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вторник, 20 ноември 2012 г.

Is Postponed end of the world

In recent years the most discussed topic was the end of the world, defined by the Mayan calendar on 21/12/2012, with the approach of the day, however, like all predictions of apocalypse and terrifying end of the planet to be replaced with new ones that say Earth will pass into another energy level that people will suffer trasnformatsiya of the soul, etc.

Whatever the truth, however, millennial life on the planet proved indisputably that whatever happens, it happens suddenly.

Looking at the Maya calendar, scientists have much difficulty. And if you think about it logically - hardly the only work of this people was to make possible a complex calendar, foreshadowing the end, and then disappear.

Significantly the views of the current population of Mexico, which is considered a descendant of them. It seems that the local people are fed up of the constant influx of tourists and took a formal opinion, the media speculated that the calendar of their ancestors, and only in order to increase the influx of tourists.

And what will be unhappy, they get nothing, because all the land there, the temple, and all the sights are in the custody of the U.S. and other private owners who hardly passed through my head to share profits with local whose backs have already accumulated billions.

However, a large digital clock counts down second by second elapsed time until the end of the world. It is installed in the city of Chiapas in Mexico. Was launched on December 22, 2011

In the world in recent times become very abnormal and very scientists were even inclined to agree with the Mayan calendar and the earth thrown into nothingness with different theories. The truth is that a period of rotation of the Earth's hemisphere and it gradually moved towards or away from the Sun and the Moon. Numerous recent upheaval could explain exactly what a date for an end to actually portend a new, better era for our planet.

As in Bulgaria, it is always done on the back as if in defiance of all others in the media as other scientific leaders from other countries argue that there is a real possibility of events that will lead to the end of the planet-BAS come up with posts that disasters are not expected.

That the future is not expected drought, except this year. According to our scientists change of seasons there will be no ice age too. Only their projections are magnetic storms, but this is preferable to the carnage.

It remains only to hope that scientists at BAS will go right, and 21. 12. 2012 humanity will remain alive and well.

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