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сряда, 21 ноември 2012 г.

Some coincidences for Titanic, Lincoln, Kennedy, Jules Verne, Rene Sharbono and Joan of Arc at the stake, etc..

Here are some interesting coincidences:

Tragedy of the ship "Titanic" that occurred in 1912. But few know that in 1898 publishing "Mensfild" novel issue virtually unknown writer Morgan Robertson "disability" or "collapsed Titan", which did not pose any interest among readers. The novel takes place on the ship "Titan" described with the following dimensions: length 243 m, displacement 70 tons, engine power 50 thousand hp, speed 25 knots, 4 tubes, 3 screws. In a cold April night the ship struck an iceberg and sank.

14 years later, hitting in his first real trip "Titanic." It has a length of 269 m, displacement 66 tons, 55 thousand hp power, moving with speed of 25 knots, has four tubes and three screws. In the cold April night "Titanic" struck an iceberg and sank.

"Can it be explained only by coincidence tragic fate of American presidents elected in a year that ends in zero? Lincoln (1860), Garfield (1880), McKinley (1900), Kennedy (1960) killed, Harrison (1840 ) died of lung inflammation, Roosevelt (1940) - polio, Harding (1920) after a severe heart attack. assassination had on Reagan (1980). now in the Bush White House (2000).
There are other, no less puzzling series of coincidences and evidence linking inexplicably events in the life of two American presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.
Abraham Lincoln was born in

In 1818, John Kennedy was born in
In 1918 (the difference is 100 years)

Lincoln became President of the United States in 1860, Kennedy became President in 1960
(The difference is again 100 years)
Both were Southerners, before becoming presidents were senators, during his rule adhere to democratic views and protect civil rights. Both were killed on Friday, with a bullet in his head. Both in the presence of their wives.
Lincoln was assassinated in a theater "Ford" Kennedy traveled by car 'Lincoln' made by the company "Ford". After the assassination of Lincoln's successor Andrew Johnson is born in 1808, successor to Kennedy after the assassination - Lyndon Johnson, born in 1908.
Lincoln's Killer - John Booth (John Wilkes Booth) was born in 1839.
Lee Harvey Oswald (Lee Harvey Oswald) was born in 1939. Both assassins were from the southern states, and they shared extremist views. Both were killed before being sentenced. Booth shot Lincoln in a theater, the police found him in the warehouse, Oswald shot Kennedy from a window in a nearby warehouse of books and hid in a theater.

Lincoln had a personal secretary to the Kennedy family. He urged the president not to go to the theater on the night of the murder.
Kennedy's secretary Emily counseled President Lincoln to cancel his trip to Dallas.

Shortly before his death, Lincoln visited the town of Monroe (Monroe, State of Maryland); Kennedy before his death visited Marilyn Monroe (Marilyn Monroe).
The names of both President (LlNCOLN and KENNEDY) are 7 letters of their receivers (ANDREW JOHNSON and LYNDON JOHNSON) - 13-letter alphabet, and their murderers (JOHN WlLKES BOOTH and LEE HARVEY OSWALD) - 15 characters.

Similar matches found and a simple comparison of dates in the life of Napoleon and Hitler.

Another event went down in history intelligence says the following: Just before the Allied landing in Normandy in 1944 in English "Daily Telegraph" was published crossword whose answers - the words "Neptune", "Utah", "Omaha", "Jupiter" were deeply encrypted codes operation landing of allied troops, including the name of the secret operation "Overload". All British Intelligence invade the newspaper, looking for German superspy. It became clear that the puzzle is composed innocent teacher, old man, who more than 20 years dealing with this, adding a little extra money.

In 1838 the American writer Edgar Allan Poe wrote the "Tale of the adventures of Arthur Gordon Pym." In it he tells how four rescued after a shipwreck found themselves at sea. Driven to desperation by hunger, three of them kill and eat the fourth. In the book, his name is Richard Parker. In 1884 the ship "Magnonet" shipwrecked. Four sailors rescued and like the characters of Edgar Allan Poe, were in the same boat. After much wandering among marine vistas, mad with hunger, kill and eat three fourth. His name appears to be ... Richard Parker.

In 1865 in his novel "From the Earth to the Moon" Jules Verne wrote about the flight of three people to the moon. The size of a shot are: height 3.65 m, weight - 5547 kg. After one hundred years "Apollo-8" with a crew of three first moon orbits. The module "Apollo 8" height is 3.60 meters and weighing 5,621 kg. Both sets start in December in Florida, and then land in the ocean. The distance between the points of ditching the apparatus is less than 4 km.

In 1922, French artist Rene Sharbono painted painting "Joan of Arc at the stake" by order of the mayor of Rouen. Model he used mladichki student Jana Lenua. the next day after canvas hung in the exhibition hall, the university laboratory reagents exploded and along with a Joan, not able to escape from the room and burned alive.

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