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четвъртък, 22 ноември 2012 г.

Oracle of Shambhala: The Apocalypse is coming!

When the Apocalypse comes, all the planets are arranged in a line and the solar system will enter a zero galactic zone

Oracle of Shamballa as it was a Tibetan lama, predicted that the Apocalypse will take its toll. At this point, all the planets are arranged in a line and the solar system will switch to zero galactic zone.

At least 10% of the world population will disappear from the face of the Earth. These claims its Oracle of Shambhala is described in the message delivered to NASA's assumptions about events that will occur on 12/21/2012, the Blitz revealed.

The last two weeks of the year will be very dangerous, so Tibetan monk advises mankind to survive. The planets are arranged in a line on 21/12/2012, this is when the risk to humans is greatest.

At this time the Earth will move to the galactic "zero zone". This area is the space in which they can be distributed energies. In this portentous moment will come complete silence and darkness. We will stop for gas and electricity will be disconnected.

You will see shadows of people long dead. In the hellish darkness strange lights flashing. The earth will shake and the buildings will collapse one after another. People flee in panic to leave the cities.

Animals will feel the approaching darkness of space and they will burrow into holes provides Oracle of Shambala. Many of the changes will go insane.

To save, Tibetan Lama gives advice on the survival of humanity. Recommendations are for the completion of all ongoing cases to 21 December. On December 20, all men should take their children and loved ones with values, money and documents, food, water, firewood, candles and matches and moved towards nature, as in the next two months will be living in cities will have electricity and gas.

Oracle of Shambala advise us in the days of darkness can not see the sky. Terrible catharsis earth will last for two weeks, and its effects at least until February will be appreciable.

Apocalypse will radically alter human thinking. People have become more refined, are more spiritual rather than commercial and material dependent. To date, fatal Tibetan Lama is adamant that the Mayans calculated events centuries.

According to their ancient calendar advent of mankind, the 12/21/2012 date will begin a new era in its development, people will return to nature and learn to respect and love.

The French have already taken steps early and started preparing for survival apocalypse. On December 21 will be open bins that are left over from World War II defensive line Mayazhino.

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