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1.Savior comes in rvreme of great change

Examining the facts adduced above, we see that everything sluchvyashta in nature and in human history depends on the providence of Sazdatelya.I So take a look at the known facts related disasters, having a place in the history of nyashata planet on our existence.

1) City of the Incas, built of stone blocks, the weight of each of which exceeds 100 tons.

2) The secret of the great civilization of the ancient Incas, lost in the Andes.

3) The life of nomadic peoples inhabiting the spaces of the Sahara desert, which at that time was a green oasis in the V1-11th centuries BC. Now after these peoples are lost.

4) The wall of the first story mentioned in Jericho city, which was founded 9000 years ago. Now she is at a depth of 17 meters below ground.

5) The destruction of the highly developed Mayan civilization that flourished amidst tropical forests of the Yucatan Peninsula in Central America.

6) Mystery kammennite with statues of Easter Island and the related assumption that sometime in the southern Pacific Ocean was continent.

7) The Secret of Mount Everest, the site of which was the ancient seabed.

8) at the top of the Himalayas shells of molluscs and fish bones.

9) The story of Plato's Atlantis.

10) The Flood of Noah's day - a fact that even now raises many questions.

11) Layers of coal found in Siberia, Alaska and other regions of permafrost.

12) The bodies of mamanti resembling elephant tusks with up to three meters long, found in Siberian permafrost. The animals were frozen and therefore remained in its original form. These, and find great piles of fossilized bones and teeth testified that during the existence of the earth are becoming significant geological changes to its repair area having catastrophic nature.

From the above it follows that have occurred multiple movements of the crust. In addition, the latest research in the field of geology, physics, archeology show that there was a glacier and there is now the tropical zone and in areas close to the equator. In poslidniya one million years there have been at least 16 such disasters, and in the history of existence on earth - more than a hundred times.

How are people missing, ever attained the highest degree of civilization, but left behind only ruins? What is the purpose to which it is going straight to the science of ppraga HH1 century? There any guarantee that the civilization created by us , does not dissolve existing Nain, leaving behind only the puzzles? History repeats itself.

A time will come, and the land will still crash broke. Who will survive then? Who will save mankind? The answers to these questions known only Creator, the existence of heaven, who created this world.

2. The fate of humanity and responsible mission of the peoples of Korea and Japan

Geophysicists have created a theory according to which a frequency 7000 years on earth are spectacular movements of the lithosphere. If this happens, there is no guarantee that it will remain a living thing on earth, including humans. It is difficult even to imagine the disasters that humanity will face then. But that's not all! Izpolzuvateto Ataman of the energy product of modern science with which we are so proud to present a hazard to human existence. Do not you dig the grave we alone? It is believed that accumulated enough nuclear weapons to destroy humanity over a hundred times and yet much of it remains unused. It is scary to even think what would happen if an earthquake or fires caused by natural disasters happen and explode detonation of nuclear weapons.

And how much chemical and bacteriological weapons have accumulated!

Mankind, it seems, has become the victim of a diabolical conspiracy and only dig his grave. Can our Creator Nelbesniyat Bakshta, calmly watching his beloved children on a path of death? Of course not.

That is why He sent His ground ednorodin son Savior. But the son can not do the work of salvation alone, but must meet wife prepared by Heaven to enter into marriage with her. They kshte a family will have children and join forces as married couple will izpalnyatsvoya debt - saving mission entrusted to them by the Heavenly Parent. This will fulfill the Heavenly Law.

As explained above, this prophecy spoken in Korean manuscripts, proceeding from the concept of yin-yang, which is the basis of all creation. Unable to bear children without marriage. And without mozhgesh children become parents.

But what a woman should become the wife of homogeneous son of God? From the perspective of heaven, only Son of the companion must be a creature of world importance, but in human terms it may be unremarkable person. The wife of the first son of the creator to be firstborn. Who is she?

In saotvitstvie universal kontsiptsiya yinyang uniform daughter is the island country located in the southeast - Japan. In chapter discussed the principle that Korea can schta senior son, Japan - Senior daughter. Therefore, Korea and Japan are the parents of mankind.

What is the responsibility of the parents? Certainly not just to have children and throw them in the lurch. They need to love their children, to feed them, clothe them, educate them. It is their responsibility and their children spasetieta. Korea and Japan to meet its debt this. In the third section of the fourth chapter of this book has been brought Nastradamus prophecy: "In the land of the sun will magnify the law of the great Messiah (Savior)". What is meant by "the land of the sun"? Without doubt, this is Japan.
Japan needs to protect his love to all mankind, and it vazpshta which is maternal and debt. If she executed the Savior Divine Law will be magnified and circulated to all parties who are in a position of children. This znochi that Japan, receiver of the Heavenly Law will become vedushta country in the world. (Divine Law is a law of peace in the whole world. Japan, becoming the ally of the Savior and the party bringing the world divine laws will be vedushta country headed humanity on the path of peace. In this case it will receive forgiveness but historical errors will receive salvation. law of peace in Swat tsyaliya is reflected in the Constitution of Japan).

Further Nastradamus prophecy states: "From the great Hermes will experience one of the union." This means that if the senior son of God is not found in Hervmes your ally, it will be very difficult to achieve salvation. What is Hermes?

In Greek mythology, Hermes is the patron god of trade and economic activity. In this case "ally Hermes" is a country in its trade and economic activity has benefit from the protection of the forces of heaven and became one of the leading countries in the world. Undoubtedly, this island nation is Japan. If Japan fails to become an ally of the Savior who will come to Korea, fate and can not predict. Only if it supported intentions of homogeneous Son of God, God will be izphalnena. Therein lies the responsible mission to Korea and Japan in the eyes of God.

3. To the whole world peace through love

What is love? At this point everyone will respond in his own way. There are many different types of love, all will not be listed: love between man and woman, parental love, love between siblings, love, friendship, etc. But at the heart of every love lies respect.
Love without respect is nothing more than lies and hypocrisy. Facing pathetic beggar and helping him out of pity, we sympathetic, which is akin to love, but not love in the true sense of the word. Home of true love is love mazhdu rodteli and children. She appeared in the heart of a parent who loves their child and the child's heart, loving parents. This is the only primordial love. Love of parents is ever willing to give. In some there is no shadow of a desire to receive any compensation.
Then in importance are conjugal love, brotherly love in the relations of consanguinity. Love between chlrenovete family is another kind of absolute love, based on moral

principles. However, higher self-sacrifice occurs in another.Connects morality law in a member of a family, but there is more to it ednosemeystvo based on the same principles. The two families have mutual respect and they are settled in their hearts. Such families of established society, country and ultimately - humanity. This world would be a sphere of love, enabling to achieve universal peace. In this world, people's hearts are united.

Peace in the whole world is impossible without true love on a family where moral stand blood strengthen relations between relatives. This order does not leave any crack penetration the demon of evil, hatred and jealousy.

True love develops in otnasheniyata between relatives and directed society, the state and all of mankind for peace in the whole world.

Korean secret manuscripts precognitive reported that the Savior who will appear in the last days, gradually lead humanity to universal peace. There will be a paradise on earth. The prophecies say that the logic of the philosophy of true love and true family, the Savior would spread in all societies, in all countries, the whole world would be admirable. It is recorded that this philosophy will perceive humans before birth and through her postepino will create the perfect world.continue >>>

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