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петък, 14 декември 2012 г.

U.S. intelligence predicted the end of Islamic terrorism in 2030

The wave of Islamist terrorism in the world should be completed by 2030, predicted the U.S. intelligence AFP.

In the newly released report, "Global Trends 2030" National Intelligence Council of the United States stated that "several factors contribute to the recent end of the phase of Islamist terrorism as a set of conditions - heat, wind and spark - contribute to the outbreak of wildfire ".

The Council entrusted with the preparation of medium and long-term studies, the main factors is that a withdrawal from Iraq, and then Afghanistan, the U.S. will look less like "biggest enemy."

"Soon, American support for Israel is the only significant reason for anger among Muslims," ​​the report said, as quoted by BTA.

Furthermore, various uprisings of the "Arab Spring" proved the moral and strategic legitimacy of nonviolent struggle. Demonstrators acted in the name of democratic values, "the authors report.

"The new generation can see things differently and less interested in the old values," experts said by U.S. intelligence, according to which the terrorists of the future may come from other faiths, such as Christians and Hindus.

The future of terrorism may pass through the Internet, concludes the report, which expressed concerns that hackers and other experts may be used by some terrorist organizations cause widespread economic and financial damage.

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