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петък, 7 декември 2012 г.

Red Dragon - Communism

Communist Red Dragon (Antichrist) seized a third of humanity, deny the existence of God and led to the death of 150 million. Christians did not realize that prophecy in Revelation 12.13 complete.

It turned out that the "Red Beast" prophesied in the Bible Communism

Satan gave a major ideological force zemy Red (Communism) through his false prophet (Marx).

"Communist one-party governments have committed 4.5 times more often and much greater mass murder than any other authoritarian regimes" (Fine 1993, 79-88).

Quote the Bible says that Satan ... "will give you all the power of a man."! I.e. the antichrist! ... beast and the false prophet ... On that Satan / devil / will submit all your power ...

Under the influence of any ideological worldview throughout history have held a number of these mass murders committed by the governments of the mechanisms related to built on or subject of Marxism, or of scientific socialism.

Calculations for mega-murders

of the most important Marxist-Leninist regimes between 1917 and 1987 through various techniques of killing, no war:

USSR, 1917-1987, 6911 000
PRC-6702 000 1949-1990
Cambodia 1975-1979 - 2035000
Ethiopia 1974-1991 - 2000000
HP Vietnam 1945-1987 - 1678000
                             North Korea in 1945 to 1,663,000
                             Other countries - 10 million

Yes, Satan is an enormous ideological power zemy Red (Communism) through his false prophet (Marx). So try to remove Christianity and any belief in God. As Lenin said, "when they hear the word" God "does not know what that means., How you been? Whoever has not adopted the red seal, could anything ... and were burned alive believers ... as it says in Revelations 12 and 13 head.

Another beast (KGB) will run in the presence of the red dragon (Red Party) and leads people to worship the beast.
KGB (another beast) in the presence of the governor and the first signs and made ​​a fire all to worship The Party red dragon. Ha Ha ... but how many Christians still waiting Antichrist and persecution! Has to wait, like the Pharisees, that Jesus came, but they never knew that the Messiah is here, and it killed ...

Judgment Day is coming soon after the advent of Communism

After the emergence of the Red Dragon, revelations 12:5 promises the birth of a sinless child from birth has a relationship with God ... and that Communism (Red Dragon) will try to destroy ... But now in chapter 19 we read how this man child is grown and comes with a new name (not Jesus) that nobody knows ... and his name will be "the word of God." For as the second coming of Isiya run by John the Baptist (another man with a new name but same mission) and the Second Coming of Jesus will take place according to the Bible the other person, where Jesus says, "This worketh clean as my (demek sinless) I will give her mission as I received of my Father, and he shall rule all nations (Anointed King of Kings, Messiah or Christ) ...

Here Jesus directly asserts that Messianic Mission in the Second Coming will be given by him to the sinless and pure personality, as none of us sinners So's definitely not the Second Coming will be born today ... like a thief in the night ... and Christians who do not get oil lamp to perceive what would be in the position of the Pharisees ... Without experience, and in the name of the Bible they will pursue and urge kings and rulers of the day to fight against the Second Coming. This battle called Armageddon. Read about it in the 19th chapter of Revelations, and my answer, why and how the current president and the government says it will fight against his coming in glory on a white horse at the second coming of the Messiah? Why Luke, Jesus himself, speaking of the Second Coming stated that before he passed (the Lord of the Second Coming) will be rejected by this generation. Or even think that the second coming comes evaporated clouds, although the Bible itself says that it is a "Clouds of Witnesses"? Rapture, friends, is not bakvalniya air and clouds ... God's ideal because it was never there. God's ideal is in our hearts and the ability to love ... rapture and also in our hearts. Two will lie on a bed, one will hear those words, and they will grab his heart and the other would close his heart and will not accept ... What's worse is that most will close their hearts to the naked truth ... and it is said that the road is narrow. But human nonsense about clouds and misterichen Court bolshenstvoto easily accept them ... We still liked the irresponsible and exported our sinful nature such mystical and miraculous solutions ... As we are always good and bad will be punished ... And how just rubbing their hands with glee that they will suffer for eternity without realizing that any judge of such court will be tried.

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