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2012: there will be no end of the world

In June, Vanga, Tamara Fine Nostradamus and the Bible

Predictions of Juna, Vanga, Tamara Fine Nostradamus and the Bible very closely complement the picture and make a bright future Messianic personality that will bring peace So hard predictions end of the world, which should happen very soon - in 2012, is actually a drastic shift of humanity to a new worldview. This change in mindset will start to become after 2012 With the help of astral card astorologiyata to determine the influence of the planets that form a person's character and influence of our social life. This can predict both local and global events in the life of each of us, but of all mankind. We know that with the help of science to predict specific global events in the future? Here are some of the events that should happen very soon - about 2012

2012 - will change the world view of humanity

In the near future is clearly outlines the changing worldview in a huge number of people who will start in 2012 in Europe at that time there will be many disasters - rain, floods, and then globally. Tends to be weakened Europe while will see economic growth in the Muslim world. Mixing certainly bodes well even greater feelings of religious clashes. This will definitely lead to the emergence of new conflicts and religious tensions that humanity must overcome to succeed peacefully. These tensions did not come to bring World War III. Their occurrence is actually a cleansing process, a manifestation of past tesnogledi sentiment that now humanity is obliged to overcome, so we can all learn to live together as a family centered on God.
It is clear that this is in line with God's providence and humanity is a person to contribute to a peaceful exit from this process. In this respect, since 2008 predict the stars rise, new events will change the mindset of many people. This will be associated with disasters, but rather religion and faith. Even if the current crisis is described in Korean prophecy by coming to change our current beliefs and change the course of humanity to God.
In 2012, according to the calendar ends the era of lies, cunning and craftiness, and occurs era purge - purification. The advent of this era is associated with the purification of the world. Yes that may be associated with a lot of water, rains and floods, but will have the characteristics of a global catastrophe. Passing through serious trials, then in 2012 came to bloom. Surely, then in 2012 we certainly anticipate a high spiritual revival that will contribute to the flowering and development in the Far East. Definitely the east will see a big rise in politics and economics.

According to Vanga we expect a bright future and unity of religions

In the words of Baba Vanga: "We need a God", "Do not drive, you are all children of God." Man will appear who will sign the peace of the world - Religions will unite, peace will be established on earth, people would understand that there the spiritual world, Bulgarian prophet foretold. Indeed, Muslims, Jews and Christians believe in one God. Vanga and added, "Now different religions want to benefit from any cooked, but their time goes. Mankind will shed these chains. Religion will have another task." So mezhdoreligiozno reconciliation efforts are much needed ... otherwise we expect great ethnic and cultural conflicts ...

Tamara Fine: 2000 is the starting point for changing the world

Two thousand years is the starting point to restore the lost connection between heaven and earth and under the Russian prophet, Tamara fine. Mankind is on the threshold of a new period where the Earth entered a period of maturity and achieve unity in an effort to unite the moral and domestic laws with those of society and government. This means only one thing: humanity wants to live in true love, good and prosperity of fair upravlenie.Edva now - in the twenty-first century - humanity began to realize the depth and strength of their prophecies foretold events for centuries - events, which we are witnesses or ominously could happen. To understand the words of Vanga Fine Nastadamus and Leonardo, and realize the great power of eternity! Zheveem and breathe the same air with Messianic person of the Second Coming! People in the world do not know this, just as predicted. Marry, divorce, and not realize that if they follow the conduct of that person will follow the great disaster and a lot of people can die.

And Vanga and Tamara near fine complement and cover with the prophecies of the Bible and those of Nastradamus for the Last Days. They describe a man from the East, persecuted and misunderstood, jailed, wearing a new truth, resume main families and coming under the name Moon (Moon).

Comes with a new name, which will be "God's Word"

"Moon" means "word of God": The name Moon is Korean and is composed of two characters. The overall significance is the word of God or the Word that God gave man. In the 19th chapter of Revelation, the Bible is talking about the second coming and he is described as coming "with a new name that no one knows," "his name was" word of God "(moon).
Is it possible to just Korean, Sun Myung Moon is the Bible prophesied Second Coming? We can not ignore the fact that the name "Moon" is mentioned in several prophecies. About 500 years ago Nostradamus mentions the "moon" and "followers of the moon." Nostradamus gives this as one of the 40 mark by which to recognize Messianic figure who, in his words, "bring new truth" and "lead humanity to peace." These predictions are summarized in angliiski book "Millennium." There are 10 religious leaders of our time to perform some of the other features described by the prophet. Between them, albeit in a very bad light is described and Dr. Moon. But today only 10 Dr. Moon is still alive. The other candidates are dead to us leaves us no choice but to re-examine whether Korean Sun Myung Moon is the one that describes the Prophet.
The first thing we read in stapisva direct words of Nastradamus is that hardly any other person on the planet who closely correspond to those of Rev. Moon.
1. Moon is certainly consistent with predicted named "Moon"
2. "He will be born in the East," as he was born, Dr. Moon
3. "It will be persecuted, misunderstood and thrown in jail," it is clear that!
4. "He will unite religions against the Red (Communism)" this is something that only Sun Myung Moon performed. That anti-communist contribution was one of the main causes of negativity and prosecution against him.
5. "He will bless thousands of families." This is another feature that is certainly none other than Father Moon is not running. Another cause of great persecution for 40 years Mass Wedding Blessings that it literally shook the then conservative thinking. Koakvo I mean! Others do all kinds of evil, and he does weddings that what's wrong with them in it? The problem is that it combines the Japanese Koreans, and this time parents can not accept in any way. Parents are more willing to kill their children than to allow this to happen. Today interracial and international marriages are something usual.
Many Christians would say that this is blasphemy. On the other hand we see today prominent Christian figures such as the right hand of Martin Luther King, pastor Beret directly declared that the Second Coming has come and there is nothing to wait and watch the clouds more. At many conferences and meetings, he and other Christian pastors openly declare that Rev. Sun Myung Moon is the fulfillment of the Second Coming. If you look at interreligious events organized by Dr. Moon, will see thousands of Christian pastors to listen and accept this. So, obviously, and Christianity is divided on the issue: Dr. Moon Is or else wait.

Vanga also predicted a lot of things related to the activities of Sun Myung Moon. It says that Christ will surely come. She described him as a man who will sign the eternal peace and states that he will do so today. In her words:
1. He will sign vechiya peace. Politicians and religious leaders now recognize Dr. Moon the champion of peace. Hundreds of organizations he has created work in all major areas of life exactly this purpose, to achieve world peace.
2. He will bring that truth will end the religions and all will accept a doctrine. Dr. Moon is perhaps the only religious leader known for his huge contribution to mezhdureligozniya dialogue and reconciliation. For sources more than 95% of its funds go to organizations in this regard. It provides very inevitable ethnic clashes between Europeans and Muslims, and is working hard to overcome them.
3. Vanga see the future World Highway and super fast trains maglev. Dr. Moon was initiated just such a project, my offering it to the UN in 2001 at the beginning of this year, the U.S. and Russia agreed to launch the proposed Sun Myung Moon from the "Tunnel of Peace" in the Bering Strait. The project includes a super-fast maglev trains to run in vacuum. Just as Vanga predicted.
4. Vanga predicted also that bdeshteto people realize the existence of the spiritual world. Dr. Moon is in direct contact with Jesus and many other people in the spiritual world from the earliest age. He reveals the essence of life there better than any other religious leader ever.
5. According to Vanga is one God and our Father. In the most basic teachings of Dr. Moon is that God Parent of all humanity. In his own words:
"Mankind must put an end to perverse vicious circle of war in which only sacrifice the lives of their children and wasting astronomical amounts. The time when countries around the world to pool resources and efforts to plunge into the kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world. humanity .. go down the dead end. then the only way to survive is by practicing peaceful philosophy of true love ... Think how much money wasted in World War II. Mankind must realize that commit terrible sins in the eyes of history .. . In this era war is the most primitive and destructive means of resolving conflicts that will never lead to a lasting peace ... "

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