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The Philadelphia Experiment - ship teleport?

The Philadelphia Experiment
 Official sources


So, the Naval Historical Center in Washington provides the following details:

"Allegedly, in the fall of 1943, a warship of the U.S. Navy was made invisible and teleported from Philadelphia's, state of Pennsylvania, in Norfolk, Virginia, in an incident known as the" Philadelphia Experiment "(Philadelphia Experiment ). Repeatedly sought documents and records in the archives of the Naval Historical Center, but have not found any documents that confirm the event, nor documentary evidence of the existence of any interest of the Navy to such attempts. It is said that the ship involved in the experiment, USS (US Ship) Eldridge. "

Further including full details of the ship's logbook for the period 27 August 1943 to December 1943 of them it is clear that in this period of time the ship never appeared in Philadelphia. Moreover, anyone can obtain copies of the microfilms of that logbook. It is assumed that the crew of the civilian merchant ship SS Andrew Furuseth, was observed by the appearance of the ship Eldridge teleportation in the vicinity of Norfolk. Only the data from the logbook of the ship also show that there is no such thing. Just two ships, USS Eldridge and the SS Andrew Furuseth were never at the same time in Norfolk in that period of time. The headquarters of the Institute of Naval Research argues strongly that the use of force fields to make a ship and its crew invisible, contrary to the known laws of physics.

They also argue that the General Theory of Relativity by Dr. Albert Einstein was never fully completed. In 1943-1944, Dr. Einstein was a consultant part-time at the Artillery Bureau of Navy, where he has been engaged in research on explosives and explosions. There is no evidence or any traces Einstein has been engaged in research relating to invisible objects and teleportation. Philadelphia experiment was also called "Project Rainbow" ("Project Rainbow"). Yet all searches for clues in the archives of this project related to teleportation were unsuccessful. During the 40-ies of XX century, codenamed RAINBOW been true to the axis Rome-Berlin-Tokyo. RAINBOW plans were part of the military plans for destruction of Italy, Germany and Japan. RAINBOW V Plan shall enter into force on 7 December 1941 when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and its purpose was how to defeat the Axis powers. Several researchers erroneously conclude that neutralize the magnetic field is therefore to make an object invisible.

Neutralize the magnetic field is a process in which a system of electrical cables are installed around its entire circumference of the hull - all the way from the nose to the back of the ship on both sides. Under this system of wires electrical current flows with a force that should neutralize the magnetic field of the ship. All ships of the naval fleet were fitted systems and they were enforced when the ships were located near water where there could be magnetic mines. It can be said that this process, when implemented correctly, makes a ship "invisible" to the sensors of magnetic mines, but the ship, of course, remains visible to the human eye, radar, and underwater listening devices. It is believed that the roots of the "myth" of Philadelphia Experiment hiding in the published book by Morris K. Jessup, The Case for UFO's in 1955. Another possible explanation lies in the experiments carried out on another ship, USS Timmerman. In 50 years this ship was part of an experiment relating to the generators of the ship, or rather to test with a small, but high-frequency generator - 1000 Hz instead of the standard 400 Hz. This caused a high frequency generator arc discharges and other well-known phenomena associated with high frequency generators. None of the crew of the vessel is not injured. In conclusion, it is stated that after years of Daly search Archives Department officials and independent researchers have not found any official documents that confirm that the experiment was carried invisibility and teleportation in the vicinity of Philadelphia or any anywhere else.

Other Sources

So far the official sources ... But as wise Bulgarian people said "There's a tail light bulb." And he's right - you can not talk and fuss about something that never happened ... In addition, always a little suspicious when official institutions deny anything too strong ... too strongly. Well, yes, but Philadelphia experiment really was invented, or rather it was all just a disinformation scheme was to distract people from the ... attention! ... from a real experiment that was performed. And of course, this was not in the vicinity of Philadelphia. The real experiment was actually moving from one to another dimension (or as I prefer such terms - from one to another density). Something that occurs naturally in some places the ground ... The real experiment was carried out in a warehouse in Kansas - remote, desolate and uninhabited place. And it, unfortunately, there was indeed victims - people from the staff. For this experiment, of course, WILL YOU READ NOTHING NOWHERE. In intensive process of compression that takes place in the center of the earth (in its nucleus) are emitted radiation energy, similar to the fourth dimension. These radiations from time to time beyond the core and cause problems such as the Bermuda Triangle, where ships and planes disappear. Suppose that the substance of the third dimension (thickness) temporarily "poobarkva" and its vibrational frequency changes into fourth density.

But what has this to do with Kansas? Well ... information about how to perform the process of moving from one to another density has fallen FROM "hands" of not particularly benevolent alien beings in the hands of not very benevolent people. Yes, however, not give all the details, and that in the hands of these people (you can guess which) were disastrous. Moving into the fourth density requires more than bombing matter until compression pressure. Requires a complete shift from one to the other density - as well as return to! That means extremely precise set limits in the general case include chemical composition, molecular structure and logical links. So, the people conducting the experiment, I do not have to be concerned with what will happen to the staff and what the consequences will be on this staff. Employees of the staff who were imprisoned in a metal container, not gone entirely in the 4th density - only some of them, along with part of the metal container is transferred into fourth density. They died, but other witnesses experiment. On top of that, the experiment was repeated and the results were very similar, only the second time that has survived. It is necessary to guard against leaks and the best method for this is misinformation.


Experiment "Philadelphia" - Background

To better cover exhibitions interview material, let's briefly introduce the reader to the nature of the Philadelphia Experiment project "Phoenix" and "Montauk".

1. Al Bielek and Phil Snyder are two of the best sources revealing secret information over black projects the U.S. government. -
2. Experiment "Philadelphia"

The Philadelphia Experiment took place on August 12, 1942 by the United States Navy in Philadelphia, based on the work of Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein - the goal is the ship "Eldridge" become invisible to radar and to go from Philadelphia to the naval base in Norfolk . The original project manager was Nikola Tesla. Tesla insisted attempt to place without a crew, but the offer is not accepted, so he terminated his participation in it. Project Manager is von Neumann used it was designed by a generator, but generated electromagnetic fields proved very unstable ... Achieved is full and radar invisibility, but accompanied with a significant distortion of the space-time continuum, leaving the equipment on ships out of control and many other side effects - they cause the board to jump his brothers Edward and Duncan Cameron who find themselves in 1983 - that is, at the beginning of the second phase of the same experiment taken on August 12, 1983, ie - 40 years after the first attempt. The distortion causes one present at UFO shift underground base in Montauk since 1983 and stuck there. The goal is an experiment to "make" the other - held after 40 years. Produced tearing the space-time continuum. With izvarzemna technology, Cameron was sent back to Philadelphia to stop somehow refuse equipment - it does. Over 20 years in the Earth's magnetic field peaks occur at the time of that open portals to hyperspace. Another one is the peak in 2003. As a result of these experiments in the space-time continuum is a hole through which enter many alien - something that was not foreseen by the ongoing experiment - in the tunnel thus created have entered mass in our galaxy gray aliens. The current name of Ed Cameron Al Bielek.
Al Bielek preserves memories of the life and personality of Edward Cameron, attended along with his brother Duncan in the Philadelphia Experiment. According to Alexander, the shadow government was an alien technology by which a human being can be regressed to any age. Subsequently, this statement is confirmed by Stephanie and Michael Relf, ​​who also worked on the Mars and was subjected to for 20 years age regression.
For fans of the Indiana Jones look, a train Nazi gold mysteriously disappeared from submarine transports it somewhere off the coast of Montauk, New York, after the war, was found buried in a tunnel somewhere in Europe.

3. Project "Phoenix"

Continued frozen in 1943, the "Philadelphia" taken by the U.S. National Laboratory at Brook Haven. Its purpose is tunneling through time. In the course of this project was developed stealth technology, and technology management change - based on the structure of Wilhelm Reich - it can be started or stopped heavy rains or storms. It uses the principle of regulation of orgone - a form of subtle energy in the atmosphere.

4. Project "Montauk" reasons include trauma mind control of "Montauk Boys" and a mind control through microwave electronics, which is now being implemented worldwide.

Hyperspace ... incidentally was also part of the project Philadelphia / Rainbow 40 years to 20. century project Phoenix / Montauk 80 years of the 20th century. Creating a hyperspace field, if thought is not a difficult task, as it mainly includes electromagnetic generation and manipulation of magnetic and anti-magnetic. The focus of these fields to carry out tasks without any disastrous side effects, however, is a difficult task.

Forces of Andro-Pleiadean Federation under Death Valley were allegedly in contact with Nikola Tesla - through which they guided experiments Philadelphia. 40 years later, Draco-Orion forces based under Arkuleta Mesa made contact with Dr. John Von Neumann, who was director of the Montauk Project on behalf of the (Nazi) Thule Society. Betrayal of fleet technology project Philadelphia / Rainbow Project Phoenix Thule society / Montauk, was carried out by a joint CIA / U.S.-SIRIUSKA-Draconian "double agency" called "Black Monks" who both were involved in both projects ( Philadelphia and Montauk). This agency was under mental control Draconian-Bavarian collaboration and became a tool for infiltration of foreign forces in the American intelligence agencies and effectively at all levels of American society. Projects Phoenix (Montauk) were carried out by Nazis and Philadelphia (Rainbow) by the U.S. Navy intelligence, respectively, to the 90s of the 20th century gave rise to this sort of space-time war between the Andro-Naval-Pleiadean "Philadelphia" agents and Draco -Orion-Nazi "Phoenix" agents.

Einstein slip open the door to another dimension

Genius physicist rather hide conceived by him and executed by Nikola Tesla "generator of invisibility '

"The Philadelphia Experiment" in 1943 teleport hundreds of miles over warship

April 18, 1955 is the last day in the life of Albert Einstein. Heart of theoretical physics genius stops beating after somewhere around 1:00 in the morning burst his aorta. According to Einstein's legacy his body was cremated at Trenton, New Jersey, and his ashes was buried in observance of secrecy. Only now, however, it is clear that with the dust of Physics was transmitted to the ground and the ashes of some of his manuscripts. Some researchers Einstein personally burned before his death these works, as it is believed that at this stage their underlying knowledge could to do more harm than good to humanity.
It is likely that among those burned manuscripts were to and developments in the field of unified field theory. Its basic idea is to describe an equation with the interaction of three fundamental forces electromagnetic, gravitational and nuclear. As a convinced pacifist, author of Theory of Relativity decided to hide his past works, after taking part in a military project that remains in history as "The Philadelphia Experiment" or "Project Rainbow" ("Solar Arc").
Author of theoretical development is Einstein, and implementation of the project is entrusted to another genius inventor born in Croatia scientist Nikola Tesla. In 1943, leading to the finalization of the project and its practical experimentation. By this time World War II was in full swing. As an ally of Russia, England and the U.S. Marine convoys with supplies in Europe thousands of tons of food, clothing, medicine and weapons. Only the Atlantic many Allied ships were sunk by submarines Wolf Pack Admiral Doenitz. For this reason patsifistat Einstein agreed to participate in the project, whose aim was to make invisible to radar Hitler Allied ships.
For this purpose it was made etc. "Generator of invisibility." Under the leadership of Tesla he was mounted light destroyer of the U.S. Navy "Eldridge DE-173".
According to witnesses involved in the project experimental electronic equipment consisted of two very powerful 75-kilowatt generator that powered the 4 giant magnetic coils. They were mounted on the deck of the ship. These basic elements were chained and a whole bunch of other electronic devices.
First "stealth generator" was tested in the waters of the Philadelphia Naval port of 22 July 1943 also from the pier experiment was monitored by the board the warship "Andrew Fyuraset." It was at this time he served sailors Carlos Miguel Allende. In the 50's of last century it was the witness who first dared to tell the media about the experiment under the pseudonym AKA
Exactly at 9:00 the crew of the "Eldridge" includes power coils. Shortly after that observers from the coast and neighboring ships noticed that vessels covered by a greenish fog. The next moment the fog disappears along with the ship. Initiated into the secrets of experiment senior officers remain amazed because they expect that "Eldridge" will disappear only screens radar tracking it. After a few minutes the ship reappeared on the radar and in the bay. Climb on board officers and researchers have found that some of the crew members are disoriented, and the other their sick and vomit. Keep a strict secret project does not allow to understand what happens in the coming months rubs, but it is known that participating in the experiment scientists and experts elaborated install something "Eldridge".
The next test is held at the same place and year of October 28th in 17.15 hours. This time, the ship disappears, but not quite, because the first few seconds eyewitnesses saw his little spooky ochertaniyae the water. Then "Eldridge" is covered by a blinding blue glow destroyer then disappears below the horizon. In the next few seconds the ship appeared hundreds of miles in the Gulf of Norfolk in Virginia, where he was seen for several minutes sailors military marina. At one point, "Eldridge" disappears from the bay in Norfolk in the same mysterious way, and has appeared to return again in Philadelphia raid.
Climb on board and medical scientists found that almost all crew members are seriously ill. Some are not of themselves, others are straight crazy. Five sailors were literally fried even on the deck. Subsequently, even those who are not crazy definitely can not regain its normal state and are more or less wacky. This put an end to the first stealth project because no one expected that the ship will teleport and his crew will suffer so seriously. Years after the "Philadelphia Experiment" by sailors and officers 'Eldridge' became strange things. Some of these "frozen" for various periods and escape from the real course of time, while others are directly dissolved in the air and disappeared forever.
In the same 1943 Nikola Tesla suddenly died so easily classify military his entire archive. Despite the taboo imposed full information rumors about what happened to the crew of unfading to this day. The issue became even hotter after investigative journalists well to documents which confirm that in 1943 and in 1944 Einstein was serving in the marine department in Washington. Anyway, all data for the experiment were classified. At the command "top" was picked up in the safe and the accompanying logbook ship "Andrew Fyuraset."
Now it is clear that the manuscripts of Einstein in "Philadelphia Project" could shed new light not only what happened to "Eldridge," but the nature of some phenomena like parallel worlds, stealth technology, teleportation and time machine. It is likely that Einstein's idea was to distort with a powerful electromagnetic field around the destroyer space so that he can become invisible to the eye capsule. In recent years, scientists came to the conclusion that curved and closed in the space gravitational collapse forms etc. Schwarzschild sphere. In one such area may be closed throughout the universe, scientists say.
After the "Philadelphia Experiment" Einstein was convinced of the fact that it is ajar the door to other dimensions and parallel worlds exist. And as he was aware that humanity is not ready to use this knowledge wisely, he probably chose to bring insights into the grave, rather than trust their still immature for their contemporaries.

The Philadelphia Experiment real results interviewers: Liyding Edge News / LE /

Al Bielek is the author of "The Philadelphia Experiment" and was in the basement of a military base at Montauk.

LE: Tell us the story of the Philadelphia Experiment. You and your brother Duncan you were naval officers on board Eldridge, participated in an experiment aimed at achieving invisibility. What exactly happened?
Bielek: There were two test first on July 22, 1943. Hardware equipment worked very well achieved invisibility fleet of radar and camera eyes. The big problem was that the staff was on the ship is badly affected by the massive power of the electromagnetic radiation. Were completely disoriented. Nervous system funktsionirashte wrong and got sick very badly.
LE: How to make an object invisible?
Bielek: By moving in time. Prevent reflection of light or radar energy from it. If there is no reflected light or radar energy will not see it. Working with the concept to manipulate time to make the object invisible.
LE: What happened with you and Duncan?
Bielek: During the experiment were in the control room. Radiation had no impact on those of us who were below deck because we were shielded from steel.
LE: Despite personnel problems, the Navy appointed date for the second test after fewer than a month, right?
Bielek: Yes. They said, "Okay. Deadline is 12 August. Do whatever it takes to complete the experiment. Tests must be completed by that date, or forget it." Was final and final period. They did not want and optical invisibility. Only radar.
LE: How does the second test is different from the first?
Bielek: It was very successful in that it achieved warn after 70 seconds. Unbeknownst to those of us who were in the control room, the ship became visible and disappeared from the port / Philadelphia /. Remained pretty big hole where the ship was in the water. Moreover, remember that the second test was not wanted optical invisibility, but radar.
LE: Without trying to get it, it still happened, right?
Bielek: They just wanted radar invisibility. The ship is like a mist and disappears. Even water line disappears.
LE: Where's the boat?
Bielek: The hyperspace.
LE: What does this mean?
Bielek: Math explained, this is an area that is outside of our normal three-dimensional reality. Indeed, it is outside the realm of the sixth dimension. There are three physical dimensions, as we see them, and three time dimensions. So the ship was out of our area, including time. Hyper space is a nice mathematical term that means that nowhere in terms of our reality. Nobody can accurately indicate where it
LE: Well. The ship is in hyperspace. What happened after that?
Bielek: After about 30 seconds, the equipment went crazy. Me and my brother saw in the control room strange effects.
LE: What exactly?
Bielek: Tubes began to flicker. Like a wave, which was very unusual. Then began high voltage arcs, as many lighting bolts though the room had high voltage equipment, which can cause similar effects. We tried to contact someone on the radio, but heard only pop. We were alone in the air, so we decided to shut down the equipment. We went to the switch, but they were frozen. Then we decided to go out and get on deck.
LE: What you saw on the deck?
Bielek: greenish fog. Sailors who were moving around. Great confusion reigned.
LE: What was the other sailors?
Bielek: Run in circles as if they were completely disoriented. I do not know where they are and what to do ... behaved almost like crazy, but not completely. Were obviously very concerned, or psychotic. Duncan and I saw this and decided to jump on board and swim to shore.
LE: Why did not you stay in office?
Bielek: Because I could not stop the equipment. We went up on deck, we saw what was happening and jumped on board. Only it never reached the water.
LE: At this time in hyperspace you swim?
Bielek: swimming somewhere. You feel that you fall through a tunnel. We did not know where we are and what happens. As if traveling as a couple of minutes (my judgment is entirely subjective) and finished in a military base standing on legs with metal fence behind.
LE: What was your base?
Bielek: Montauk base in Long Island, New York, but we did not know that. As a helicopter sanctify us. And yet we did not know what a helicopter - in 1943 they were still at the stage of testing. Military Police came running, grabbed us and put us in the building. We went with an elevator down a few floors below ground. Adult civilian stepped toward us and said, "Lord, I was expecting you. I am Dr von Neumann."
He did povyarvahme.Kazahme him that this is impossible, because von Neumann is very pomlad and we parted with him about an hour ago. He said, "Oh yes. Indeed I am. Unfortunately, you are no longer in 1943. This is 1983. I'm 40 years tried. Welcome to Montauk. This project is Phoenix." I still do not believe him.
LE: What did you think?
Bielek: That man is not in his right mind.
LE: Have you ever thought that someone can take you from ship to you brainwashed and placed you in this unusual scenario?
Bielek: Many things we thought. We were confused and excited. Von Neumann showed us around the dungeons. Then we saw all kinds of computers, tape recorders, and other large displays.
LE: Things obviously did not exist in 1943?
Bielek: In the U.S. in 1943 there was not a tape. Did not recognize this type of equipment. We watched color television to the big screen. Until then, we had only seen black and white. The ads were interesting. On a 747 jet seen in 1943 were gone.
We were very excited and thought that the old man might indeed von Neumann and maybe we do have a future! We divorced over and above the base, but we made it out of her. We returned back to him and he said, 'Gentlemen, we have a problem. Eldridge Your ship is still in hyperspace bubble around it and growing. We can not exclude the equipment here in Montauk, but the equipment on your boat continues to work and powered bubble of hyper space. aboard enough fuel for the generator for 30 days if it
destroy. "
LE: What would happen if the bubble had continued to grow?
Bielek: He said he may become so large as to encompass the entire planet.
LE: So Earth would be in hyper space somewhere beyond the sixth dimension?
Bielek: Yes, outside our normal space. Who knows what would happen then. I had to do something to stop growing. Decided to send us back to the ship, smashing equipment. We were told that in Montauk have full control over space and time and that we can send anywhere at any given moment.
LE: I had a time machine, where to go, and that they moved elsewhere, right?
Bielek: Yes. Had. It was a wormhole was actually more than a time machine. Do not believe them, but they sent us back aboard the Eldridge, with instructions to destroy the equipment in any way we want, just to make him spre.Varnahme back of the ship to break the equipment without knowing exactly what will happen .
LE: How Emulsifying machine?
Bielek found the ax and started to break right equipment. The generator stopped.
LE: and returned into three-dimensional reality?
Bielek: Before the ship came back to port, however, we went on deck and saw the sailors buried in the steel deck and bulkhead of the ship. One of them was pomladiya our brother.
LE: Why were people trapped in the walls?
Bielek: Due process re-materialization of hyper space in our reality. The breakup of the fields, the molecular structure of the bodies of the sailors also shifted. If at this time moving around, but most of them do not materialize again until they remained liquid. And if this "swimming" around during the re-materialization find yourself near a wall, stuck in it.
LE: How did you and Duncan avoid this tragedy?
Bielek: Do not avoid it completely. Our younger brother Jim died this way (stuck in the stomach). Duncan did not stay on board. Jump again before the fields to collapse completely and go to 1983 or somewhere around that time.
LE: Why Duncan left again because of what happened to you Jim?
Bielek: Yes. Jim died trapped in the ship's bulkhead. Duncan disappeared again in the future. I stayed there (on board) and fields again materialized.
LE: You can also jump overboard.
Bielek: I. Duncan expected to do. I did not for one reason. I saw there, Jim, who was crying his head and shoulders protruding from the steel. I hugged him in the shoulder and died that way.
LE: I lost two brothers and traveled in 40 years time. It's enough to make an average person crazy.
Bielek: Yes. If average. I stayed normal, probably due to their training. Maybe I was chosen for the job by someone who knew more than myself. I've often wondered, "Why me?"
LE: Why do you think?
Bielek: Probably because of my father. He was in the Navy. She was engaged in the smuggling of Jewish scientists from Germany during the Second World War. One of them was Herman S. Unterman, who became director quent Montauk Project 19771983g period.
LE: When you were in 1983, did you know who won World War II and have carried it back to a military information?
Bielek: Yes. They told us that we have won the war and we are in a cold war with Russia and that we have walked on the moon.
LE: Did they tell you something that could change the events?
Bielek: Yes. There is a problem in this context is called a loop in time. The fact that we were there (in the future), broke the flow of time and created a wave in time. If we had brought it with her knowledge that can change the history of war, or to accelerate its move can cause a time paradox closed loop, in which a sufficiently serious interference in the past can change the future. In this situation the person is in the future would change where that is
LE: When you travel in time what is considered to be present?
Bielek: "Present" is there where you are. Your starting point is where you were born. There was a "lock time". Even when moving forward or backward flow of time, your starting point remains the same.
LE: Why do you think this happens to you and Duncan?
Bielek: We never could find an answer. Maybe it was planned, but not by us, or any other ship. There were two who jumped on board, but they fell apart.
LE: When you go back to 1943, what difference did you find in yourself?
Bielek: Drastically changed my views. No physical difference.
LE: Were you a witness to alien intervention?
Bielek: In 1943 I've seen aliens. Then we realized that they were there. I have a photo of Valiant Thor (essentially coming from the subsurface of Venus) made of Eldridge. I plan to show this picture in Asheville, the exhibition in North Carolina. The aliens were seriously engaged in Montauk. There were visible mainly between 1973 to 1983 when helping in conjunction with wormhole.
LE: What good were they from?
Bielek: They were the ones who set the deadline on Aug. 12, 1943 while working on the Philadelphia Experiment. When it became time travel, it caused a crack in prostranstvovremeviya continuum, but not destroy it. This flaw allowed to pass through her alien spaceships from other places many and large. The crack was formed when the experiment Montauk contacted Philadelphia Experiment. But they (the government) would be able to do this without the help of aliens, especially in terms of equipment.
LE: So you make the conclusion that aliens were involved in the project in 1943?
Bielek: Yes. For both experiments can be connected to each other.
LE: Do you think these aliens seemed negative in nature?
Bielek: Basically yes.
LE: What evidence do you have for alien intervention?
Bielek: The government has pictures. Physically I saw Alien when I was in the basement of Montauk.
LE: You say it quite freely. Why do you think you interfere?
Bielek: Maybe it's time travel, which we did with Duncan and resulting from a whip that time. They (the government) would not dare touch us before 2003.
LE: Why 2003rd?
Bielek: Then we celebrate 20 years of the incident. Time equations show that due to biorhythms of the Earth, 20 years are needed until all the whole route again stabilized and it once again becomes as it was before all this happened. Nothing to worry about the past. Only the future. If the hole in time is not mute anything in 2003, it can be reactivated and become more negative.
LE: You and Duncan you "its attenuation factor"?
Bielek: Yes.
LE: What happens if you die before 2003?
Bielek: Depending on how close it is to happen in 2003, the effect can be very destabilizing to be "misaligned" effect on Earth.
LE: This is a serious statement. So if you go, you will go and Earth?
Bielek: The government will not let us die.
LE: Let's assume that you are alive and Duncan on August 12, 2003. What could be done with this crack in time?
Bielek: The whole thing has stabilized and may be closed unless someone set up equipment to force it to stay open.
LE: Is there a reward for your head after August 12, 2003?
Bielek: Theoretically, it could be a price on my head now because I talk so openly about Montauk and Philadelphia projects. But I was never hooked one. Others have threatened them, but I do not.
LE: Why do you think the government lets you talk so openly?
Bielek: I can not explain it. Said enough things for which others were crucified, but to me nobody even said "woof".
LE: Why do people have to believe in your story?
Bielek: Do your work and investigations. There is plenty of documentation available.

Leading Edge News

Al Bielek answer questions about alien spies SPACE AND GOVERNMENT

QUESTION: How can programming / deprogramming regression?
ANSWER: In himichnoelektronen time. Department deleted the whole personality and memory, then do age regression, where can shrink physical body, can do or try pomlado but usually do pomlado because if you tell someone who is 65: "You did so much work for us, we want to continue to do so for another 10 years. know you're old, but what do you say young again in 25 years. would not lose any of your memories. again're just young. " Well, who would have given up such an opportunity? The government does this constantly with selected people. This is a very closely guarded secret.
QUESTION: How does one suddenly becomes 65 to 25 and back and continue your normal life?
ANSWER: How does the whole process I do not know. Obviously you lose some of your friends, save those whom you can trust and who can keep a secret.
QUESTION: When you delete them, the memory of what they did for the government?
ANSWER: No, because the government wants them to continue their work even 1,020 years.
QUESTION: So our government can make people pomladi?
A: Yes. It began in 1947 under a program in Miami, Florida for a study on aging. Howard Hagiz be interested and buy institute that became the "Medical Institute Howard Hagiz" he continued work and provide it financially. Of course, Howard Hagiz do almost anything for the CIA, and private projects and held 92 percent of the projects the CIA for a long time. And they and the government is very interested in the project associated with rejuvenation. This is only one aspect of the project. Can do this with your mind after you finished a project, but they want to terminate you can simply erase the memories of what you did for the government. They did it back in 1947, although at that time were not yet very good at deleting.
A Question: Tell us something about your personal contact with aliens?
ANSWER: In Montauk one of my first projects was to help be disassembled one UFO that was caught in the cellars of Montauk because linking the two projects - Philadelphia and Montauk. The ship had three UFO Eldridge. I have not seen them, but others have seen it. Two of them got away, but the third was somehow trapped in the fields created around the ship, and they influenced their equipment. He tried to pass through time to escape, but something went wrong their equipment and so ended up in the vaults of Montauk completely immobilized. So, I was "hired" to work on the Montauk Project.
At first I tried to interview the crew members who were alive and in good condition.

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