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четвъртък, 22 ноември 2012 г.

How to make your spouse want wild sex?

Many men are enthusiastic and have great wild sex but are afraid to present his vision of the woman you have a stable relationship. The reason is simple - men accustomed to hear women like romantic lovemaking and little sign of rudeness may in time to spoil the pleasure. Really wild sex is a brave and passionate man with an open attitude toward sex women. You can have wild sex with the woman you love, if you know the rules of the truly wild experience sexual pleasure.
1. Explore your fantasies
You may have seen in wild sex scenes from porn movies where sexy women having fun when their partner ejaculates on their faces from anal sex or dirty words. The reality is far different from female sexual tastes. Some women may have fantasies about "animal sex" but are afraid that if they reveal their wishes will be considered too perverse. Focus on the things that she did not dare to do and convince her that will gladly satisfy her "most insane", "dirty" and "perverse" fantasies.
2. Communication
If you really want your partner to be open to positive your sexual desires need to proceed very carefully and talk to her. Can you mention the scene from porn movie and tell her about your opinion on the matter, but would be even better if you ask your girlfriend to her desires.
Questions like - "Why do men like when their partner swallow?" Or "Would you call me ...." are useful to understand her attitude and learn about her preferences.
3. First show your feelings
Women are inhibited to show their "animal" instincts, because they believe that harsh action will create a bad impression on their partners and show disrespect, so that means no feelings. In this case, there must be distinction between sex and feelings, you have to show that sex will not change your feelings will even strengthen your relationship. Focus on her sexual desires and tell her he would be happy only if she also felt it.
4. Be patient
Women prefer to try new things, provided that they trusted their partner. This may take some time and patience. Forcing things can destroy your initiative very quickly. Enter new items and reveal their fantasies step by step.
5. Give her initiative
The best way to get the wild sex is by following her own scenarios. If you see that she does not like your experiments or uncomfortable - better stop and try more carefully next time. Support her initiative and focus on what you like.
Pay attention to the details, it is learned faster than you imagine. You will not be the one to introduce a new idea next time.

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