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петък, 14 декември 2012 г.

Autism killer Adam Lanza does not feel pain

His parents divorced ten years ago were rich

Contrary to initial data showing mass murderer Adam Lanza as a good example and a child, several sources said to 'Daily News' that he was very dark and distances child from a wealthy family. Adam     worried neighbors and classmates and was a ticking time bomb. 

"He was seriously troubled child. Surely there were big problems. Receiving and bouts of anger, "said a source close to the family, who asked to remain anonymous. According to friends and representatives of authorities Lanza suffered from Asperger's Syndrome - a type of personality disorder, and that his mind was worrying. He had difficulty communicating, and was sometimes unstable, but also very smart.

A longtime friend of Lanza says that Adam was suffering from a condition where he could not feel pain. "Years ago, when he played in the baseball team, all very careful not to drop it because he could get hurt and not feel it. Adam had a lot of mental problems, "he said.

A former neighbor recalls that Adam was very noisy and neobuzdyano child and was taking medication for it. A family member confirmed that Adam had a form of autism, reports the newspaper "Washington Post".

His parents - Nancy and Peter Lanza were divorced ten years ago. His mother, a teacher in Sandy Hook, remained in the family house with two boys - Adam and Ryan. That said former neighbor of the Rhein Kraft '25 Divorce cause major trauma to the boys, he added. He explained further that when the mother Nancy goes out to dinner with a friend, leaving the boys to watch it because the older brother Ryan was unable to restrain mischievous Adam.

"He had temper tantrums. But was willing to cause violence, "recalls Kraft. "The kids were really depressed by divorce," says another former neighbor who now lives in Hoboken.

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