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сряда, 21 ноември 2012 г.

What is the price of success?

Undoubtedly currency trading business is very attractive, not only for banks but also for many individual traders. It's a way to quickly earn a lot of money, more than can be won in any other lawful manner.   As successful traders, you gain financial freedom and life. You can live the way you want. You can work as you deem proper or time that is convenient for you. Will exercise one of the most interesting and lucrative jobs in today's economy. You will have more free time and travel opportunities, communication with other people or entertainment. Yes, but this is one side of the coin.   On the Forex market traders fail those who are prepared and disciplined thinking. You need knowledge and experience to join them and win. The acquisition of skills is not a single process. Successful players improve their life. They are realistic, keep your own mind, the understanding of how markets function and how people think and react to dealing with them. Their actions are consistent with the market situation and their own ability. When you find the item does not rely on "market shocks" they have a plan what to do to win and to prevent loss.   Monitor and analyze what is happening in the market to achieve success. Create your trading rules that prevent you from losing it and follow disciplined. Control your emotions when you enter the market. Do not trade when you are under the influence of some emotional state.   It is particularly important to study and monitor the economy and people. Understanding the processes and connections in the business world, you will predict future events and actions to comply with them. Many traders do not rely on market signals result from rumors or do not control their feelings and hastily opened and closed positions or fail to act, hoping to reverse. Thus their reactions dictated by psychological emotions create a wave that leaves its mark on the graphics market. Knowing how traders will react in different situations, you will have the opportunity to increase its financial results.   We need to look at what is happening in the market with icy calm. It would be helpful to perceive forex dealing, as an intellectual game, not as a way to earn money. So you focus on trade itself, not on the need to spend money.   Achieving long-term success in the Forex market, you will seamlessly change. You'll get a trained mind and a high wits. You will understand better what is happening in the world around you. Will you set precise goals and was surprised to find that you become a better scorer. In your personal life will interact more fully with people. You'll live the way you choose and good for you. Success!

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