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Objective criteria TO BE corresponds SPASITGELYAT TERMS OF prophetic messages

1. Korean prophecy

In accordance with prophetic messages but Korean manuscripts Savior, being in the last days, must comply with the following criteria.

1) Holy One to be born north of the 38th parallel.

2) Birth to seve the peninsula, he will receive spiritual energy known to the whole world Diamond Mountains (Kimgansan). For some time he will live in ostrovmnata country that lies to the east, VNO before the day of release on Aug. 15, 1945 will be back in Korea.

3) You will fall from heaven such grace, with what has been awarded to our time She will only Goan-Tszon, hero of Chinese legend.

4), it remains to be predstoshi prisoner (the word "prison" in prophecy is zeshifrovana. Ieroglifa If the seven () encountered in the text, complete two - (), it will mean vednaga word "prison"). "

4) In the name of justice, he will choose in their life time death that will lurk in the west and he pzhoveche from all the world will be tossed to the mockery and criticism.

5) He will choose husbands men and women of good believers in God and suits their marriage.

6) In the middle of his life, he will re-marry.

7) It will be announced in the center of Seoul Biały sand where singing rooster and dragon roars, he will build a place in Johnsen (Seoul area) pprovidenieto center and issue orders to the whole world.

8) It will work for the unification of all religions in the world and is known as the East and West as the founder of the religion. He will unite Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity and other religious movements in sveta.Toy will come to earth again as spiritual embodiment triple - Chandorey, Maitreya Buddha and Jesus, and shall be called the True Parent of all humanity, God's only Son and King of kings.

9) He will unite the religions of the East and the West, and will identify new path similar to chladi twigs and leaves. When you first open a Pagyat Biały Cross, will appear many maimed people.

10) It will be widely known in the East and the West.

11) The place where it appears, is a peninsula in the East Sea, the outskirts of a large array drought Holy Man will appear in heaven the East.

So, the Holy One, appeared in the East to save all mankind should otgozhvarya the above conditions.

This guy will come as a senior son of God. Was ordered by the Almighty, he will carry out His plan on earth. He will choose the best people and relying on God's people will build the land based Millennial Kingdom.

Such characteristics attributed to the Savior Korean secret prophetic writings.

2. Scripture

In the Bible, in Revelation (Rev. 7:2, 3) says: "And I saw another angel rising sun in the east and having the seal of the living God. And he cried with a thundering voice to the four angels, to whom was granted to harm the earth and the sea, saying we do not harm the earth, nor the sea, nor the trees, so far not stamped on the forehead of the slaves of our God "
What is implied here in the sun in the East?

East-it's Korea, Japan or China. However, in China and is now accepted matirialisticheskiya worldview and existence of a Creator or Higher Powers rejected. Therefore prophecy does not suit China.

Japan is also not a desired country. Isaiah (Isaiah 41:1-4) explains this prophecy in these words: "Zamarchete before me, islands and nations renew their strength ... Who do and do it? One who calls Dodov again, I - God, first and last I - that. " The words "shut up before me, islands" We understand clearly that Japan did not correspond to the concept of "East sun."

Now let's look at the etymology of the Korean word "Chosan" (the old name for Korea, and is currently used in North Korea). Glossary of Korean saying that the word has come to us from the Sangam era and is the specific name of Korea. You might translate as "east side where the sun rises" or "part of the morning."

So there is vazmazhno side + Rising Sun "mentioned in the Bible," the country where the sun rises ", the thesaurus, are radically different geographic concepts?

3. Western Prophecy

In the 75th point of the 10th chapter of the prophetic verses of famous French prophet Nastradamus says:

"As much as I wait in Europe, it will not happen. This will happen in Asia. From the great Hermes will experience one of the union. It will surpass all the kings of the East. In the country of sonny will magnify the law Veleka Messiah (Savior). In the East, there will be new spiritual shepherd. "

So, regardless of age and place iztachnite and West, old and new alike prophecies together - the Savior to come to Korea.

4. The purpose of the Savior payavyavaneto

1. Examining the facts mentioned above, we see that they all belong in nature and human history depends on the will of the Creator. Consider the known facts relating to the upheavals in the history of our planet, the basis of our existence.

1) City of the Incas, built of stone blocks, each of which exceeds 100 tons.
2) Secrets of the great Inca civilization, lost in the Andes
3) The life of nomadic peoples who inhabit the Sahara desert, which at that time was a green oasis in the V1-11th centuries ppredi n.e ... now keep track of these people are lost.continue >>>

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