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петък, 14 декември 2012 г.

U.S.secret revealed schemes of flying saucers

Even if you do not believe that aliens have visited Earth or not you're a fan of the World Conspiracy will have to take flying saucers for "face value". Here, however, is not about UFO extraterrestrial origin, and a secret U.S. project to create a machine-style "flying saucer." Its existence became clear only a few days ago, when the U.S. National Archives declassified records were found associated with the development of such a machine.

The name of the project «Project 1794, Final Development Summary Report» and it contains hitherto unpublished plans device resembling a flying saucer.
The images are accompanied by the inscription «USAF Project 1794", and these documents date from June 1, 1956, reported According to the documents, the machine was developed in the period from 1951 to 1956 according to plans supersonic flying saucer had to take off and land vertically, like a VTOL aircraft, and develop up to four waves or 3,200 km / h to 4,300 km per hour. The maximum height of the machine to be raised is 30.5 km and the maximum duration of the flight - 1900 km.

The document provides for the development of prototypes to be necessary for one to two years. For the project even been out 3.16 million dollars. Equivalent in modern money, this amount is equivalent to 26.6 million current U.S. dollars.

With the development of the saucer and the realization of the project "Project 1794" was loaded by a Canadian company specialists Avro Aircraft Limited. They have also built two prototypes of a unique time machine.

None of them, however, proved very successful and was well away from the project set features a flying machine. The largest was the failure of professionals in achieving the required altitude - prototypes risen at an average height of only one human height.
Because of the failure of Canadian engineers, or other reasons, which at this stage are not yet clear, in 1960, "Project 1794" was canceled.

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