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Korean prophecies foretell the future


Over the 20 years the author of this book has been studying Korean manuscripts in which prophecies are recorded, the oldest of which one thousand years, appeared later, a hundred years ago. All are over 30. Not an exaggeration to say that Korea is a country of prophecy.

Ancient Korean prophecies about the future ...

Secrets manuscripts or books of prophecy writers have. In studying the content becomes clear that they are not figments of their authors, and actual message of the Creator that He had given the land by a particular person.

The book collected in a summary excerpts from Neko Chongamnok, Kegam-Euroco, Honsudzhi, Masanok, Yulogok-Piggy, Samek-stitching and several other sources, which talks about the history and future of Korea and Japan. The predictions can be trusted if the truth of the prophecy is confirmed by historical facts.

Prophecies relating to the last century of modern history. The author of this book, read and interpret sources, concludes that the Creator has a plan.

The book contains predictions about the fate of the world is given a central place in East Asia, namely Korea and Japan, where in the period lasting about 130 years, from 1894 to 2027, describes the last days. Three hundred and six years of colonial mastery of Korea from Japan, the release and the subsequent division of Korea in the book are presented as part of the Creator's plan.

Since the beginning of the 21st century will dramatically alter the direction of world opinion. Limiting the scientific worldview and depletion of natural reserves, problems with planning and population development but emphasized unilaterally science and technology relative decline of technological progress, desperate efforts of developing countries in an attempt to catch up with highly developed - these are the factors that will change the fate of mankind.

Japan is no exception in this respect. Even more frightening phenomenon can become natural disasters with the metaphysical origin that arise when people cease to respect the higher powers. Especially dangerous are the upheavals in Japan, where it will burst in a period from 1994 to 2070.

It can be assumed that disasters are sent from above, but ultimately they are the result of human irresponsibility violating moral laws, not man responsible for its history and the environment in which he lives. More disasters to avoid.

World renowned geologists and specialists dealing with seyzmologichni forecasts explain the shift of the poles of the Earth to the factor of change in the surface, but with phenomena occurring in her womb, such as volcanic eruptions.

They confirm that if as a result of shifting of the earth's crust, the ice of the Arctic Ocean will be ice, the ocean can be spread to a depth of 176 km in the mainland within one day. You will then be submerged east and west coast of America, northern Europe, Japan, which is a point of extreme east Asia. Two-thirds of that will be submerged under water. Will sink under water and coastline, 40 km wide example, east of Korea. The author of this book believes that the estimated events will occur in the period from 1994 to 2070. The conclusion was based on the frequency with which the upheavals taking place in Japan. How Japan can avoid all this?

Brochures addresses some difficult issues, based on the prophecies written in Korean manuscripts, which are supported by historical events. So these prophecies can be considered as valuable message of heaven to the people of Korea and Japan, which sounds like a tocsin on the verge of great turmoil wearer 21st century.
Precious secret message is received, it is therefore necessary to find the secret code. In December disclose the secret, you must find the key that locks in January. Using this switch may reveal one after another all the secrets.

I wish you to successfully overcome the disaster awaiting the birth of our humanity new world, leaving a path of death and paving the way of life in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and live on it under the auspices of the higher powers.
August 1998 - Song-Mo Koo

1. Canon form of secret messages and the key to solving their

Secret message, as follows from the definition comes in a secret way. To reveal, above all need to find ways by which it is encrypted. When encryption can be used metaphors or silogisms, but the key to discovering Korean prophecy is another, namely the principle underlying the Book of flushing.

In the preface to Køge-Euroco giving cues to the method for detecting the secret: It is said that if we take on sixty cycle: number of year misetsa, date and time, starting from a system of divination ierogrifi and principles set out in Book of changes, all the elements come together in a single picture, like kastseta a mosaic of bamboo. According to Eastern philosophy, the universe attend special elements: four countries in the world - east, west, north and south, and the heavenly and earthly elements, in accordance with which time is organized shestdeksetgodishni cycles.

The universe is filled with objects of creation, including man is superior being. His body is a microcosm of that in reduced form carries the tsyaliya principle underlying the universe. Man was created as a part of nature, so his birth, old age, death, joy and sorrow, life flight and downs obey the laws of nature. Such is the logic of the Book of Changes, which underlies the eastern philosophy.

The principles of the Book of Changes are based on the theory of two terms - the yin and yang. According to the Book of Changes, all objects of creation are by yourself combination yin and yang are in a state of constant izmenenie.V beginning, before any universe was just messy chaos. This condition is called Tai Chi - great before. Great pre neither beginning nor end, nor a form. It's primordial nature, based on the principle according to which all things arose. It was he who raises dual properties.

Dual properties - they are yin and yang. Yin and yang represent yourself energy. For these properties can be deduced from the two types of forces that relate to each other as plus and minus.
Tai Chi creates energy in starting any movement. Here yang is moving home, symbolizing heaven and in - the beginning of peace, symbolizing the earth. Movement and stillness are constantly changing and complement one another, they constantly show Dao - Universal Law. Great before ntyama complete image and not expressed in numbers, but incorporates both these categories.

Infinite chaos and living in Tai Chi is divided into heaven and earth. The harmony of yin and yang is unparalleled razhdot sun, moon and stars, and the earth repair area - fire, water, wood, metal and earth. This oposva in the Book of Changes creation of the universe. Theory of yin and yang has been disciplined by Confucian scholar Zhou Duni, who lived in the Northern Song Chinese dominion. His disciples, the brothers Chen Hou and Chen Yi, the first ironed to perfection philosophical basis of Confucian ethics.

Each of the dual properties of turn sections and taco form four elements: large yang yang small, big and small yin yin. These elements x of the universe proyavavot in eight properties reflected in osim trigrami.S their assistance in the Book of Changes explains the principles that come and walk those developments in the material world.

+ Hexagram, and three grams are concepts of Chinese book of changes.

Hexagram - six figure line parallel razpolazheni on standard sections (tsyali or disabled).

Trigrams - a component of the hexagram of two parallel sections located (tsyali or disabled).

The eight trigrams represent 64 hexagrams, under which in turn opredilayat properties of all objects in 64 categories. + Ups and downs of human destiny can also be explained by applying fundamental zekoni acting in nature.

Yin and yang relationship of form and mode of existence of all objects in the universe. Gone to man these terms embody fit men and women respectively.
And in the world of creation, both in living beings and inanimate nature in the yin manifested in objects having a concave shape and yang - the sites having a convex shape. Each of the eight trigrams perform its function.

Book of Changes denies permanence and immobility forms. Everything changes, everything evolves. However, the changes are only in the fundamental laws. No changes can be made spontaneously and disorderly. This is the greatest osnovin law and principle of the Book of Changes. She says you feel the direction of change kayato originated in accordance with the fundamental law, we can not know the future.

So secret manuscripts can decipher just by applying the principles outlined in the book of flushing. Padlock can otkluchim only key that it is locked. Names gorispominatite principles is the key to deciphering secrets of Korean manuscripts. But what purpose is served authors of manuscripts?

Their aim is to tell that in the last days of humanity on earth shall rise first son of God the Creator. It will appear to help the inhabitants of the earth to go to heaven, become biological children of God and build the Kingdom of Heaven.
Firstborn Son of God with their appearance will awaken the people of the land of ignorance in the spiritual and material matters and will bring them salvation. continue >>>

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