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End of the Nature Countdown: One Day Left

This is it, people. It’s Friday, and the creation we’ve known is approach to an end tomorrow — May 21. That’s according to the presage of Harold Camping, about which we’ve been penmanship each day.

Our concatenation started with Creation Ends Next Week. Goodbye Everyone! Then we began posting diurnal updates. See: End of the Creation Countdown: Five Days Left, then Four Days Left, then Three Days Left. Yesterday we situated Two Days Left.

To put in remembrance you yet again about what we are told is approach, Camping’s Household Radio website informs us that on 21 May:

A herculean earthquake will be met with. … This earthquake will be so potent it will hurl free all graves. The refuse of the all the believers who have ever lived will be instantly transformed into glorified ethereal bodies to be forever with God.

On the other palm and fingers the bodies of all unsaved race will be thrown out upon the loam to be shamed. The inhabitants who live on this dreadful earthquake will be in a nature of dismay and primeval matter beyond delineation. Each day race will die until October 21, 2011 when God will completely throw down this terraqueous orb and its surviving inhabitants.

That’s the augury. A lot of race are still in controverting fashion, which is understandable. But when the terraqueous orb starts to shudder it will be too long delayed to re-evaluate your life. It may already be too long delayed; how you feel of these last hours is up to you.

Today we be permanent our pawn to bear you information from around the nature to keep you informed about how race are reacting to the advent End of Days. The fearless baptismal vessel in all the excerpts was added by us.

Starting with the underside of the nature, the New Zealand Crier carries this heading: Beatitude or none, it could be a big day. It says:

There is a show in Martin Scorsese’s pellicle The Departed where Jack Nicholson’s felony kingpin asks after another man’s female parent. “She’s on the way out,” he answers dolefully. “We all are,” snarls Jack. “Act accordingly.”


I turned on the telly last darkness, and there was a man corroding frogs. It is compact not to bring to an end that civilisation is tortuosity down.


A lot can turn up in a day of course, and a day can be a lengthy duration, as anyone who’s ever sat through one in a hospital bed, or in a penitentiary small room may attest. And if there is a day left to us, just one day, then comes the undying interrogation – what will you do with yours?


Make it number tomorrow. Do all the things that body to you, do nothing else. Scrawl culture, effuse secrets, make declarations, clutch your darling in your means of offence and defence.

That was strict. As lengthy as we’re down there, let’s go to Sydney, Australia. Something called has this portion: Nature prepares for the end of the nature as we know it. It says:

For some, it’s Common-sense Day. For others, it’s combination duration. A loosely organised Disciple of christ change has stretch the expression term around the sphere that Jesus The mediator will go or come back to sphere on Saturday (Sunday AEST) to draw together the loyal into vault of heaven. While the Disciple of christ mainstream isn’t buying it, many other skeptics are milking it.


In Vietnam, the portent has led to unrest involving thousands of members of the Hmong heathen nonage who gathered near the margin with Laos earlier this month to abide the May 21 occurrence. The conduct, which has a drawn out narrative of suspicion with heathen hilltribe groups like the Hmong, arrested an unidentified reckon of “extremists” and dispersed a herd of about 5000.

No such signs of harassing labor are to be seen in the US, though many mainstream Christians aren’t blessed with the mindfulness the augury is getting. They pass over the general or universal conception that a era for the end seasons can be calculated, if not the principle of the Beatification itself.

Hopping more than to Asia, in the Pakistan Diurnal Spells we peruse Creation to end on Saturday, say New York preachers. We’re having disorder with that bond now, which is monitory. Anyway, their branch says:

All more than New York, preachers armed with T-shirts, brochures, books and posters are preaching the end of the creation. Using a mingled numerical reckoning from the The scriptures, there are even advertisements on the New York incorporated town subway caution of the “great earthquake” that accompanies the appearing of Judgement Day.


Nearby the knee where Manny [a way preacher] is prophesying [that on Saturday, May 21, the creation will end], Borce, 43, is handing out leaflets and explaining to anyone who will prick up the ears that they have a few hours left to fall in with rescue.

“Right now there is still rescue, but when May 21st gonna come, the rescue program is completed, God gonna close up the entrance, and after that only five months continue for the unsaved of the creation, and they’re gonna be endurance and on the 21st October, God gonna overturn this creation with combustion,” Borce said.

The New York Seasons, in From Oakland to the Cosmos, Language of Caution: Time’s Up, tells us:

Inside the sprawling, napless Oakland headquarters of [Harold Camping's] Parents and children Radio Worldwide the pole has prepared for the end of the cosmos this weekend — and it appears they mean it. “There’s so little duration left,” a smiling somewhat advanced in life woman said, hugging a assistant.


[The revenues of Camping's instrumentality agency] are anything but downscale: an occurring once a year package of $36.7 a thousand thousand in 2009, according to the organization’s most recent IRS monetary revelation filings. As a nonprofit, trading-unrestrained broadcasting action, the instrumentality agency is supported by listener donations — $18.3 a thousand thousand in 2009 alone.

The IRS records revealed $34 a thousand thousand in investments, $56 a thousand thousand in estate and $29 a thousand thousand in mortgages. Mr. Camping believed no wages in 2009 — in thing done, he loaned the instrumentality agency $175,516 that year. On Monday he said he was draining instrumentality agency reserves to pay for the May 21 campaign.


Expensive Miser: I’m looking forward to the Ravishment, but I am so very worried about the Octomom. What will turn up to her pl of child when she is raptured? There’s going to be a lot of cannibalism after the Ravishment. Try not to think about it.

Expensive Miser: All the paintings I’ve seen of the Ravishment display the saved race floating gently above those who are left behind. I can’t hold up the contemplation of those godless race looking up my flap as I go up to celestial sphere. I decline to have on pants because that wouldn’t be refined. What should I do? This is indeed a serious puzzle, but your difficulty should be brief. After that you will have all of in its various senses to laughter at the sinners as they distort in acute distress.

That’s all we have for now. Earthquakes may be expected at any duration. And soon the graves will begin to gape free. We’ll keep monitoring the station as drawn out as provisions let. Stay tuned to this blog if you can, but we consternation that this may be the last installment in our End of the Universe Countdown course.

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