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Exorcism is a method of banishing demons and other spirits of the human soul, house or room. Exorcism was practiced since ancient times in almost all cultures and perform to this day in many countries Priests or Clerics exorcist.

According to Christian people practicing exorcism, exorcism rites are usually called church members or people who have supernatural abilities. Exorcists usually use spells and prayers, and other religious methods and formulas, gestures, symbols, icons, amulets, etc.. Implementation of exorcism. Usually called God, Jesus and some angels or archangels to perform ekzorsichniya ritual.

I have personally met dozens of cases of people possessed by demons that they needed an exorcist, and things do not end in a very dobre.Izmachvani are mental and physical pain until they are forced to be part of samoubiyat.Golyama obsessed reach suicide , madness and psychiatry if not taken the time and make the possessed Ekzorsizam.Saznanieto is dominated and controlled by a foreign spirit, and some of these spirits believe no prisoners izobshto.Obsebeniya living in complete delusion and deception, was tortured and abused in some sluchai.Demonite are clever and know how to play manipolirat human psyche, in many cases that the man was cheated someone else and it most cases I've met think they are someone who has extra features, a mission or a famous historical person : Napoleon, Jesus, Stalin, Lenin IMI reborn Hitler.Po most psychiatrists believe that schizophrenia is .... and try to seek answers only physiological level, treading / patient / with tranquilizers and trankfilanti but that does not help, or help temporarily until church exorcists claim that mental illness is caused by demons of post that I am.

Exorcism is made in the official Evangelical Church, Catholic Church and the Orthodox priests from someone but vsichki.Ima and people who are not priests but are aware of the situation and have the skills to expel demni and exorcism, but there are many charlatans tellers, magicians and others who look only to return a lev.

Exorcism is practiced in all religions and cultures, from Hodge, Shamans, Magyostnitsi, Priests and others. Symptoms of a spirit possession are: sudden onset of yasnoviski abilities, temporary amnesia, the inability to control the body, seizures, hearing voices, or perverse masochistic desires and thoughts, most times with suicidal ideation and self-harm if seek time exorcist, speaking languages ​​nerazbiremi, hallucinations, feeling bespomoshtnost, lower energy tension, exhaustion, shame, guilt, grief, deceit, madness / see more about emotions in possession ....

For most people these symptoms think they have made magic not izlkyuchenie but most of the time it comes to interference from the spirit or demon.Ako have problems with thinking that you have a sense that they are not typical for you, or that can not chase them look good exorcist, sooner CURRENT better to see you "intrusive thoughts"


Eksorsizm is to chase ghosts, spirits and similar beings capable of actually disturbed man to possess it, or in a place often visited. Depending on the degree of possession and that is how evil spirit exorcism ranged from friendly persuasive call to painstakingly developed rituals inviting the creature to leave in the name of God Almighty, or local.
The word comes from the Greek exorcism ekzosiya - oath. Translated into Latin by adyure (adjure) - "bearing the oath." Doing so means exorcism to banish the spirit, but the spirit or demon coaxing to be sworn or to summon higher powers to compel the creature to act against their wishes.
Expulsion of demons, especially in the Roman Catholic Church began with the words «Adjure te, spiritus nequissime, per Deum omnipotentem» (I call it, an evil spirit to swear in God Almighty). The Gospels say that Jesus Christ is expelled many demons, but was not an exorcist because he was obliged to turn to higher things. Ritual of exorcism existed since ancient times. In many cultures, where they believed that the spirits of meddling in the affairs of men, exorcism was a daily occurrence. At exorcist turned in diseases caused by evil spirits, as it approached a doctor in case of disability. Expulsion of demons, poltergeists, undesirable or evil spirits, energies or "fictional form" (artificial spirits created by magical rituals) appears to be commonplace around the world.
Particularly important in Judaism exorcism. The Old Testament mentions the possession and exorcism of evil spirits. The book Kingdom Saul possessed by a demon, driven by David plays the lyre. In the book of Tobit tells of the expulsion of the angel Raphael. In Talmudskata literature from the first century BC is mentioned exorcistic ritual. The most famous exorcism is dibbuk.
In China, the ghosts of the houses are usually chased away from the Taoist priest. First, where dwells the spirit rises altar, then ignite incense sticks and entrust them to him. Dressed in a red robe, blue pants and black hat priest enters the house. In his left hand he holds a cup in his right - a sword. Taos makes seven steps left and eight right and sing "God of heaven and earth, gave me a lot of strength to be able to drive out of this dwelling goblins of all kinds. If anyone does not obey me, give me the strength to command the lord of demons to protect me. "Addressing the demon priest added," Get out as fast as light, "brandishing his sword, takes stalk of wicker and crushed the cup and sprinkles water and dust in the corners of the house four corners of the world. Again, take the sword and the cup and goes east corner and says, "I have power Shaong Tai, Lu, Kiva." Taos sip and spit cup water with the words "Kill the green ghosts caused by bad luck under an unlucky star or let them go." Ritual is repeated in every corner of the house, but instead of green mentions red, white and yellow. Assistant priest beating gongs and drums, Taos said "Evil spirits of the east (west, north, south) send you back to the east (west, north, south)," Priest goes to the door, make runes in the air with his hand and the sword and declared that the house was cleared of ghosts. From the spiritual point of view, the Christian exorcism is a duel between the devil and the exorcist for the soul of the victim.
The most famous Christian rite of exorcism is the Roman ritual or Rituale Romanum.
Japanese belief in demons causing disasters
Demons in the Japanese science wander between life and death, some demons are good, some sowed house. Demons have supernatural power, but also mat magical ability to produce natural phenomena. "According to Japanese belief, specific demons behind specific disasters, whether natural or man-prdizvikani. Some earthquakes cause other diseases.

The influence of feelings and emotions

There is a certain sense of any scoring system, which is the result of years of experience and researches

Degradation Emotions
Shame: (20)
The level of shame is dangerously close to death, which can be chosen by Shame as conscious suicide or failure of the attempt to prolong life. In shame, we bend our heads down and slipped, desiring to be invisible. It's destructive to emotional and mental health and makes us prone to physical illness.

Wines: (30)
Fault occurs in various forms, remorse, self-blame, masochism and the full range of symptoms of guilt. Unconscious Wines goes into psychosomatic disease, leads to a tendency to accidents and suicidal behavior. Guilt provokes rage and can often lead to murder.

Apathy: (50)
This level is characterized by poverty, despair and hopelessness. The world and future looks bleak. Apathy is a state of helplessness, its victims suffer from a lack not only resources but also the power to help themselves. If no external power supply, can lead to passive suicide.

Grief (75)
This is a level of sadness, loss and dependency. People at this level live a life of constant regret and depression. This is a level of mourning, bereavement and guilt about the past. The grieving person sees sorrow, sadness everywhere and it affects the whole of its existence.

Fear: (100)
From the viewpoint of this level seems dangerous world full of traps and threats. When you focus on countries set an endless stream of alarming events. Fear becomes obsessive and can take any form. It limits the growth of the individual and creates inhibitions. Because the superiority of Fear takes energy oppressed can not reach a higher level without assistance.

Optional: (125)
Our desire makes best efforts to achieve goals or receiving awards. Desire is also the level of addiction that are sometimes more important than life itself. The desire is related to the accumulation and greed. But desire can direct us in the way of implementation. So it can be a springboard to higher levels of consciousness.

Anger: (150)
Once people get out of apathy, grief and poorer countries as a way of life began to wish, desire leads to frustration, which turns into anger. Anger is expressed most often as resentment and revenge and is therefore easily excitable and dangerous. Since anger stems from unsatisfied desire, it is based on energy field that causes it. Frustration leads to exaggerate the importance of desires. Anger leads to hate easily, which is eroding impact in all areas of a person's life.

Pride: 175
In contrast to the lower energy fields at this level people begin to feel positive. Pride Still looks good only in the context of lower levels. Pride is defensive and vulnerable because it depends on external circumstances, without which you can quickly return to lower levels. Pride is fueled by inflated ego that is always ready to attack. Hence the proximity of pride with arrogance and denial. These features block its growth.

Building Emotions
Courage: (200)
The power level of 200 appeared for the first time. Courage is an area for research, implementation, fortitude and determination. At lower levels the world seems hopeless, sad, frightening or frustrating, but the level of courage life is exciting, challenging and stimulating. At this power level, one is able to cope effectively directs the opportunities in life. Hence the growth and education become attainable goals. Barriers that prevent people with levels below 200 feelings, act as an incentive to those who have developed the first level of true power. People at this level returned to the world as much energy as you take, the lower levels of nations and individuals derive energy from non-reciprocal society.

Collective level of consciousness of mankind has been 190 for many centuries and suddenly jump to today's level of 207 over the last decade (it is for 1985 - 1995 b. Etc.).

Neutrality: (250)
Energy is very positive when we reach that level. For 250 mind tends to see Dichotomous (opposing) and stand firm. The neutral condition allows flexibility and realistic assessment of the problems. To be neutral means to be relatively disconnected from the result, not to take sides in a dispute no longer considered defeatist, frightening or frustrating. This is the level of security. It is easy to be with people of this level and it is safe to connect with them because they are not interested in conflict, competition or guilt. These people are relatively comfortable and relaxed in their emotions. This mentality is the criminal record and does not need to control the behavior of others.

Standby: (310)
This level of consciousness can be seen as a gateway to higher levels. At neutral obligations fulfilled adequately, but the level of preparedness work is done well and success in all endeavors is visible. Growth is rapid here, these are people selected to succeed. Below 200 people lean toward isolation, but occurs at 310 wide open. At this level, people are really friendly and social and economic success seems to come automatically. Here people help others and contribute to the public good. They also tend to look for internal solutions and have learning difficulties. With its ability to avoid accidents and to learn from experience, they tend to be self-correcting. Giving up pride, they detect their defects and learn from others.

Reception: (350)
At this level shall be a major transformation, with the understanding that man himself is both the source and creator of experiences. All people under 200 feel powerless and see themselves as victims, at the mercy of life. This stems from the belief that the source of one's happiness or the cause of someone's misfortune is "out there". At the acceptance stage nothing "out there" has the power to make one happy and love is not something that is given or taken away by someone else and is created internally. Acceptance allows you to be committed to life on its terms, not someone trying to adapt to any agenda. At this level, the individual is not interested in the distinction between good and evil, but instead is dedicated to resolve conflicts and understand how to deal with problems. Long-term goals take precedence over short-term, self-discipline and dominance are apparent.

Discretion: (400)
Mind and rationality to the fore when one rises above emotionalism of the lower levels. This is the level of science, medicine and general increased capacity for conceptualization and understanding. Knowledge and education are here sought as the most important. This is the level of Nobel Prize winners, great statesmen and Supreme Court justices. Einstein, Freud and many other great thinkers of history come here. Reason does not provide its own path to the truth. It produces large amounts of information and documentation, but not the ability to solve conflicts in the data and conclusions. Reason itself, paradoxically, is the biggest barrier to achieving higher levels of consciousness. Rises above this level is relatively uncommon in our society.

LOVE: (500)
This is not about love, described in the media. Because when that love is frustrated, it often leads to anger and addiction. This love can be transformed into hatred. Level 500 is characterized by a love that is unconditional, unchanging and permanent. It does not fluctuate - its source is not dependent on external factors. Love is a state of being. It is forgiving, nurturing and supportive way of relating to the world. Love is not intellectual and does not proceed from the mind; Love starts from the heart. Love focuses on the goodness of life in all its dimensions. This is the level of true happiness. Only 0.4% of the population of the land ever reached that level of evolution of consciousness.

Joy: (540)
When love becomes more unconditional, it begins to be experienced as inner joy. Brings joy every moment of existence, 540 is the same level of healing and spiritual principle-based support groups. Level up 540 starts territory of saints, advanced spiritual personalities and healers. Typical of this energy is enormous patience and persistence of a positive attitude when confronted with prolonged misery; hallmark of this condition is compassion. People reached this level have a remarkable influence on others. They are endowed with long, open gaze that induces a state of love and peace. At the height of the 500 world, who sees a person is struck by exquisite beauty and perfection. Everything happens effortlessly in sync. Feeling Presence, which might contribute to the occurrence of events beyond the normal expectations of reality, described as miraculous by the casual observer. Near-death experiences often allow people to experience the energy level between 540 and 600.

Peace: (600)
This energy level is associated with an experience which will be designated by such terms as transcendence, self-realization and God-consciousness. It is very rarely attained by only 1 in 10 million. When you reach this state, the difference between subject and object disappears and no definite focal point of perception. Perception at level 600 and above is sometimes described as happening in slow film suspended in time and space - nothing is constant, everything is alive and glowing. Although this world is the same one seen and others, he becomes a smooth, perfectly coordinated evolutionary dance. Glorious revelation appears irrational, so there are endless peace of mind that stopped to analyze. What we see with our eyes, and that which we witnessed before the merge, the observer dissolves into the landscape and merges with the observed. Great works of art, music and architecture, calibrated between 600 and 700 can transport us temporarily to higher levels of consciousness and are generally recognized as inspired and timeless.

Enlightenment: (700 - 1000)
This is the level of the great figures in history that marked the beginning of spiritual models, followed by countless people over the centuries. This is the level of powerful inspiration, these creatures create energy fields of attraction and influence on mankind. At this level there is no sense of separation from the rest of the individual, but rather is identifying himself with Consciousness and Divine. This is the tip of the evolution of human consciousness. At this level there is no identification with the physical body as "me" and thus his fate is not important. The body is viewed simply as a tool of consciousness through the mind, his primary means of communication. This is the level of nedvoynstvenost, full Atonement. The highest level reached by someone who has lived since he wrote history.

Interesting facts:

* The concept and theories behind these experiments are supported by more than 20 years using a variety of tests and examinations Kineziologichni.
* Kinesiology has an almost 100% accuracy reading every time. It always reveals respond Yes or No, True or False.
* Muscles weaken with lies, increase strength with truth.
* Experience with Apple, fertilized with manure or pesticides.
* Experience with artificial sweetener (language, handheld, hidden in a bag) - shows weakness every time.
* Everything was untrue gave a "poor" response.
* With the help of these tests can determine whether someone is honest, whether it is related to something that has to eat a certain food, go to the selected holiday etc.
* Examples of force of health, that of weakness - a disease. Every thought, emotion, word and deed are one or another model. Every moment of the day we move toward health or disease.
* Collective Consciousness: These experiments reveal that there is a higher power that connects everything and everyone. It shows that truth can not be hidden, even if you do not mind realizes. Through these tests people realize the truth about things whose existence is presupposed.
* All measured (calibrated) at a certain level from low (low) to high (high), including books, food, water, clothes, people, animals, buildings, cars, movies, sports, music, etc.
* Much of the music today is calibrated at levels below 200. Hence it leads to behaviors associated with lower energy levels of consciousness.
* Most movies weaken the people who see them as their energy level down below 200.
* 85% of the human race calibrates below the critical level of 200.
* The total level of human consciousness shall be 207 (in 1995, b. Etc.).
* The consciousness of humanity has fluctuated at a level below 200 (190) for many centuries before suddenly grow to its current level. Hence the prediction of Nostradamus doomsday been avoided (he made his predictions at a time when the level of human consciousness was under 200). Keeping the level of human consciousness under 200 for an extended period of time would undoubtedly lead to the destruction of mankind.
* The energy of the few individuals on top balanced the weakness of the masses.
* 1 individual at 300 balances 90,000 people below level 200
* 1 individual at 400 balances 400,000 people below level 200
* 1 individual at 500 balances 750,000 people below level 200
* 1 individual at 600 balance 10 million people below level 200
* 1 individual at 700 balance 70 million people below level 200
* 12 individuals at 700 is equal to 1 Avatar (eg Buddha, Jesus, Krishna) at 1000.
* For any meaningful human satisfaction can not be talking at a level below 250, where he started a feeling of confidence.
* When the level of consciousness of a person falls below 200 at any moment he begins to lose energy and become less willing to allow and to be manipulated by his entourage.

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