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вторник, 20 ноември 2012 г.


Are there aliens? What are the facts? Can be seen UFOs in Bulgaria? And many more questions to which the answer is unequivocal - yes, they exist, but we can not always see them. This blog will only facts. The air around us has thousands of TV and radio, but we did not directly see and hear - we need a television or radio. There are those who see and hear them as prophetess Vanga, who was told: "They are all around us." It's about aliens. And many others have these opportunities, even animals, especially dogs. In the "Telegraph" og 21 October 2008. publekuvana article is declassified documents about aliens. It says that in the 50s and 60s there were dozens of encounters with aliens and facts about them were declassified yesterday. These witnesses reported that their ships are moved to the motive force of light years from our own. Out and book Elenko Angelov "Good Morning Happiness", part of the trilogy "The greatest truth" in which the author presents his vision of aliens.
Do you know the truth about the alien autopsy from Mexico? See what the experts write:

The truth about "alien autopsy from Roswell, New Mexico"

This film goes beyond the documentary another band in 1995 - "alien autopsy: fact or fiction?" Explores past and made between then and now revelations including allegations of British sculptor, in fact, he created model the alien used to gag, as well as a series of statements and eyewitness accounts, according to which in 1995 captured frames are actually made in the likeness of another real movie.

For more than 10 years continues to lead to disputes on the notorious video of alleged alien autopsy. Truly Are these images or faked?
You can download the movie here.
The beginning of the mystery was laid 60 years ago, when in July 1947 the USAF announced that an unidentified flying disk had crashed at the airport in the Roswell, New Mexico, and is now in their hands. Four hours later the message is canceled by the Air Force make a new statement: open subject is not actually flying disc and a new kind of weather balloon.
The movie "alien autopsy: fact or fiction?" First out of the TV screen in England in 1995 The authors argue that the alien autopsy, died in the crash of a UFO at Roswell in 1947 in London filmmaker Ray Santana stated that staff bought by American cameraman, who believe that in 1947 he was sent to Roswell to shoot out of the wreckage of an object beings - surviving and dead, and subsequent autopsy of one of them.
In the new documentary bar will see interviews with Ray Santana, from Roswell eyewitnesses, the man in charge of public relations at the airport U.S. Air Force in 1947, writer and producer Kevin Randall from the U.S. Robert Kiwi ("alien autopsy: fact or fiction ? ") in search of real evidence.
The authors of the film subjected to thorough research various objects in the room to check whether there existed such in 1947 the video is then analyzed in the laboratory of the "Kodak" in order to establish when and how actually filmed.
You will hear the professional opinion of two world-renowned pathologists - U.S. cameraman Alan Davi ("Aliens," "Empire of the Sun") and brilliant special effects expert and winner of the "Oscar" Stan Winston, whose co mpaniya has created some of the most genuine looking creatures that we've seen in Hollywood movies - the dinosaurs of "Jurassic Park" and alien predators from "Aliens".
Living in Manchester sculptor and special effects master John Humphries, creator of models for films such as "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," has decided to admit that he made a model of the alien in the movie of 1995 for allegedly found in autopsy Roswell alien from outer space. This finding, however, coincides with the premiere of the sci-parodic comedy "Autopsy Aliens" (2006), which creates models of Humphreys aliens like this 10 years ago.
Although recognized for his role in the making of the original film in 1995, he claimed to be able to explain what really happened at Roswell. And here's the first movie about aliens that you can visit. Click on the arrow.

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