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вторник, 20 ноември 2012 г.

Planet of the devil

Ancient prophecy says that "red star" will cause global changes on Earth, when he approached. It is claimed that this will happen in 2012 celestial body that can alter the fate of our civilization has several names - Nibiru "Planet X" or "Planet of the devil." With an interval of 3600 years enigmatic star flies by Earth, causing floods, earthquakes, etc. upheaval.
Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who was on the moon, there is no doubt that there zhivot.Amerikanskiyat alien astronomer Dr. Tom Van Flandern first recorded occurrence of unusual planet. For Nibiru knows boasting times. Mention January Mayan priests, the ancient Sumerians, star seers Egyptian pharaohs. But modern astronauts Nibiru is discovery and research subject fairly soon. While scientists equipped with the most modern equipment, collect the uninvited guest, Nibiru is moving inexorably in the direction of Earth.
In May 2011, Nibiru will be seen with the naked eye in the Northern Hemisphere. And on December 21, 2012 will now appear as a second sun in size. But with the bright red color of blood.
American scientist and writer Alan Alford, author of the book "The Story of Planet X", argues that there 300,000 years on planet Nibiru exists a civilization. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who was the sixth man to walk on the moon, also stated: "Aliens exist . "" I believe that our planet exists outside of life and please the government to declassify all information collected relating to this, "he said in an interview to the magazine Life.
Scientists suggest that the influence of "Planet of the devil" is not good: the February 14, 2013, when the Earth will be located between Nibiru and the sun is nazmozhen global cataclysm. Magnetic poles will shift and tilt of the planet will change. Earthquakes and powerful tsunami will cause damage to many continents, especially in America. After July 1, 2014 Nibiru will be away from the Earth in its orbit.
Nibiru is fixed with powerful telescopes for the first time in 1983, when American Tom Van Flandern scientists and Richard Harrington, who
said that the planet moves in Elliptical Orbit. The distance that separates it from the sun is 14 billion kilometers Okorsh.
In ancient tales planet Earth bearing distress is described as a "second
Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who was on the moon, there is no doubt that there is alien life form.

sun" - "shining", "shiny", "a radiant crown". Our ancestors thought about Nibiru "ship which gods live." The parameters of the movement of the planet are so striking that many astronomers are inclined to believe that it is artificial and controlled by a giant spaceship.
"Earth is experiencing the end of the era of the" Fifth Sun "- Russian researcher says Julia Sumik. - According to the Mayan astrological maps' first Sun" lasted 4008 years, civilization has been destroyed by earthquakes. "Second Sun" lasted 4010, and Ultimate Destruction is a hurricane. "Third Sun" lasted 4081, and collapsing under the rain of fire resulting from the crater of a huge volcano. "Fourth Sun" lasted 5026, after which followed the flood. now we are in the fifth epoch of creation. Mayans thought that after the completion of the 5,126-year cycle there will be some movement of the Earth, which will bring with sebi change their civilization. "
The legend of the Maya is confirmed not only by the observation of the sky, but the "earth" evidence - objects found by archaeologists.

American astronomer Dr. Tom Van Flandern first recorded occurrence of unusual planet.

Sumerians have left not only written evidence confirming the existence of Nibiru, but multiple images of a circular disc with two large wings. This symbol - a winged disk was honored with the Assyrians, Babylonians, Egyptians and many other peoples for thousands of years. Ancient sages believed that it was of such a device before 450,000 years on Earth first set foot inhabitants of Nibiru. On a Sumerian seal, kept in the British Museum, depicts deities who hold in their hands "cords" that descend from the sun. The priests reported that aliens have saved his life on Earth, are "tamed" capricious star. Sumerians call their teachers "sun trap" and "strings" - divine thread, with a network covering the whole Earth. The question is going to be saved civilization again and in 2012 will actually occur apocalypse?
Hollywood has already started to scare us with the theme of impending doom Earth. The well-known film "2012" owes much of its success to this general paranoia, covering more people. Terrible end of the world is shown so convincingly that the viewer involuntarily starts to think that it really can not happen. After such events have occurred in the past, why not repeat it again?
In fact, the year of the end of the world did not selected randomly. Mayan calendar ends then, that fits the gloomy forecasts. Therefore, this topic can not complete cinemas.
Nevertheless, there is no reason to worry. So say researchers from Europe, the findings of which were published in the November issue of the journal Nature Science & Technology NWT. They suggest that the predictions of the destruction of the Earth in December 2012 only error resulting from incorrect calculations. If the Mayan calendar is the real message of the end of the world, it will happen in 2208, say researchers.
So, according to the latest research of archaeologists, astronomers and mathematicians, the final date in the Mayan calendar is wrong. It turns out that he was incorrectly interpreted and translated into the Julian calendar by Spanish priests. In modern language we can say that they made a mistake during the synchronization of both calendars.
German scientist Andreas Fuls decided to correct this inaccuracy, having conducted thousands of computer calculations. Thanks to the data Fuls clear that the Mayan calendar ending in 2208, he admitted in minimum possible be wrong. Moreover, it implies that after graduation calendar will start scrolling again. Fuls adheres to the idea that the Mayan calendar is eternal.
Proponents of the theory of the destruction of the world can not be so easily deterred. They continue to believe that on December 21, 2012 will be open space doors or doors of heaven (everyone has their own perception of this phenomenon) as the sun will reach its climax and dastane in line with the galactic equator (an imaginary line passing through the center of the Milky Way). Thus, the situation becomes even more confused. As humans - as it posts. But if our world is threatened by irreversible changes (still unclear whether good or bad) which of the two evils would you choose: 2012 or 2208?

Death Star

B binary system WR 104 in the relatively near future could explode supernova, which can cause strong gamma flare directed towards Earth. It says astronomer at the University of Sydney Peter Tathil said on Fox News.
"Astronomers believe the stars of the class of Wolf-Raye ticking bombs - explains Tathil. - When Wolf-Raye become a supernova, it can throw us in the direction of a powerful gamma-ray beam. Upon such a blast Earth will inevitably be affected. Far as the initial explosion wave will move at the speed of light, nothing can warn of approaching it. "
Disposal of gamma rays is the most powerful of all possible explosions. Unfortunately, this happens directly on the axis of the system. Therefore, the planet will be directly under the fire.
"This is the first of our famous objects, which can emit gamma rays at us - confirmed by astrophysicist Adrian Mellon University of Kansas in Lawrence. - Distance and threatening social system is near."
While it may spread to Earth in pieces, SNe can lead to destruction and even extinction of life on the planet. Gamma rays can not penetrate deep enough into the atmosphere to burn the soil, but can chemically alter the stratosphere. By Melanie accounts if WR 104 shot us a bundle of approximately 10 seconds, the gamma rays would deprive us of 25% of the ozone layer, which protects us from harmful ultraviolet rays.

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