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Korean Prophecies - 2: Korean PROPHETIC manuscript

Korean PROPHETIC manuscript

Sport Korean prophecies given hundreds of years ago, this guy will be announced sometime 2001 or 2024 and will unite the whole world. The people, blinded by gold, it would be difficult to give up temptations. He will come like a holy man, after the great moral principles and unite Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity and all other religions. Countries that do not accept it will be destroyed.

Birth of almost messianic figure in the east side prophesied by Nastradamus and Tamara Fine and prophecies Korean Chung-Gam-Nock.

"Rest assured that the east will come from the One World sky.However if you did not get to the East, it will show people in England, America and other countries in the West. If East and West do not recognize, it will die and all residents The land shall be inhabited again.What happens then? '

"Bitterness felt by many in the West, it will be removed from there and built on high ground, looks afar to the human world. In the second half of the twentieth century will be a time and it will be announced in the East and erase centuries of insult (Khan). "
From the book "Køge-Euroco"


From the perspective of historical facts accurately prarochestvo is "Køge-Euroco." In this book, which covers the prophecies of tsyaliya over the last century to recent history, the emphasis is otdilya the theme of the last days, which raises many questions in the modern world. In the prophecies speak of what announces contribution to life the people and what path to choose in life.

Аuthor of "Kegam-Euroco" Nam Sa-Gopo Køge moniker was born in the fourth year of the reign of King Chundzhon Joseon Dynasty (1509) and left this world in the fifth year of the reign of King Soandzho (1571 ) lived 63 godini.Toy prakrasno mastering astronomy, geography and geometry. +, and between management kralMyondzhon he held the post of head of palace rituals and ceremonies conducted sacrifices to send the welfare of the country and the people. Køge-Euroco was written 450 years before. In the preface to his secret manuscript Nam Sa-Go wrote this text book he has learned in his youth by a holy man. To understand a dmisala given below excerpt from Køge-Euroco is necessary to decipher the hidden meaning of the Neko ieroglifi. The book mentions two laka.Ieroglifat "kun" (), having the meaning "bow" in the double ciphered image is marked on the cross, but not ordinary Cross (), which we write and Biały Cross (). This White Cross symbolizes the great moral principle, a single Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity and other religions.

Where to take Biały Cross? If you write two ieroglifa "kun" row (), then one turn, it will be a sign in the center of which sees the form of Biały Cross (). Using such transcript to try to decipher the following passage.

"Know that Biały Cross - but the truth is that heaven and earth. Those non-removable paper pores eyes, staring at them will not notice Biały Cross. On the day of God's judgment many people will get rid of their hot, virtuous people will remain alive, and the devil (who denies God) + + will be struck by fire. "

"The Bible - a prophecy of Scripture Boga.V reduce conflicts jot. Once you hear a voice like the voice of a deranged or drunk man who will advocate for the mother (the term "mother" is indicated in the text ieroglif () "heifer"). When that time comes, it gledayti our right, our to the left and go straight ahead at Biały Cross. "

+ Geomantiya - esoteric art of determining the favorable and unfavorable places of the earth repair area, and the location of lost objects or people) or buried alive).

+ + Here and forward in parentheses bring comments to the author of the book.

"The world will not appear so Swat Man, so watch the whole creation nepredvzeto. This person will be declared the year of the Chins (2000-2001 and 2024-2025) and unite the whole world. The people, blinded by gold, it would be difficult to give up temptations. Search secret message vYuzhna Korea - it's all hidden. "

"Stupid people will be able to find it. In the year of Sandzhinsa he himself will prepare your destiny in Chundzhinsa year - to meet his wife, who will descend from Heaven and will take her in marriage Hadzhinsa year (2000-2001 and 2024-2025) - will perform God wills and then spouses will rejoice and join hands. "

"Leaving the island country, the whole world will be swept, shedding tears of blood. He will come like a holy man, after the great moral principles and unite Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity and all other religions. Believe that time will come firstborn son of God. Country residents who do not believe in God delivered him will be destroyed forever. "

"The Way of Cross Biały that will unite the destinies of East and West, is similar to the young shoots and young leaves. At this time in the new country's largest Heavenly fortune will overshadow women. Believe in God (the Holy One will say, coming down from heaven). Sinned against Heaven has no place to isksa forgiveness. Drink wisdom and teachings given by God. There will be no place in the world that is inaccessible to you. "

"And in the East and the West are prophecies sent by notice of the occurrence of the last days. God sent His prophets to bring His Word to the world. But people do not understand the prophets. Oh, how sad is that! Vech is not far that day kogatona world suddenly will fall all disasters, but there are many people understand that? "

"First will come one, sage, savior, messenger of God, as ordained by the heavens for thousands of years. Savior would come into the world, Maitreya Buddha. When the time come, the whole world will sink into chaos. Flying fire will fall to the ground and this messy world will finally get out of control. "

"To what land shall be declared a holy man? This will be where the air is filled with cries of roosters and the roar of a dragon over Sands Biały under Johnsen (probably given area Johnsen Seoul). "

"The new world will be forever rid of the evil spirit. Biały Cross - this is the real Buddhism. Savior coming to Biały Kradt is Matreya. It will be sad to be dead people and save them from death. It will create a new world, a new heaven and a new earth that will be clear and clean. "

"Pray to God for the world. In the whole world will become a great renewal. Children! This is the plan of the Father. The entire universe will be updated and will be back to its source. Where are rastnali mulberries Sea will appear - this will become a chaotic world. ". "People in the world say that money is the most important thing, and even the mighty of the world can not get into this. Being one finds heavenly time uniting all the forces of the world in the year of Kyonshtin (2000 - 2001 2024-2025) will bring together all the people asked bestow salvation. "

"For a long time the world experienced difficulties, how many thousands passed? In time of troubled times, the truth will find its embodiment in the East and the West. On the west, it will return to the East. In coming home well when the state comes prosperity. "

"What is done now been provided for thousands of years before repeatedly. If sego neproumeem, the possibility to win Biały Cross will be missed. How much should I wait for the opportunity arises, and this time, wonderful, spring? Vdichki Great Forces guarding these holy men and women. ".

"Without a sound and smell will come in the East and will burn with fire the whole damn gathering (ie unbelievers in God), along with their spirits seme.Dazhe not know God Is he or chovek.Dazhe of Heaven will be unfathomable. "

"Blagasloven is the house in which the message is known but will not be blessed home where it will be neponyatno.Koy will know this man world? Chovik against whom recovery will soon whole world, that is why is a holy man. "

"Is that you properly understand that this man is Holy, not pradva? After much debate with the people of the world, he will do great things. All nations accept this Word as God's will, ascribe his honor. The message will soyde from heaven in the last days, to save all men. "

"Close your mouth, people of the world, Gibbs neprekasnato.Toy come peninsula of land that is located on the continent in the east Vorenus and collect harvest of human life. He will winnow the harvest and will pay zarnota from the chaff. He will release unfit straw wind, leaving only the good people. "

"The Holy One, born north of the 38th parallel in January will receive a warrant from Bog.Toy like a man, not a man. A real man will come to an island country (Japan), but the people of the world will not recognize him. "

"Chandaryon - this is the king of the heavenly clouds descending - Undzhunvan. Now he comes to earth again. "

"Maitreya Buddha will appear in this world. He comes the second time, as the founder of all religions, with the intention to unite Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity and other religions. "

"From the sky will descend Holy One - Olive Tree. He is the epitome of the founders of all religions of the East and the West. Looks like a man but not a man. He is the one Cotto triple incarnation of spirits Chandaryon, Maitreya Buddha and Jesus. "

"The evil demon sednoli the throne 6000 years ruled the world, tszare, were burnt flesh and outrages have done it with fire ing struck in the chest and kill them."

"With water from a stone God ERA seven scores high and beautiful heavenly fields. Both came from the sky You give water to all the thirsty and truth - to everyone in January This farm is a training ground for people of millennial reign Keryon (Keryon here means East). This is the last word for the day visionaries who understand it first. "

"In the year of Shtinyu (1992 - 1993) will be a war. In the year of Surhe (1994 - 1995) will uvmrat many. In the year of Chathuk (1996 - 1997) the world would be chaos and it will be difficult to predict the future. In the year of Imyo (1998 - 1999) to predict the future easier. In the year of Chins (2000 - 2001) will oabyavi Savior. In the year of Omi (2002 - 2003) in every home will be very happy. "

"Who is this Holy One who is to come out of the mountain, located in the island country? He appeared in recent days and combines Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity and other religions, under the providence of God. Nebedsiyat King comes to earth on a peninsula on the east. The Holy One will bring harmony of humanity and create a world of prosperity - a paradise. "

"People will stop orat, but will living will cease to wove, but I have clothes I no longer ride horses, but you can carry on long journeys. Kogatno real person doshel from heaven runs through the island, everyone is resisted its vmolya will die, and obedient to him will be good. "

The last prophecy is clearly a warning to the people of Japan.

The book says to make nva great moral principle, the basis of which the land will be created wonderful world like a paradise, will start at Keryon. But a real man should come to the island. Where is the island and what Keryon mind? Most Koreans fixation Keryon Keryonsan the mountain, near the town Kondzhu in okoliyaChhunam but Køge-Euroco Keryon not as described land, but as a place that should rather shun than to strive for it. The word "keryon" consists of two ieroglifa. "Que" means "cock" or "chicken" in the Book of Changes symbolizes the south-east. "Rhön" means "dragon" and symbolizes the east. Moreover, the text of Køge-Euroco not confined to Korea, but has a universal character. Therefore Keryon is not limited to the territory of the Korean Peninsula, but also includes the Japanese archipelago. But his center is in Seoul Korea.
Moreover, starting from the concept of yin-yang Book of Changes and the nature of the messages of Køge-Euroco generally Providence for the last days can not osashtestni, except for its Japanese islands. What is the reason that Japan also belong to the area called Keryon?

It can understand only if we accept the concept yin-yang and considering funktsionolnoto to Koriyskiya peninsula and the Japanese archipelago in terms of morphology forms.

In the concept of yin-yang yang is heaven, height, mountains, men lbashtata etc., and yin is earth continuity, lowlands, mother, etc. More specifically, in - this is a concave shape, Jan. - convex. Yang is by yourself metaphysical principle, but in - the physical form. All existing in the universe takes the form due to the interaction of yin and yang.

As an example can serve zarodsisha formation of the fetus in color due to the interaction of pistil and stamens. It is the same in animals. Mazhdiyat gives female seeds. She accepts her womb and brings him to perfect form and a new world rpazhda being. Nizhevata matter also carries the yin and yang aspects. Modern science says that even in the atom corresponding elements.

Let's look at another fundamental principle of the Book of Changes - the principle of the eight trigrams. Posredstvnom eight trigrams can accurately describe dse interaction between yin and yang. Even romantic relationships between men and women can be divided into eight stages, corresponding to the eight trigrams: 1) initiation, 2) touch 3) login 4) movement, 5) peak 6) stop 7) drop, 8) relaxation.

Kontsiptsiyata yinyang lies at the foundation of the existence of all objects but the creation of the universe and is a lever to operate the Creator. This is the philosophical and scientific basis for the occurrence of the material world, the ongoing changes in it, and developmental processes.
How izglizhda surface of the earth? It consists of years, rivers, droughts and sea, hills and valleys, t.e.sashtite yin and yang. Continents symbolize man's seas - the woman.

If you look at the outline of the land in terms of the concept of yin-yang, the Korean peninsula and the Japanese archipelago symbols appear vivid example of the embodiment of both. The Korean peninsula jutting out into the Atlantic continent, is a symbolic image of man, Japan - typical island nation located in the western part of the Pacific Ocean, is from yourself a symbolic image of the woman.

Then what is the Holy One who should appear in the prediction of the Korean Peninsula kraa the twentieth century?

It is the law yin-yang, which is based on the unity between man and woman, according to which man and woman become one flesh.

Does this mean that Korea and Japan should become one body? Yes. They, as the oldest son and oldest daughter should become companions.

Let's look at Capt. Korea is a small peninsula, the outlines of which enter the sea from the vast array of Asian continent. If we compare this continent with the human body, what will remind us that extended spur that is not above or below, in the middle of the continent?

Certainly it corresponds to the male sexual organ and the symbol of male nature. The rounded shape of the lower shore of the peninsula shaped like bolls of man - very important part of the genitals. Here's how it can be considered the Korean Peninsula in terms of topographic contours.

The male sex organ is connected to the nervous system, ofwhich piercing the body from head to toe. If Stony nekakvo damage in the spinal cord, being central axis of the organism, the penis loses its ability to perform its function. Where in terms of geography is a vital artery to the body that it is connected with the spinal cord?

Her home is on the mountain ridge system Kunlun and the Himalayas, which are called "roof of the world" and is the center of the Eurasian continent. Further, it extends to the northeast, and reaching mountain ridge Pektusan Machholyoni finally reached the Diamond Mountains (Kyygamsan) Kamvondo in the province that are part of Thebeksanskiya Ridge - the backbone of the Korean peninsula. This artery enters the peninsula spiritual energy. It has long been said that the Holy One, given that energy was born north of the 38th parallel.

Then if simvoliziramazha Korean Peninsula, it should be a party for him with which to unite. In accordance with the concept of yin-yang, it should be a woman.


Now let razgledameYaponsksiya archipelago closer than it is situated near the Korean Peninsula, shape, resembling a man.

Behind the Japanese islands stretching from north to south, stretches Pacific, whose spaces are far from the vast Eurasian continent. In shape reminds archipelago woman lezhashtaprotegnala feet. Hokkaido is its head, and the islands Honsyu Hyusyu - respectively the body and legs. That these islands representing the woman appear that land, accepting the Holy One sent to Korea, a country-man, Heavenly Way to blossom and bear fruit. So Japan, as a woman (in - mother), and Korea, as male (yang - the father) should become spouses. God providence consists in this, they keep holy Heavenly Way of a Creator-God and to respect one another. Only in this case they will be able to fulfill the great mission for humanity.

If Japan does not deal with the role of the oldest daughter, spatvnichka eldest son and the mother of the world to come to great problems. In this case, it will take another myadto island country (England, the Philippines and Indonesia), which has a mission to fulfill the responsible mother, if this mission was not cope Japan. But all these countries not originally envisaged as the wife of the oldest son.

If Japan has successfully completed its mission, the Son of God, Savior, representing the spiritual trinity Matrey Buddha, Jesus, Confucius pprishestviei but the second will bring salvation to mankind and will completely fulfill God's will on earth.

If Japan did not fulfill his duty, then she and all of humanity will experience difficulties, which will equal the creation of the world. Therefore it is important that Japan fulfill its mission, extremely important for the future of humanity.

The principle of salvation in the last days obyadnyava with the principle of mutual-generation and mutual destruction of the five elements that separates eastern filosafiya.

For five elements means water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Under the principle of mutual generation, an element generates another. This water creates wood darvaoto rise fire, fire creates earth, earth creates metal ametalat poryazhda water. The sequence of reciprocal inhibition was carried out in reverse order: water overcomes fire, fire overcomes metal, metal overcomes wood, wood overcomes earth, earth overcomes water.

Thousand years ago, repeatedly, during the court with flood, Noah, building a coffin saves man and two of every animal species. Ark was made of wood and in accordance with the principle of mutual generating said object appears as an example, that water has caused the tree. Now Heavenly Court will be by fire. Uniqueness substance able to beat the fire is water. So we can survive through the water. This water comes from the mountains white stone Kunanlunskite combining Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity and all other religions. Biały Stone Cross symbolizes Biały ie water Biały Stone truth about Biały Cross. In manuscript is said to survive only those who drink this water. In the prophecies of Køge-zo Euroco last days mentioned two kinds of fire - fire falling from the sky and fire coming from the ground to the sky izditasht. Means the first atomic bombs and missiles, and the second - natural disasters, such zemetriseniya and volcanic eruptions.

Prophecy that a real person will come in Japan, is an important message mvnogo that incorporates a warning.

"What kills me? Fire. What saves me? Purification st soul and body. Biały Stone, sent by God, this is the weapon that will destroy the devil. A man of good, it will give him life, the evil man will away to hell. The only one who has the right to take advantage of this weapon is a holy man, a messenger of Heaven. "

"Sadly! Razbelrete, people. The center of the capital of Korea will become the headquarters of which will go orders. Such vneshto will happen for the first time vaznikvateto the ground. People will see a holy man, a messenger of Heaven, but I will not know. "

"How to compare the longevity of the two holy men, who will appear in the last days of the life of Jesus, appeared in ancient times? Sight, noble men seeking Way. If you are serious, you will die. Who will know that the Lord is come Matreya Buddha in this world? "

"Not radlichava it our voice, our taste, our smell, but loves his creation and has great mercy and compassion. All religions of the world deals only with themselves and do not even know that in the spiritual realm has become a revolution. ".

"During the violet sunset yellow cloud closes all: you can not even find your way around. Fire rises and dimatzastila sky. The road is impassable, how to nachmerim glorious land of Victory Cross to live in it? "

"From the sky falls a fire, and the earth, an earthquake disaster-all gather together. Blood and dries the cave, and people die - die from diseases that are not even know the names. This morning a man was alive and in the evening it will dead. Ten homes will remain only one. "

"Japanese vnoynitsi not carry on reckless actions! Why otgnovo're heading to war? The outcome of the final battle is already known - you gain nothing but death. "
"Divine Law will put God at the center. Selected employees will be twelve groups of twelve thousand people, all 144,000. Following divine law, under the auspices of the oldest daughter of God - (Japan) and oldest son - (Korea), Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity and other religions will unite, and then will come the Kingdom of Heaven, which will manage God. "

"There is no doubt that it was God's son would build the millennial kingdom on an island in the East Sea. Shed blood and tears, he will bring peace to the earth will beat death and create a new world where there is no bitterness. "

"The devil is always placed smoke dza dark doo good work, taoka that traitors will be even saratnitsite. Power over others, and lacking the facility to obey will die, docile and humble will live. Humble yourselves before all. Holy man who appears in the East, to recreate the creature is Father, worship him unconditionally. "

"There will come a day when philosophers and scientists will depart powerless for a day or night ezna will cover them despair because, despite the long pursuits of philosophy and science will not be able to reach any decision. They will be nothing left but shteslavie, as they will look like fools or drunk with wine. "

"More than that there will be less than it would have and also have nothing. Rely on the kindness and wisdom, not force. At first, people will go, shedding tears, and then leave, sang a song. If during godinete Chachhuk, Inme, Shtinyu Surhe humanity and become a participant in a unanimous Heavenly great work, there will be a world in which people can receive clothing and food with the atom. "


To bring repeatedly reached versions of the manuscript Chongamvnok.Most true is considered book is called Thorongyol. Its authors and Chong Gam Shtim. Between historical predictions Chongamnok a victory of the army of General MacArthur in the war with Japan in 1945 and the successful landing of the army but the UN under his command in Incheon time of the Korean War, which broke out on 25 June 1950. Big mvnimanie in this book are devoted to a pprorochestvoto Biały Cross that occurred thousands of years prpedi. Almost at the same time dates the text of a manuscript.

"When the world be covered by clutter, disaster will come in seven deaths. Then look Biały Cross and the path to follow it. If it becomes difficult to live, find Biały Cross and merge it into one. "

"King of the north will want to pass on the throne heir, but can not do that and monarchical power, it will end. A tree shall fly from four dark winds will be very difficult to endure. When last six shtestitsi (36 years of Japanese colonial rule), there will be a favorable time. The wonderful part of the East will be divided into two halves - white and red, and then come together again. "

"South and North will resist each other by force of arms. You will get a dangerous situation because no one will know when it will explode flame. When a country divided into red and white, his back to the original state, and many will die from hunger and disease, but in the beginning there is no such thing to have. Many of you will live? Hunger and poor harvest kshte after year after year. "

"People's lives in the East (whites) and those in the West (green clothes) will be useless, as with insects. And west and south and the village, and gradatshte suffer from fire (Korean vmoyna). The sea and the islands at the head of the army General will come that will prevent or add (General MacArthur). The army will move Kyomgan River and bring salvation and will be ordered ksvishe. "

"But then the war would suddenly join the Chinese army. It would be against the general, appeared to back the sea. To prevent war, General zadmorsksiyat same who defeated Japan will lead the forces of the Allies in the West and South. General This will help the White Army (the army of South Korea) and drive the Chinese army, and the Red Army, which will be called "" Army of Sppravedlivostta "" will attempt to conquer all eight provinces of the island of Jeju. Red Army will be pushed to the northern border and three Godot war will end. Throughout Korea will become a ruin (the implementation of the United Nations in landings royonaInchhon under General MacArthur during the Korean War). "

"When that time comes, but it will shine Celestial East side (of Biały Cross), and the West will exclaim," Chondaryon, Chondaryon! Savior! Savior! "At this time, only those who find Biały Cross will receive a great blessing."

"Now people meet heavenly fortune. At that time, the eldest son of the East and the oldest daughter east to meet and married. All expect holy man, but who is he? This person will come into this world as a judge for December dividing good and evil (the marriage of the son of God - Korea and dsashteryata God - Japan). "

"The one who is trusted to lead the whole world will not appear on the mountain and in the field, he will come, where Biały Cross. He will come and bring Vebesniya Law. "

"The number of Heavenly Law is 21600. Clearly, this is a heavenly number. There are a number 14400, which is called earth day. "

"Gathering the above numbers poluchavami number 36000. This is the number of the union of yin and yang in the whole world. When including such men and zhini, champions for good marriage, will appear holy man. The number 36000 under the Book of Changes, symbolizes the law of universal harmony. Heavenly path is the path of the connection of yin and yang. Way of unifying East and West, this is the way of the Cross beat. "

"The number 36,000 travel universal laws and forces. If all the religions of the East and West come together, the people of this world will come together as brothers. From the perspective of the Book of Changes is understood that Biały Cross is Divine Law of yin and yang. "

"Great Way to Victory Cross will appear in the East. You'll hear a voice that will shake heaven and earth: "Get Blagoasloviya" If you laugh over this vote or resist him, they, themselves ignorant, you will look like a wart and a bunch of horse droppings would you like a bug that trying to stop the cart and Sbyatiyat person you will laugh. "

"The Holy One will prpebivava the world hshte podsbira couples men and women of good fighters. Couples selected by him will persuade in prayer before God and precious datsa born. This whole world will unite and this will happen for the first time since the creation of the heavens and the earth. "

"Biały Cross will be announced in the east side, where the sun rises. He will shine for the whole world. Remember that the Savior King of Great Victory Cross, He is the true king of kings. "

There is a prophecy that the Second World War will begin in the northeast, in the region where there are China, Korea and Japan. Age of 1,000 years Chongamnok numbers. Deserves attention prophecy book that Chesley 36000 is a harmonious union between man and woman, representing heaven and earth, yin and yang. Also special is the prediction that in order to find refuge in the last few days, you should find Biały Cross.

3. Chhochhanok

Chhochhanok manuscript is in the form of conversations between Yu Hyun Won, a moniker Pang (1622 - 1673) and his son Chho Mhan. Yu Hyun Won, lived in the middle period of Joseon dynasty, time management Hyondzhon was known as the head of the movement Shtirhak (Movement for real knowledge). The importance of the manuscript lies in that it acknowledges the existence of Køge-Euroco.

"Pangeon is my father. I once worshiped him and I asked him how to fight posters against neurozhay. My father told me, "Ways to save the lives of people in neurozhay years to avoid death from infectious diseases are detailed in the writings of Kyogamgon (Køge-Euroco) because of the difficulties that mean?"

Question: What do you call the disease, which will appear in the last days?

Answer: This disease will be sent from Heaven name and unknown.
The clashes between Japan and China will grow eventually to world war. The situation in the whole world will be like how the stork is trying to break the frog, and the frog does not allow him to close the beak, so much turbulence will be in all countries. "

Question: Where is contained true message?

A: Everything is explained in detail in the manuscript of Køge-Euroco only honest person will find meaning.

In Honsudzhi - Kyogamgon a manuscript - and my message Masanok contains truth. Only a handful of children, those who possess virtue, will read these messages and will save their lives. "

Q: small head and feet - what is it?

Answer: This is fire. All horpa will perish by fire. "

4. Honsudzhi

The author of this work and the manuscript is Euroco Køge-Nam Sa-go. He was also subjected to severe criticism by many people.

'Question by Mr. Qu: What Hounsou? (Ieroglif "hone" oznochovo "red" and ieroglif "s" means "sleeve white dress kopprinena")

Answer: This means chme whole world is split into two positions - red and white. Northeast will start world war there will end (ppredskazanie WWII). "

Vaprros: What do you mean by "red" and "Biały"?

Answer: In Korea, people would come from the West and Russia and OTP, what would be north of Quezon (city in North Korea), it is "red" and which is in the south - is "white" (s) ".
"Question: When will this happen?

Answer Iru year (1945) of 7 July on the lunar calendar (August 15 in the solar calendar) Japan weakened and eventually fall. Then there will be the aforementioned situation. "

Question: Red and Biały ing fought with spears, swords and shields?
Answer: War with spears, swords and shields, a small war. The Great War is conducted in air using chemical weapons. "

Question: How can you prevent chemical warfare?
Answer: The Northeast will come General Cho. Under his boss will be twelve saints, and he using divine powers will sprpe war one morning and one night (Gen. Cho symbolizes the Holy One, doshel from heaven, Savior) ".

Question: Is it true that the East will emerge country, which will be the center of the world?
Answer: The Will of Heaven is hidden in the heart of man, so why ask in vain? ".

5. Masanok

It has been shown that the manuscript is the author of Hey Yu Pang-Vaughn. Below are some excerpts adapted from this source.

"Kogtoa Iztoks and Western lands will unite the universe become unified. When that time comes, then you can see the real person can not work to meet the Holy. "

"He who, living in the East rejects what is in the West, is not a holy man, nor will he, nor knowledge. We will live together with Japan 36 years. You may be overwhelmed, but do not say you did not know that. "

"When this happens the northeast of China, it will be impossible to escape. They say that Buddhism is the only true doctrine, that it only brings salvation, but it is not because God divided between all merit. Everyone wants to conquer the world, but heaven just rule the world. "

"When you come to the North communists from Heaven will appear holy man and said the Heavenly Way. The north will declare someone like Han Wu (a legendary warrior from ancient Chinese traditions) which will be beaten by the whole world. Using force, it will create a big stir in the world and neither heaven nor earth can stop it. South Korea and of course the world will not know what's going on in North Korea. "

"People will understand the will of Heaven in the day when she gets back into their hearts."

6. Piggy-Yulgok

Real name Yulgok (1536 - 1580) was and I. He was a philosopher and public figure and has held various senior positions in the state. He has consistently headed the Ministries of Finance, Interior and the Army. Yulgok is known that, foreseeing Indian War + has been increased to one hundred thousand army. Feature of his theory is that research and describe the fundamental principles that underlie the universe and all component elements.

"300 years after the Indian War, the fall of the year Kyonsun, Korea during the Lee Dynasty will unite with island country, but on July 7th lunar calendar (August 14 in the solar calendar) in the year of Iryu people of the island country Japan return. Korean power over land will divide Russia and the West. "

"Heaven and Earth is a one, then you can not serve two kings? The father is the maternal one, then what that is like, one half of the people to serve chervineya father, and the other - the Biały? (On what it looks like, one side becomes red children, and the other - the byarite?) West will rise in defense of the people of South and Northerners will rely on support from Russia. Foolish people will be futile tossing and die. "

7. Samyok-kegyon

The author of the manuscript Samyok-tegyon, and Min-Jae in prekor Myonhosandzhu. He was heavily influenced by the philosophy of Tonhak (Eastern doctrine) and was the best disciple of negoveya osnovatelChhve Jae-Woo, a moniker Swoon. Until we have reached to a story that he has fallen into doubt there corresponds tonhagskoto doctrine of divine law and therefore had broken his spiritual training in the mountains Chirisan. Descending from the mountain, he received instructions from Heaven, and then wrote Samyok-tegyon.

"Heavenly White Cross, going down by three heavenly worlds, will explain the great moral law and the East gradually opens door to Great Universal Way."

"This is the way of Biały Cross, through which all universal moral norms will be in harmony. It will spread in whole world like the expansion of bombuka.Samo these words concludes Anticipating Heaven. "

"Ignorant people will see it (the Holy One) and will not recognize him, hear his words, but you will not understand their meaning. They really are pathetic and regrettable. "

"Usradno labored with full dedication, you will not miss the time your gift from heaven. If miss this time, the second time this vazmvozhnost will not be provided. If you and your entire sincerity be absorbed in moral excellence, and wisely guided semeastvoto the state, Eventually there will be peace in the whole world. "
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