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ASSURANCE Korean predictions

Korean historical authenticity predictions

The truth of the prophecies must find its patvarzhdenie in history. Only if high accuracy is supported by predictions become historical events mozhge be trusted.
Now let's look at a brief overview of the prophecies concerning events in modern Korean istoriyai, separating them on the following topics: the fate of Korea, to change the power of the unification of Korea, and also the last day.

1. Fate of Korea and the change of power

In July of the fourth year of Yunhi Korea Lee Dynasty fell. Year of Kyonsul - time to reap (year Kyonsul the east Goscinny chronology is 1910, when Japan annexed Korea). Will be potapkanitraditsionnite foundations of society, morality, and morality will be in decline. Will be rejected classical Confucian books and will adopt a new educational system. "

"Over 36 years after the annexation of Korea will be a nation without a king, all children will become monks do not know God (in Japan was issued a decree requiring all enforcement had to be clipped, so to speak, that" all people become monks children "Buddhist monks have always shaved head). Japan has risen like the sun in the east, but the time will come when it will come down as the sun at sunset. When will that time come? Then, when the war between Japan and China grow into World War II. "

"During the year, the Cape and Ilma (1894-95) and year Kapshtin and Iryu 1944-45) Japan will shine like the sun, but the time will come and it will be as the sun goes down. In Iryu year (1944-45) half of the field will fall into despair and Japan will return to their country (ieroglif "field" looks like - (). Ieroglif Half of this () is sdashto ieroglef and matters of "sun . "This is the first ieroglif the word" Japan. "Then under" half of the "Japan should understand."

"The Korean people will be divided on the world, the middle will make the bridge will bezmlavno plrachat, grieving parents, brothers and sisters (obviously there predzvid bridges in the city Phanmundzh in place Imdzhingak joining the territories of North and South Korea free past which is closed). Like how the shepherds and weavers are grieved, being divided, the Korean people experiencing grief from rpazdyalata (Shepherd and weavers - a character from a Korean legend about two lovers who become two stars separated by an irresistible river of the Milky Way). Japan west across Korea will return to them in the east. 36 years unhappy relationship between the two sides were predestined to heaven and earth. Now come the end of their misfortune. "

"There are human principles should honor and dignity spazvames but they skalapiha band and plotting murder (in the period of turmoil that comes after the release of Korea, were killed Gu Kim, Yo Un-John, San Wu and Jin-Neko other political figures of Korea). Higher and lower layers to switch places and lawlessness flourish. An abnormal situation where the feet to stand on the ground, raised above the head (excerpt indicates the situation of social chaos, which originated in the country and after the release). "

"If you want to find the time to sweat life rather pass the 38th parallel. Three years starting from Konig (1950), the world's chaos will reign. Refuge where you can safely ukriesh of clutter happens Busan. It is known that there embarrassed by 1950 (Konig) will not come. "

"In the year of Iryu (1945), hearing the joyful news of the release, the south will go feeble king. But because of government policy mistakes of the new Master Li will end after 12 years. Will always be voices of outrage, accusing it of unfair government. How will people live? (First President of the Republic of Korea Lee Sin-Man was the last single family dynasty of kings. He resigned as president after 12 years of popular unrest) King with the surname Li, steps in a fight with his grown sons. Finally he gave in and left. After leaving Lee will naturally come Yun (his last name is encoded in an interesting way. Throughout there are three ieroglifa, which literally means "to attach the bull's tail. 'If ieroglif (), which is a sign on the east of the year "bull" join queue "," it will get ieroglif "yun" () denote the family of the second president of South Korea yuyuyun Bo-san). "

"The wave of popular discontent absurd management will begin in the provinces and Kyonsando Cholado, people in the south rebelled at the table, then this wave will reach Province Chhunchhondo and uniting their efforts, people will download it. Rumors and interpretations of this will go to all corners of the country (this passage describes the revolution of 19 April 1960). "

"Do not argue it is good or bad. Let's compare the heavenly and earthly symbols (elements of eastern calendar). Three armies (army, navy and aviation) will raise the torch and all shall fish thieves trapped in the city. In voennota government also sometimes have mistakes, but the mouths of people are sealed, though the conclusions are padlocked, so do not say anything. If you mistakenly open mouth, then wrath will fall upon you like an ax, slashing the body (described military coup in 1961 (year of Shtinchhuk) under the leadership of Pak Chong-hee). "

"When you fly over the wooden man who can expect after him? Then it will fly upland birds (this prophecy can not be interpreted, if not known ieroglifite. Term "wooden man" was recorded with two ieroglifa () "tree" and () "man". Protisnem If ieroglifite side and write them together to get ieroglif () "again" denoting the family of the third South Korean President Pak Chong-Hee. further if ieroglif write down () "forest" and () "little bird" and merged them write one above the other ( ) "chhve. Chhve Gyu-Ha - a politician of South Korea, which for some time has served as president after the assassination of Pak Chong-Hee in 1978)."

"When you go again lord, lord Chong will bring the world turmoil. (Cheon Han-Doo and other members of his government took power soon after the death of Pak Chong-Hee, to keep control of the country, on 18 April 1980, by force of arms suppress popular unrest in the city of Kwangju). This man has taken his post, being general, but you do not podchenyavayte its vlost.

Look at these thieves. Now they live peacefully, but in the end will be crushed by sand (prediction court of Doo-Hwan Chon, Wu De-Ro and other members of the new military government). "

2. Period of splitting and joining of North and South

"When a country will be divided? This will be the year of the Rooster Green when the bird crowed the third time (the year but the Green Rooster - year Iryu, 1945). "

"When will another division" When they start to fight a tiger and rabbit, when crossed water and fire (the year of the tiger and the rabbit respectively years of Konig (1950) and Shtinme (1951). Demarcation line along the 38th parallel is removed during the war, then reappears and divided the country into two parts). "

"When will a truce? When Dragon and Tiger started to converse with each other in months when the yellow sheep begin to bounce (all these animals - dragon, tiger, sheep, and even yellow correspond to the calendar. Thus, prediction can be read as "Truce will be in June in the year of the Chins (1953)."

"When will the compound" It will be a month when the Dragon, Tiger and Red Dog started to jump for joy (date to be determined by the eastern calendar. Has only two years of the cycle, which comes in the month of Red Dog - 2000 and 2025 ). "

3.Last day and situation in society

Time will appear holy man, these are the last days. The term "last days" means the end of the world, and tremendous changes in the history of mankind, and the related transition. Consider the prediction otntosno expected situation in society during the last days.

"When that time comes, the country will have our morals, our social order. Parents and children will make a fortune, the couple will be divorced women will look askance at zhazhete their widows and children will be born. Women would cheat Vna men, and when that happens everywhere, there will be the last day. In the whole world will be shaken moral stand. Sexual promiscuity would reach a final level, the very foundations of human life will discourage. "

"The children will be deprived of life, even while growing up in the mother. Will die from abortion. "
So the prophecy describes the picture of contemporary society saturated with various swamps of modern civilization, including cars, trains, airplanes, telephones, high edifices, bright neon fires and more.

"It will be by transfer to speak of any human language, personal which do not even see because they are thousands of miles away (phone)."
"To the east and north of a thousand (miles?) Will travel iron vehicles (trains, cars). You can leave a vsekade, quietly sitting in a three-storey house, like a picture. "

"The air will move ships. Ride the wings of the wind, they will fly by Biały cranes will throw a cloud a red flag. "

4. The way in which people should go in the last days

The last days are a time of historic crisis for humanity. We, the people of the last days, often do not realize what time to be alive. We live carefree and gorgeous, seeking to enjoy all that we can Dadon money. Meanwhile, now is the time when we need to check our lives deserve approval from the perspective of God.

"At this time, the sky will fall flying fire and many people will be killed and injured. All disasters are coming together. Will a war that will last from three to ten days. All countries will take part in this war will trample each other will be suppressed and will be heard constant crying "(in this prophecy speaks of war kayato will be very short - all three days - at Tolk devastating that kshte tossed the whole world in a state of great disorder).

"On the day of the ground war will be poured fiery mass, height greater than the height to which no bird fly. Even after Toagava of people will disappear from the earth. "

"Savior who will come to earth a second time to judge and make a selection between the seed as a threshing floor and gather the wheat blew a pile of grain."

"Heaven will clearly see good and evil, as in a mirror and judge."

"If people fail to find the Holy One, to serve him, will not escape death."

"When the three are united spirit from Heaven to come to Earth King. Good people will live longer, and the wicked will umrat. This not namedi two Biały will lbade like a bundle of wood thrown into the fire. How sad! Middle is the day when disaster will come suddenly, but many prazbirat know this? How funny is this and how sad! What to do? "

"So far, people have lived in this world excitement and anxiety as if walking on thin ice. Milosradniyat Savior with all my heart to love the world and everything in it. It will be the embodiment of love, rescuing even the terrible beast who secretly attacked during the night. Distance from the sea behind it will bring grain to people living in abundance. "

"Shtese appear Road Biały Chrast to create unity of all religions with God. The Great Victory Cross Road will provide shelter. To live and receive salvation must find him. You will find the secret meaning of the laws of the Book of Changes, with which you can achieve great way, amazingly unifying principles of the three religions. "

"There are three kinds of people. In some ways the soul and are honest and forthright. In other soul and body are bright and clear, constant from start to finish. Third with the whiteness of the heart, eyes and clothes clean soul, actions, body and surroundings. "

"How should we live in this world hoprata? If you're stupid, then, reading scripture, we know the world. "

"Those who do not feel inteles, meaning reduction see who shows deep interest will gain knowledge. You will find that the place is sposenie Earth Victory Cross located in dzushata you. "

God and the human heart are the same - we meet and break and then break thinking: "How many years will pass before they meet again?" It will be izvistno the East and West through the Word. "

"He came to earth from heaven to prepare hoprata the last day to save them. People! Accept it as zdapoved Word of God. "

"No more, no less, we Osvin this will not happen, and everything will be as it says here."continue >>>

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