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четвъртък, 22 ноември 2012 г.

10 Simple tricks to facilitate the working day

"Do the difficult things while they are easy and great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. "- Lao Tzu
You can eliminate most of the routine, boring administrative tasks with a few simple tricks. You do not need to do all the things - just choose one and try. Then try another and see if it works. So enjoy an easier and more productive working day.
1. Started earlier. The office is quiet, the phones do not ring and you can do much more work in peace.
2. Limit classes. Many people work long hours and think they have done more work and are more productive. Instead, put a limit - six or seven hours a day - and off the most important things in this limit. As you know will work only six hours, you surely will borrow to do the important things first and lose less time.
3. Make a short list. Make a long list of all the tasks you need to do ... and then I make a short list of 1-3 things you really want to do. Select them so that even to do only those tasks that you can be proud of what you did today. Start with the most important and urgent task before checking e-mails and read online.
4. Do not get distracted! What distracts you the most? Perhaps things like email, reading blogs, chatting in skype, Facebook or another social network? Allow time for this, preferably later in the day, eg 15:00 to 16:00 hours. Do not get distracted before. Another trick is to do these things for 10 minutes after each hour - but observe the limit for the 10 minutes!
5. Send a short e-mails. If e-mails steal a lot from your work time in the future try to limit yourself to 3-4 sentences per email and you will feel a big difference. First, it will dramatically reduce the time you need to write or reply to email. And second, it will shorten the answers you receive, which means it will save time for reading e-mails.
6. Limit meetings. If there is a way to postpone the meeting or find alternative means of communication, it will save you a few hours a week. If you can not postpone the meeting, the caller tell her how much time you can spend it.
7. Eliminate paper. Writing a paper is a waste of time. If your organization has a way to complete it electronically, it would save a lot of paper, cost of copying, printing and filling. Whenever possible, do your stuff online.
8. Clean your desk. Remove everything rests on your desk. Leave only really important things are working.
9. Take breaks. At the end of each hour to make five-minute break and get out of his desk, the cost is less in the office and if you can get on the air. Once you return to your desk remember what you want to be done by the end of the day and focus.
10. Trick to refocus. Every two hours to refocus. It takes one or two minutes. Start with this to close the browser and any other open programs, and take a walk for a few minutes to freshen up. Then go back and look at your list of the most important tasks for the day and see what a job will continue. Before you check your e-mail or begin to browse the Internet, get to work on this important task as long as you can. Do refocus this trick several times during the day.

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