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петък, 14 декември 2012 г.

Newtown worshiped God after the visit of the devil

Monster was an American model puber, guns owned by his parents, left no suicide note

Newtown town in Connecticut plunged into grief and mourning for the innocent victims of the bloodthirsty psychopath Adam Lanza, interrupted at a local elementary school life, 20 the little guy before he starts. People continue to ask "why", but local authorities still collect the pieces of the puzzle that needs to uncover the roots of a terrible tragedy, local media reported.'

Hundreds of people gathered in St. chervkata Rose of Lima on Friday night, ten hours after the terrible slaughter that mad Adam Lanza mercilessly shot 20 children and 6 adults, and then killed himself, to honor the dead. Those who failed to get into the hall, stood in the cold outside humility, in the parking lot of the church with a candle in hand. Older men and women shed tears, inconsolable loss of a colossal child's life. "Newtown is mnoho nice. A small town in America - the dream of everyone, "said Braayn Wallace, a spokesman for the church, trying to reassure the citizens of bloody town.

Condolences for the tragedy came throughout the day and throughout the world. Special sabshtenie deoyde even by Pope Benedict XVI. "I express my sincere saboleznvaniya" it says. But they were unable to stop prayers and sorrow are strongly implanted in the atmosphere of the church Saint Rose. "God bless our children today and those that we have lost," said Daniel Malloy. "God bless and adults who died," he added. Earlier, the governor of Kentucky, one of the many officials expressed their condolences to relatives of victims, warned that it would take time for the town to recover from the visit of evil.

While the locals are trying to find solace in the bosom of the church and their faith in God, local law enforcement continues to collect pieces of the puzzle. Federal law enforcement agencies reported that Adam Lanza home was searched. Part of the confusion in the first hours of the tragedy occurs because Adam was wearing identity card of his brother during the massacre. So guard the line initially reported that the children's executioner Ryan Lanza and no abnormality brother Adam. Ryan later questioned by police. Based on his testimony, authorities now say he has no connection with the massacre.

Adam Lanza shot his mother, Nancy, in her home, and then with her Honda had gone to elementary school in Newtown Sandy Hook, where they knew Nancy. Thus begins a bloody tragedy in a small town with about 27,000 inhabitants. Being nateritoriyata school, Adam out of the car, armed with a semiautomatic Sig Sauer 9mm and Hawthorn, sources said The fire order. "Both weapons are capable of causing much death," said one source. Adam left a third gun in the back seat of the car - Bushmaster rifle. All three weapons are registered in the names of his parents, who are divorced.

Lanza was dressed in black camouflage. He entered the school hall where an argument erupted and began to shoot. Shooter then entered a nearby classroom and continued to shoot there. Predsavitelite According to local authorities, all shots are made in only two rooms. As a result of the explosions 18 students and six adults died on the spot. Two children died later in hospital. The total number of deaths was 28, among them Adam and psychopaths who, in the original version, had committed suicide.

It is known that the shots were around 100, but police say it is too early to tell the exact number. Also know that the monster left no suicide note. "It is too early to speak of why he did it," shrugged the police. Local authorities explained that "he had committed suicide by shooting when the police arrived at the scene. The police have fired once. "

Close to the family revealed the terrifying psychopath Lanza before the tragedy was a model pupil and his mother was respected among his obrkazhenie and some evenings with a game of dice that she organized for his friends, and beautiful decorations on your house during the holidays .

Catherine Urso, the mother of a friend of Lanza said that her son knows the killer, who was known alterantivniya style. "He told me that Adam is very weak and has brought many a local Goths," she added. Psycho grandmother and mother of the murdered Nancy was too shocked to speak to the media. "I do not know how could something like this happen. I can not comment, "said 78-year-old Dorothy. In her words, she learned of the terrible tragedy of television and officials have not yet contacted her. Lanza former classmate told CNN that Adam was an ordinary boy and was not antisocial.


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