens all over the world at not fa from the same time and for the same discursive power or faculty, to consummate the Old World Order [def] and originate a One World Conduct under a One World Autocrat. This would still fall under Oligarchy, but now with only One Global Conduct. This is certainly not what we want.


There are no easy solutions. We have had all those politic systems in the past (except perhaps Meritocracy), and they have all failed - even the Popular government, which is the most clement of them all. And why has the Popular government failed? It failed because race get lazy, taking their freedoms for granted and trust the conduct instead of constantly scrutinizing it. It would be naive to think that if we overthrew the current conduct and started a new, everything would be better. It wouldn't. In time, we would go back to old habits and the Popular government turn into a Conduct by the race and we would end up with an Oligarchy again.

In a completed world, a Popular government which applies Meritocracy would be the way to go, but before this Utopia can become a verity, we need to lay open our consciousness. Again, we go back to ghostly illumination and exhibition, which I have stressed so many times. If we don't stop letting us being manipulated and lazy, nothing will make some change in alter. The Old World Order will endure prospering and a One World Dictatorial office is unavoidable.

So there is only one disconnection. We need to teach ourselves to what is REALLY happening, then applying what we learn, meanwhile enlarging on a ghostly level. Only then can we originate laws that kind office race and be able to keep these laws uninjured and uncorrupted. Still, it's a invariable struggle to keep the power-sharp-set out of the conduct.

It's extremely of importance that we use what we learn to teach and make some change in alter the world. Each and everyone of us is liable for our collective coming time, and what I am doing to help and what you are doing to help may be two totally different things. This is all good! Take what you know and conformation out how you can use that comprehension to help the rest of the race who are still sleeping. Only by doing nothing can we give way.

Many group like meerkats place of education their posterity much like we do. But do they learn lessons like humans?

Welcome to Meerkat Institute. Initiation is free, and lunch is provided, though the only thing on the menu is scorpions. While scorpions are tasty and nutrient, they are extremely ticklish. Just one misapprehend with an inexperienced eye or an overeager paw could mean death for an unsuccessful meerkat. So young meerkats have to go along with erosive classes.

Instruction – or, as psychologists call it, pedagogy – is defined as a kind of imparting between two or more individuals that results in the transmit of judgment or skills, according to Hungarian developmental psychologists Giorgy Gergely and Gergely Csibra. To fit as instruction, the preceptor must also give a new form to his or her behaviour by tailoring lessons based on the consummation of the scholar. And the judgment transferred must be advice that can be applied to new clan, objects, places, or events – what is known as generalisable advice. To maim the oft-quoted idiom, showing a man where to find a fish is not instruction, but instruction a man how to find fish is.

Back in meerkat institute, accomplished adults prepare their students with dead scorpions that have already had their stingers sequestered. This way, the young can learn how to carry the esculent parts. Once they've mastered that task, the adults prepare dead scorpions with stingers still untouched. It is much easier for the juveniles to learn to carry stingers from dead scorpions than ones that are alive and squirming. Lastly, the adults prepare the juveniles with alive, mortal scorpions. In this way, the inexperienced pups learn to effectively interact with scorpions progressing from completely safe specimens to increasingly ticklish ones, according to their age and skills.

So, the adult meerkats put or set to rights the course of studies – and, therefore, their own behaviour – based upon the behaviour of the juveniles. However, the adults never actually make certain individual scorpion-killing methods, they merely procure the materials. It would be like a cooking school-master who provided her students with pots, pans, knives, and ingredients, but no prescription. Instructors at the meerkat  litterateurs don't actually teach, at least according to the explanation outlined by Gergely and Csibra.

Tap class

Tandem-running ants may come closer. Like meerkats, when one ant knows the place of food, it explicitly modifies its behaviour so that the second ant can learn it as well. After leaving the nest, the demonstrator slows down or stops statedly so that the pursuer can memorise the route between the nest and the food beginning. If the train gets interrupted, the choregus will wait for the learner to turn back before resuming the task. The way this works is that the knowledgeable ant takes the front place, and requires perpetual tapping on his rear end in order to be durable demonstrating the path. The learner uses his antennae to tap the choregus as if to say, "I'm remunerative circumspection, show me the way." While both meerkats and ants put or set to rights their lessons based upon the behaviour of their students, only for ants is the interaction explicitly social and bidirectional.

However, this form of interaction among ants still doesn't fit the according to established form criteria for instruction. This is because the intelligence that is transferred between the two ants is very much peculiar, and firmly situated within the here-and-now. Rather than showing each other how to find food more in most cases, the intelligence provided is sincerely where food can be found at a peculiar second in time. Many other animals teach using this peculiar form of intelligence flow. Bees unfold work out dances to indicate the place of food and monkeys use various calls to promulgate others of the nearness of predators. A howler monkey that screams to animate others of an atmospheric predator can't bestow confer something like "atmospheric predators tend to hunt during the daytime," or "atmospheric predators come from the north." Cheetahs show their young how to stalk prey, which is universal, but like meerkats, their interaction is not explicitly affable.

Intelligence in want of food

In fact, every known instruction-like interaction among non-human animals involves only one peculiar kind of intelligence translate. Only human instruction fits all three criteria. And, more importantly, only humans are indiscriminate teachers. Humans teach everything. Humans teach anything.

We teach discriminating morbid concretion and how to tie shoes. We teach biochemistry and computer learning, carpentry and clay ware. When I was in between the extremes institute, I took an after-institute calligraphy class. I spent two seasons trying football, one period of the year attempting basketball, and one acquisition of knowledge volleyball. I took attracting classes and coloring classes, and spent one long afternoon acquisition of knowledge the art of blossom distribution. In institute, I enrolled in a badminton dependent on suffrage. I spent two years trying to learn to play the guitar.

What is it about humans that allows us to teach in a way that no other living being does? Gergely and Csibra argue that human imparting itself is specific. They write, "If I point at two aeroplanes and tell you that ‘aeroplanes fly’, what you learn is not restricted to the particular aeroplanes you see or to the not absent adjoining matter, but will get ready you generic judgment about the kind of artifact these planes belong to that is generalisable to other members of the division and to shifting contexts…"

What they're saying is that the generalisability of the intelligence is unmistakable within the giving itself. They be permanent, "If I show you by by the hand proof how to open a milk carton, what you will learn is how to open that kind of container," not how to open only that particular container. The transmittal of catholic comprehension is tacit within human giving, whether that giving is linguistic or not, it doesn't need to be deduced or inferred by the learner.

Of all the animals in the world, only humans build skyscrapers, tread on the heels of recipes, play backgammon, learn statistics, derive DVDs by mail, and place laser-wielding robots on Mars. The kind of agriculture that humans enjoy can only exist because we are so trained accomplished at education and at acquisition of knowledge from teachers. In most ways, the differences between humans and non-human animals are ones of step rather than of kind. But there’s one unreserved contrast between our group and every other. We teach, and we teach anything.

петък, 14 декември 2012 г.

U.S. intelligence predicted the end of Islamic terrorism in 2030

The wave of Islamist terrorism in the world should be completed by 2030, predicted the U.S. intelligence AFP.

In the newly released report, "Global Trends 2030" National Intelligence Council of the United States stated that "several factors contribute to the recent end of the phase of Islamist terrorism as a set of conditions - heat, wind and spark - contribute to the outbreak of wildfire ".

The Council entrusted with the preparation of medium and long-term studies, the main factors is that a withdrawal from Iraq, and then Afghanistan, the U.S. will look less like "biggest enemy."

"Soon, American support for Israel is the only significant reason for anger among Muslims," ​​the report said, as quoted by BTA.

Furthermore, various uprisings of the "Arab Spring" proved the moral and strategic legitimacy of nonviolent struggle. Demonstrators acted in the name of democratic values, "the authors report.

"The new generation can see things differently and less interested in the old values," experts said by U.S. intelligence, according to which the terrorists of the future may come from other faiths, such as Christians and Hindus.

The future of terrorism may pass through the Internet, concludes the report, which expressed concerns that hackers and other experts may be used by some terrorist organizations cause widespread economic and financial damage.

Newtown worshiped God after the visit of the devil

Monster was an American model puber, guns owned by his parents, left no suicide note

Newtown town in Connecticut plunged into grief and mourning for the innocent victims of the bloodthirsty psychopath Adam Lanza, interrupted at a local elementary school life, 20 the little guy before he starts. People continue to ask "why", but local authorities still collect the pieces of the puzzle that needs to uncover the roots of a terrible tragedy, local media reported.'

Hundreds of people gathered in St. chervkata Rose of Lima on Friday night, ten hours after the terrible slaughter that mad Adam Lanza mercilessly shot 20 children and 6 adults, and then killed himself, to honor the dead. Those who failed to get into the hall, stood in the cold outside humility, in the parking lot of the church with a candle in hand. Older men and women shed tears, inconsolable loss of a colossal child's life. "Newtown is mnoho nice. A small town in America - the dream of everyone, "said Braayn Wallace, a spokesman for the church, trying to reassure the citizens of bloody town.

Condolences for the tragedy came throughout the day and throughout the world. Special sabshtenie deoyde even by Pope Benedict XVI. "I express my sincere saboleznvaniya" it says. But they were unable to stop prayers and sorrow are strongly implanted in the atmosphere of the church Saint Rose. "God bless our children today and those that we have lost," said Daniel Malloy. "God bless and adults who died," he added. Earlier, the governor of Kentucky, one of the many officials expressed their condolences to relatives of victims, warned that it would take time for the town to recover from the visit of evil.

While the locals are trying to find solace in the bosom of the church and their faith in God, local law enforcement continues to collect pieces of the puzzle. Federal law enforcement agencies reported that Adam Lanza home was searched. Part of the confusion in the first hours of the tragedy occurs because Adam was wearing identity card of his brother during the massacre. So guard the line initially reported that the children's executioner Ryan Lanza and no abnormality brother Adam. Ryan later questioned by police. Based on his testimony, authorities now say he has no connection with the massacre.

Adam Lanza shot his mother, Nancy, in her home, and then with her Honda had gone to elementary school in Newtown Sandy Hook, where they knew Nancy. Thus begins a bloody tragedy in a small town with about 27,000 inhabitants. Being nateritoriyata school, Adam out of the car, armed with a semiautomatic Sig Sauer 9mm and Hawthorn, sources said The fire order. "Both weapons are capable of causing much death," said one source. Adam left a third gun in the back seat of the car - Bushmaster rifle. All three weapons are registered in the names of his parents, who are divorced.

Lanza was dressed in black camouflage. He entered the school hall where an argument erupted and began to shoot. Shooter then entered a nearby classroom and continued to shoot there. Predsavitelite According to local authorities, all shots are made in only two rooms. As a result of the explosions 18 students and six adults died on the spot. Two children died later in hospital. The total number of deaths was 28, among them Adam and psychopaths who, in the original version, had committed suicide.

It is known that the shots were around 100, but police say it is too early to tell the exact number. Also know that the monster left no suicide note. "It is too early to speak of why he did it," shrugged the police. Local authorities explained that "he had committed suicide by shooting when the police arrived at the scene. The police have fired once. "

Close to the family revealed the terrifying psychopath Lanza before the tragedy was a model pupil and his mother was respected among his obrkazhenie and some evenings with a game of dice that she organized for his friends, and beautiful decorations on your house during the holidays .

Catherine Urso, the mother of a friend of Lanza said that her son knows the killer, who was known alterantivniya style. "He told me that Adam is very weak and has brought many a local Goths," she added. Psycho grandmother and mother of the murdered Nancy was too shocked to speak to the media. "I do not know how could something like this happen. I can not comment, "said 78-year-old Dorothy. In her words, she learned of the terrible tragedy of television and officials have not yet contacted her. Lanza former classmate told CNN that Adam was an ordinary boy and was not antisocial.


Autism killer Adam Lanza does not feel pain

His parents divorced ten years ago were rich

Contrary to initial data showing mass murderer Adam Lanza as a good example and a child, several sources said to 'Daily News' that he was very dark and distances child from a wealthy family. Adam     worried neighbors and classmates and was a ticking time bomb. 

"He was seriously troubled child. Surely there were big problems. Receiving and bouts of anger, "said a source close to the family, who asked to remain anonymous. According to friends and representatives of authorities Lanza suffered from Asperger's Syndrome - a type of personality disorder, and that his mind was worrying. He had difficulty communicating, and was sometimes unstable, but also very smart.

A longtime friend of Lanza says that Adam was suffering from a condition where he could not feel pain. "Years ago, when he played in the baseball team, all very careful not to drop it because he could get hurt and not feel it. Adam had a lot of mental problems, "he said.

A former neighbor recalls that Adam was very noisy and neobuzdyano child and was taking medication for it. A family member confirmed that Adam had a form of autism, reports the newspaper "Washington Post".

His parents - Nancy and Peter Lanza were divorced ten years ago. His mother, a teacher in Sandy Hook, remained in the family house with two boys - Adam and Ryan. That said former neighbor of the Rhein Kraft '25 Divorce cause major trauma to the boys, he added. He explained further that when the mother Nancy goes out to dinner with a friend, leaving the boys to watch it because the older brother Ryan was unable to restrain mischievous Adam.

"He had temper tantrums. But was willing to cause violence, "recalls Kraft. "The kids were really depressed by divorce," says another former neighbor who now lives in Hoboken.

Connecticut gunman first shot the mother

Gunman who killed nearly 30 people in Connecticut, shot his mother at home before heading to the massacre at the school where she taught, DPA reported, citing U.S. media.

After shooting his mother, Adam Lanza got on her car and went to school, where 26 people were killed, including 20 children, before killing himself, said CNN and Fox News said on Thursday.

Reasons for the terrible crime remains unknown. It is assumed, however, that the shooter suffered from a mental disorder. He lived with his mother in Connecticut.

Authorities said Adam Lanza shot in two classrooms, but gave no further details.

European leaders, joining people from across the continent, expressed his horror of yesterday's massacre in elementary school and served most sincere condolences, Reuters reported.

In an open letter to President Barack Obama, French President Francois Hollande said he was shocked by the incident and expresses deep regret over this act of unspeakable violence that led to so many deaths.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said in a statement that "his thoughts are with the wounded and those who have lost their loved ones." "A man breaks his heart to think of those whose children were deprived of life as young age," says Cameron.

On behalf of the European Union condolences to the relatives of the victims, the President and the people of the United States expressed the boss of diplomacy Catherine Ashton and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper wrote on Twitter: "What a shocking news. Canadians pray for the students and families in Connecticut affected by this senseless violence."

Media in Europe were quick to blame yesterday's mass murder in the U.S. too liberal laws on gun ownership in the U.S.. "If not now, when is it time to put the issue of control over the possession of weapons?" - Wrote in the British newspaper headline "Guardian".

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon sent a condolence letter to the Governor of Connecticut Dan Malloy to express my deepest dismay of infamous murders. Ban added that his thoughts and prayers were made to the families of the victims and all those who are injured in some way by the horrific crime.

Queen Elizabeth II sent a telegram to President Barack Obama, which emphasized that shocked and saddened by the killing of 26 people at the school in Connecticut. "Prince Philip joins my deepest sympathy to you and the American people in this difficult time," says Queen, who rarely said events outside the Commonwealth stated Thursday.

Yesterday's tragedy revived memories of the massacre in 1996 in the Scottish town of Dunblane when gunman killed 16 children in the gymnasium of the elementary school.

U.S. premiere of Tom Cruise action "Riychar Jack" was postponed because of the bloody drama in Connecticut. Film studio "Paramount Pictures' said a tribute to the families of the victims premiere in Pittsburgh, where the film was shot, will take place.

An American soldier was killed in a bombing by NATO base in Kandahar

An American soldier was killed and three were injured in today's suicide car bomb in front of the international forces based in Afghanistan under NATO (ISAF) in Kandahar province. This spokesman U.S. Defense Leon Panetta said on Wednesday. According to the speaker no signs that the Pentagon chief was the target of the attack, soon after his visit to the base. Killed in the attack and two Afghan civilians.

Taliban spokesman claimed responsibility for the attack in an email, officials said. He said the suicide bomber crashed his car into a convoy of foreign military vehicles stopped near the gate of the air base.

At a joint press conference with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Panetta confirmed the attack. He also announced that Karzai accepted the invitation of President Barack Obama meet in Washington next month for talks vital for the future of Afghanistan. The meeting should take place a week after the Jan. 7.

Karzai said that he and Obama will discuss the number of U.S. soldiers will remain in Afghanistan after the combat mission in their December 2014 / BTA /

Chinese knife wounds 22 students

For unknown reasons, Chinese attacked with a knife on school children and injuring 22 of them, RIA Novosti reported.

Police said the incident happened in the village Chentao, Henan province. Armed with stab a man standing at the entrance of the school, and suddenly threw himself on coming into the school children. Besides the 22 th students are razbesneliyat attacker and accidentally injuring a passing pedestrian.

Following the intervention of the police criminal was arrested. It turned out that he was 36 years old local resident. The motive for the attack is unclear, passed Thursday. The wounded children were hospitalized, their condition is stable.

Such attacks are rare in China. In 2010 there was a series of such attacks in which dozens of children injured and seven killed. According to psychologists such outbursts of aggression attackers try to escape from their own family or financial problems.

Dozens killed in a school shooting in U.S.

When shooting at a primary school in the U.S. city of Newtown, in Connecticut, killed at least 27 people, including 14 children, according to CBS News. According to CNN the victims of the shooting are about 30, most of whom are children.

The dead also director of the school and the school psychologist. The scene officers found at least two guns - "Glock" and "Sig Sauer".

The shooter was killed, says Reuters. CNN says he was 20 years old and his name is Ryan Landza. He had four guns and a bulletproof vest.

There are unconfirmed reports for the second shooter after witnesses heard a dozen shots.

The attack took place this morning local time in elementary school, "Sandy Hook" in the small town, located 128 kilometers northeast of New York, announced earlier police, without giving details. It is assumed that the author of the shooting is directly connected with the school, and according to some sources, he is a parent of a child in the same school.

Television footage showed police and ambulances at the nightmarish drama parents running towards the school building and students who are brought out tears and embraced through the shoulders.

"It was terrifying," said the mother of the girl from school on Monday. "Everyone was in hysterics - parents, students. Children out of school objectives blood, "she said, and gave the journalists told another mother - her friend who was in school at the time of the shooting. She saw the "masked man" enters the room and heard gunshots director, said Monday.
In elementary school, "Sandy Hook" teach children between 5 and 10 years.

President Barack Obama is aware of the incident and informed of developments in the situation, the White House said. Spokesman Jay Carney called the incident a "tragedy." Jay Carney was asked during the briefing would comment on how this new shoot in the light of legislation in the possession of a weapon.

"Now is not the time to talk about politics," stressed White House spokesman. All schools in the vicinity are closed and secession. President Obama gave his condolences to the families of the victims and spoke by phone with the FBI Director and the Governor of Connecticut.

U.S. experienced several instances of mass killings this year. On Tuesday Oregon gunman opened fire in a shopping center, killing two people and himself. The deadliest attack was in July during a midnight screening of the new Batman film in Colorado in which psychologically disturbed student killed 12 people and injured 58.

U.S.secret revealed schemes of flying saucers

Even if you do not believe that aliens have visited Earth or not you're a fan of the World Conspiracy will have to take flying saucers for "face value". Here, however, is not about UFO extraterrestrial origin, and a secret U.S. project to create a machine-style "flying saucer." Its existence became clear only a few days ago, when the U.S. National Archives declassified records were found associated with the development of such a machine.

The name of the project «Project 1794, Final Development Summary Report» and it contains hitherto unpublished plans device resembling a flying saucer.
The images are accompanied by the inscription «USAF Project 1794", and these documents date from June 1, 1956, reported According to the documents, the machine was developed in the period from 1951 to 1956 according to plans supersonic flying saucer had to take off and land vertically, like a VTOL aircraft, and develop up to four waves or 3,200 km / h to 4,300 km per hour. The maximum height of the machine to be raised is 30.5 km and the maximum duration of the flight - 1900 km.

The document provides for the development of prototypes to be necessary for one to two years. For the project even been out 3.16 million dollars. Equivalent in modern money, this amount is equivalent to 26.6 million current U.S. dollars.

With the development of the saucer and the realization of the project "Project 1794" was loaded by a Canadian company specialists Avro Aircraft Limited. They have also built two prototypes of a unique time machine.

None of them, however, proved very successful and was well away from the project set features a flying machine. The largest was the failure of professionals in achieving the required altitude - prototypes risen at an average height of only one human height.
Because of the failure of Canadian engineers, or other reasons, which at this stage are not yet clear, in 1960, "Project 1794" was canceled.

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Hollow Earth

Hollow Earth

For Hypothesis Hollow Earth
Hollow Earth - Part I
Hollow Earth - Part II

Hollow Earth - Part III

Hollow Earth - Part IV

For the hollow Earth theory

сряда, 12 декември 2012 г.

The chief astronomer of the Vatican: The end of the world for now not occur

Vatican chief astronomer Father Jose Gabriel Funes said that the world is now at least, does not occur. He did this in an article in the Vatican newspaper "Oservatore Romano" dedicated to the allegation that Apocalypse will be on December 21 this year, says the "Daily Telegraph" quoted by BTA.

Father said not even worth discussing the scientific basis for the claims of the imminent end of the world, which he described as lazheprorocheski.

He said that if the destruction of Earth, it will happen after billions of years.

In any case, the father, who is a graduate of astronomy at the National University of Cordoba in Argentina and who also has degrees in philosophy and theology, recalls in his article that "death does not end."

U.S. intelligence: U.S. and China will join themselves together, people will get rich!

2/3 of the world population will live in cities by 2030. Most people are middle class related technologies protected by modern healthcare and united working together countries like the U.S. and China may be the first to set an example of cooperation.
This is the best scenario in the report, "Global Trends 2030", released by the U.S. National Intelligence Council, officials said, cited by BTA.

In the worst case, growing population led to conflict over water and food, especially in the Middle East and Africa, and contributes to instability downturn.

The forecast of U.S. intelligence on the state of the world is the main theme in the Western press. The report is published every four years and reflects the views of 16 U.S. intelligence agencies. It is designed to facilitate long-term strategic planning of the new presidential administration, said the newspaper "Financial Times".

New intelligence assessment of global trends predicted that China will overtake the U.S. as the first economic power before 2030, but the United States will remain vital world leader, supported in part by the era of energy independence, writes the newspaper "New York Times".

Russia's influence will decline and economic power of other countries that rely on oil for revenue, says the assessment. "There will be no hegemonic power. Authority will be transferred to the networks and coalitions in a multipolar world," said the study of 166 pages.

One of the remarkable developments that predict the dissemination of financial security which will result in numerous global middle class with a good level of education and greater access to technology such as the internet and smartphones. "For the first time the majority of the world's population will be poor and the middle class will be the most important social and economic factor in the vast majority of countries around the world," said the study.

The forecast also warns that half the people probably lived in areas with severe water shortages, which means that the management of natural resources will be a critical component of national security globally.

At least 15 countries have a "high risk of state collapse" by 2030, study predicts. These include Afghanistan and Pakistan, but also Burundi, Rwanda, Somalia, Uganda and Yemen, says "New York Times". The report notes that the world is "at a critical moment in human history," writes the newspaper "The Guardian".

"Collapse or sudden withdrawal of U.S. influence is likely to lead to a long period of global anarchy. Probably no driving force will replace the U.S. as the guarantor of international order," said the report, which assumes that the U.S. is a factor of stability - allowing to be challenged in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East and other regions, the newspaper notes.

"The health of the global economy is increasingly linked to the condition of the developing world, far more than the situation in the traditional West. Besides China, India and Brazil, the regional players such as Colombia, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Africa and Turkey will be particularly important for global economy. Meanwhile the economies of Europe, Japan and Russia will likely continue its slow relative decline, "the report said.

Among the unlikely but possible events are the collapse of the euro, severe pandemics and nuclear attack from Pakistan or North Korea. It is also noted that a democratic China or broken up, or the emergence of a more liberal regime in Iran could have a significant impact on global stability.

Assessment of intelligence will increase pressure on Barack Obama to address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict because the president supports the view that this problem fueled instability in the Middle East with the alleged effort by Iran to obtain nuclear weapons.

The study, however, said that the Arab Spring can be a stabilizing force. "On the one hand, if the Islamic Republic of Iran continues to manage and be able to develop nuclear weapons, the Middle East will face very unstable future. Moreover, democratic governments or breach of an agreement to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict may have very positive impact, "said a U.S. intelligence report quoted by" The Guardian ".