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четвъртък, 22 ноември 2012 г.

Tibetan monk recording sounds SPIRITS!

Unique video presented in the video-sharing site YouTube, shows phenomenal sounds recorded by a Tibetan monk

Tibetan monk recorded sounds of ghosts. Unique clip spun web. In the video-sharing site YouTube user posted ChrisTref video made by a Tibetan monk in the so-called "Cave of the Spirits."

It just stay Tibetan saints. Elders revealed that when Lord Shiva begins to sing his mantra, he calls the Gods to return to Earth. His mantra has three levels. When a time for the last, when Lord Shiva with his horn sounded, it would mean that our planet will begin a new era revealed

Phenomenal record is 500 meters from the door of the tomb of the saints. Itself "Cave of the Spirits" is a very complicated maze. Recently, a group of American scientists came to the cave to explore it. But perhaps because of them, the authorities closed the cave to China for visitors and foreign tourists.

Experts claim that if the sounds of "Cave of Spirits" have begun to hear from Tibetan monks chosen by God, it is a sure sign that the world is subject to tangible changes. We ourselves can obtain the righteousness of those words.

Every day we witness the severe disasters of devastating earthquakes. Earth swing and rebels. Humanity has accumulated a lot of negative energy that begins to exterminated, revealed dedicated. That will bring the apocalypse that the ancient Mayans predicted.

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