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вторник, 20 ноември 2012 г.

Rituals of wine

As used in witchcraft rituals of initiation and testing as a thin barrier between the animal nature of mortal man and his immortal spirit.

The symbolism of the wine is special. On the one hand, wine, particularly red symbolizes blood and sacrifice. On the other hand, it gives joy and divine ecstasy, making the human forever young and blissfully rich.

Wine is considered as a symbol of releasing the person from life's worries. Based on the general symbolism of wine can be considered and private aspects.

In Judaism during the funeral dinner wine is interpreted as a symbol of freedom derived from the Jewish people after leaving Egypt.

Wine is a symbol of the joys of life in Egyptian, Babylonian and Middle Eastern traditions. As associate with blood, the wine is interpreted as a liquid bearing life and in that capacity in many religions it is used for sacrifices, symbolizing sacrifice.

The earliest evidence of identification of wine with the blood found in Middle Eastern traditions. Used in the rituals of wine was attributed sacred status and was considered the giver of strength, wisdom, prosperity, and power to fight evil spirits to obtain immortality.

Wine symbolizes worldly contentment, satisfied household drink of the gods, God's gift, God's blood, anger, sacrifice, cleansing, Dionysus blessing elixir of eternal life.

Another, which are associated wine mystery, inspiration, property, youth, good environment. Over the centuries, the wine is credited with healing properties.

It is believed that the blood makes a person stronger and gives a sustainable health and inexhaustible strength. Wine has the ability to bestow strength and courage with.

Wine is also a recognized aphrodisiac and has often been used for relaxing. All these wine attributed powers and abilities found in the traditions of most religions.

But even if only a small part of them to be true, the pleasure of wine is enough to attend this drink in all important human rituals.

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