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събота, 15 декември 2012 г.

A Management for the Race

What does it take to acquire the optimal public combination of parts to form a whole?

What would be the most remote discontinuance for election of rule, so that tribe can be the freest? Is it Rule by the tribe? Commonwealth? Oligarchy? Fascism? Fourierism or even Reign of violence?

Well, before we end, let's indite the different kinds of governments one by and and elucidate in short what they mean. But before we do that, let's look at this table:


Left Wing                                              Moderates                                              Right Wing

Most tribe would say that the American political science is drawn to the medial, towards Moderates, and that the Left Wing is Fourierism/Fourierism while the Right Wing is Fascism and Dictatorial office.

This is technically untrue, though. Left Wing is ALL Rule (100% Power), while Right Wing is NO Rule (0% Power). No Rule means Reign of violence and All Rule is Fourierism, Oligarchy, Plutocracy and Fascism. Those who claimed Nazism and Fascism are to the far Right never defined their terms. They are 100% Rule and thus belong to the far Left.

The Medial of the representation would be a limited rule which protects the rights of the tribe. That's where the United States is (or should be) - Innate Moderates.

So what about Rule by the tribe? That must be somewhere in the Medial, right? Actually, it's not.

Most Americans today think that America is a Rule by the tribe, but it isn't (or at least not meant to be). It was NEVER even meant to be - for good reasons! America is supposed to be a Commonwealth and not a Rule by the tribe. The diversity between the two is vast as we shall see.

Here are the 5 basic forms of rule in list form, plus a inferior known form of politic a whole, Meritocracy:

  1. Empire or Dictatorial office, ruled by one
  2. Oligarchy, ruled by a few
  3. Reign of violence, ruled by no one
  4. Rule by the tribe, ruled by a greater number
  5. Commonwealth, ruled by law
  6. Meritocracy

These systems can now be narrowed down to even fewer:

1. Empire or Dictatorial office

This a whole is supposedly run by one Autocrat or Autocrat, but Empire doesn't really exist in it's real explanation, which is 'Rule By One'. In a Empire or Dictatorial office, the association is ruled by a group or tribe, who have put one individual in front to be the Ruler. In truth this individual is controlling together with the group behind him. A King has his Cabinet of Nobles or Earls and a Autocrat has his Bureaucrats or Commissars. So Empire and Dictatorial office as defined don't truly exist, so let's eradicate this politic a whole from our list.

2. Oligarchy

Rule ruled by a group. This is the most for the use of all form of rule in narrative, and even today. Most governments in the world are ruled by a mighty few, a Power Elite. Therefore, Oligarchy relics on our list.

3. Disarray

At the other end of the representation we find Disarray, which is 'Without Regulation'. Clan supporting Disarray are often those who have looked through recital and found that most crimes have been committed by Regulation, and therefore Regulation must be bad and should be hammered out of subsisting and 'No Regulation' may be a good idea. But it doesn't work in frequent repetition, because like the old Greeks said: "Without law there can be no exemption from restraint liberty". Our Founding Fathers, who were very educated in not modern olden recital and science of government, knew moderately beautiful well about the distinct parts of the Roman and Greek cultures, and as a substance of fact, they took the best out of the two when they formed the Formation and the American Regulation. They knew that Regulation in a limited form is necessary for clan to be free.

In a state of Disarray, however, everybody has to secure their houses, cars and properties with their lives all the time, because there are no rules and there are no laws, except the 'law of the thicket'. Everybody must be armed to be able to secure themselves and their families and friends - not against the Regulation (because it doesn't exist) but against their neighbor and clan on the road. Disarray becomes chaos, becomes culpability and manslaughter and the overthrow of the civilized world, if allowed to go on.

Some kind of law inculcation needs to be in place to stop Disarray from happening. Disarray is not exemption from restraint liberty, but most remote panic. In the civilized world, clan have always hired some kind of protector or police force to secure their rights and when done so they can be more relaxed, leave their peculiarity and proficient that it will still be there for them when they get back (most of the time). And if someone has taken ownership of it while you were gone, the law kicks in and the intermeddler will be enforced to leave the peculiarity or else go through the consequences of the law.

The special total of regulation makes everyone freer!

Some clan want Disarray, not for the conception of 'No Regulation', but sincerely because they don't like what they have at the instant. They use Disarray as a tool for a Revolutionary Make some change in alter. Disarray is moderately beautiful much the empty space between two politic powers. They want to break down the existing regulation with riots, killing, looting and government by terror, creating disarray and alarm. Unfortunately, clan who have to live through such chaos often go to those who they think can put an end to it, and the clan who are the best ones to put an end to the chaos are often the same clan who started it in the first place.

The Anarchists who created the enigma now call into subsisting a regulation run by them, and we have a new oligarchy, where they have total power. This happened in Russian when Lenin took total power; it happened in Germany when Hitler took over and it happened in Cuba when Fidel Castro came to power. It's happened over and over again throughout recital.

Today we call it "ENIGMA - REBOUND - DISCONTINUANCE". Someone creates the chaos (Disarray), the masses reacts and want something done about it, and the same clan who created the chaos comes up with the discontinuance - they put THEMSELVES in power.

Disarray is an unsafe type of regulation, merely a change between two politic powers, so therefore it does not exist as a politic combination of parts to form a whole we can preserve. So we can cross Disarray off the list as well.

4. Regulation by the race

The word regulation by the race means that the power is with the race - the race rules, more than half rule. This sounds like a good combination of parts to form a whole, but imagine if the more than half is manipulated to think it's okay to take away your home, your kids, your effects or even your freedoms? There must be a limit. If more than 50% in a Regulation by the race are persuaded to believe something, they rule! This is the venture of Regulation by the race.

5. Representative government

Representative government comes from two Latin words, Res which means Thing and Publica, which means The Common = THE LAW.

A true Representative government is one where Regulation is limited by law, leaving the race alone.

The Founding Fathers had a lot of opportunities. They could have set up an Oligarchy for example. In fact, some race wanted to make George Washington a king, but he realized that if this would fall out, the hardship race suffered from under the reign of King George of England would just transmit over to the New World. Same reign, another name. So the Founding Fathers chose to give us the Rule of Law in a Representative government instead of a Rule of a More than half in a Regulation by the race.

Why? A good example to show the disparity between Regulation by the race and Representative government is to go back to the Old Wild West.

Let's say we have lynch mob in a Regulation by the race, chasing a gun man. When they catch him they close by raising their hands if the gun man should be hung or not. The more than half raise their hands and they hang the man in the nearest tree. Fairness is done!

Then we have the same lynch mob in a Representative government. The mob catches the gun man and vote for suspension him. Before they get a hap to do it, the Sheriff shows up and says, "You can't hang him. He is entitled to a fair trial". So they take the slaughterer into town and prepare the ground of belief in a court of law. A jury is selected from the race; they hear the ground of belief and the defense, and if determined wrong per the law, the gun man may be hung.

Not even the jury decides by more than half rule. Every individual of the jury must be on the same page, or the man on trial goes free. This is the central nature of a Representative government.

Many Americans would probably be surprised when they cognizance that the word Regulation by the race does not appear in the Assertion of Freedom or the U.S. Organization. Nor does it appear in either of the Constitutions of the 50 States.

In fact, the Founders did everything they could to keep us from having a Regulation by the race, because they knew the dangers involved in such a national combination of parts to form a whole.

Alexander Hamilton said:

"We are a Republican Regulation. Real freedom is not found in absolute power or in the extremities of Regulation by the race".

The Founding Fathers had good reasons for preventing a Regulation by the race from forming. They knew what happened in the past, old Greece being a completed example. The Greek Regulation by the race soon created the wildest saturnalia of governments conceivable. In every case, they ended up with mob rule, Disorder and then despotic rule under an Oligarchy.

Rome, on the other hand, created a Representative government with a limited regulation limited by law, which left race alone. By being left alone, race understood that they could show and keep the fruits of their labor. In time Rome became moneyed and the envy of the rest of the world.

In the midst of adequate supply, however, the Roman race forgot what freedom entailed. They forgot that the central nature of freedom is the particular restriction of regulation. When regulation power grows, race's freedom recedes. When the Roman race dropped their guards, power-in want of food politicians slowly but undoubtedly started to surpass their power granted to them by the Roman Organization. Race now lost more and more of their freedoms to the regulation until many couldn't make ends meet. The event was protests, riots and disorder and many traded freedom for safety (know again the prototype?) The whole combination of parts to form a whole eventually came crashing down. It went from a Representative government to a Regulation by the race and ended up with an Oligarchy under the Caesars.

Thus, Regulation by the race is not a fixed form of regulation. Instead, it's the progressive change from limited regulation in a Representative government to the infinite rule of an Oligarchy. We cross it off our list.

6. Meritocracy

Meritocracy is a mode of building where a individual's knack and goals are supported.

As a teenager, I was already discouraged by the gymnasium a whole. I notion it filled no drift and it didn't lead to anything constructive. I remember powerful my friends at the time that it would be great if someone asked us when we were kids what we wanted to be when we grow up and then uphold us to become just that! Most race notion it was a great idea, but of course, we all felt powerless and I just did what I had to, so I could get out of there. I didn't know, and hadn't heard of, Meritocracy.

In my notion, a Popular government which applies Meritocracy would be the best politic a whole I can think of. We want a limited conduct, both in size and limited by law, so it can leave us alone with its only duty to uphold and harbor us.

So how would Meritocracy be applied to a converse?

I think it would be a great idea to spot a individual's talents and goals early in life. Sometimes you can see an indicator already in small kids; you observation what their interests are. These talents and interests should be supported by the whole converse, including the gymnasium a whole, so we can, on a collective level, help the separate to become what he/she is best at.

If we get through this, we will get a converse where race are happy, caring about others, and proud of themselves. I am also suspecting it will make smaller crime to next to zero, because most race are doing what they like to do and can make a existing out of if.

Sometimes, our goals and interests make some change in alter as we grow up and grow older, and in my type of Meritocracy, this would be totally fine. You can make some change in alter your aim anytime, as long as you are not doing it to be lazy or to use the a whole.

This is meant to be a very humanitarian converse where everybody has his/her place by election and not by force. Of course, there are always race who get sick or can't exhibit as much as others for a tell off of reasons, and these race need to be supported in a way so that they can go back to what they were doing or now want to do, if this is an election. The of importance thing is that no one should feel he/she isn't being supported in the best way possible. 


Proficient this, we Americans are left with only three choices:

We can have a Popular government (if we can keep it, like Benjamin Franklin added)

We'll end up with an Oligarchy, the despotism of an Elite

We can have a Popular government which practices Meritocracy.

It doesn't take a capacity to see where we are today. The Popular government is almost dead and we are ruled by the few, while the Conduct is getting bigger and more mighty by the day. We, the race, a long time ago dropped our guard and it is now a piece of cake to rule us into a full blown Dictatorial office. And this does not end with the United States, it happens all over the world at not fa from the same time and for the same discursive power or faculty, to consummate the Old World Order [def] and originate a One World Conduct under a One World Autocrat. This would still fall under Oligarchy, but now with only One Global Conduct. This is certainly not what we want.


There are no easy solutions. We have had all those politic systems in the past (except perhaps Meritocracy), and they have all failed - even the Popular government, which is the most clement of them all. And why has the Popular government failed? It failed because race get lazy, taking their freedoms for granted and trust the conduct instead of constantly scrutinizing it. It would be naive to think that if we overthrew the current conduct and started a new, everything would be better. It wouldn't. In time, we would go back to old habits and the Popular government turn into a Conduct by the race and we would end up with an Oligarchy again.

In a completed world, a Popular government which applies Meritocracy would be the way to go, but before this Utopia can become a verity, we need to lay open our consciousness. Again, we go back to ghostly illumination and exhibition, which I have stressed so many times. If we don't stop letting us being manipulated and lazy, nothing will make some change in alter. The Old World Order will endure prospering and a One World Dictatorial office is unavoidable.

So there is only one disconnection. We need to teach ourselves to what is REALLY happening, then applying what we learn, meanwhile enlarging on a ghostly level. Only then can we originate laws that kind office race and be able to keep these laws uninjured and uncorrupted. Still, it's a invariable struggle to keep the power-sharp-set out of the conduct.

It's extremely of importance that we use what we learn to teach and make some change in alter the world. Each and everyone of us is liable for our collective coming time, and what I am doing to help and what you are doing to help may be two totally different things. This is all good! Take what you know and conformation out how you can use that comprehension to help the rest of the race who are still sleeping. Only by doing nothing can we give way.

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