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неделя, 9 декември 2012 г.

Bible: Antichrist, three world wars and the "666"

We are living in the last days

Antichrist was already on the ground, the second advent has already done all the signs are fulfilled

 Fire and flood in Japan and other parts of the world right match seen by the prophets centuries ago. Korean prophecies from thousands of years ago foresaw these events with precision.

According to the prophecies crisis and floods are part of the cleansing process, which should make humanity wake up to the coming new age of spiritual enlightenment, peace and prosperity.

According as predicted, now living in the time of the Second Coming. This instantly put us to the question, "Why then, according to predictions, before the birth of the Messiah will appear Antichrist?"

In the last days, just before God to establish his ideal, Satan will establish pseudo ideal - imitating God, but centered materialism and atheism. This Antichrist described in the Bible as "Red Dragon". Our history is known as dialectic materialism of Marx - the existence of an ideology gave rise to totalitarian machinery of death, killing around 150 million.

              Red Dragon: Antichrist

In the 20th century witnessed the process. "Red Dragon," as the Bible, "Antichrist" rose and took a third of the earth, just as the Bible foretold in Revelations. After World War II red communism took over a third of mankind and threatens to take over the world.

Yes, it was the Antichrist and he denied vsyakakvav God, just as predicted. Communism persecuted believers just as described in Revelations, burns them alive in common graves, just as the prophet describes in John 12 and 13 head of Revelations.

Three World War and 666

Nostradamus spoke of three antichrists. Even Jesus mentions three major wars - these were the three wars. As we see them we need to know that the Messiah has already come, Jesus said in the Bible.

The number 6 symbolizes that Satan took 6 days of God's creation, so "666" is a number showing the future occurrence of three antichrists who will lead the Three World Wars, centered ateisichna Satanic philosophy.

Indeed - In the 20th century saw three major Atheistic wars that killed millions. These were the First, Second and Cold World Wars. World War I was led by the first Antichrist corresponding Satanisnkata Adam's side.

The second Antichrist, Hitler led the second World War. He was a Satanic image of Jesus. So Hitler and Jesus never married, and his body was found after his death.

The third antichrist, Stalin started World War III - the Cold War. It was the most horrible and took the most casualties - 150 million. 70 million were killed in the Soviet Union, 70 million in China and over 10 million in other communist totalitarian regimes and godless.

Know the Second Coming has come

Jesus spoke about it, "When you see the abomination that brings zapoustenie" (described in the Bible, God and denying any set himself up as gods, as did Communist leaders) ... and reiterates that we see this godless regime must know that the second coming is here on earth. Come "like a thief in the night" and the leaders of the world "will rise up to fight against it" (Revelation chapter 19).

According to God's principles of recovery, the successful destruction of the First Antichrist opens the way for the birth of the Messiah. After World War I a perfect person can be born. After the victory of World War II over sataniskata fascist coalition opens the way for the emergence of the first-ever perfect family. After the victory of God's hand in the third (cold) world war will begin the establishment of a perfect world in the conduct of this Messianic personality.

World War I ended with the victory of God's hand in 1918. And the Bible understand that the Second Coming will be born in the east side as soon as the "Red Dragon" - Red revolution - in 1917.

So the words of Jesus in the Bible we can see that at the Second Coming Christ will be born on earth. This occurs immediately after the onset of communism. As predicted,
"And a great sign appeared ... a woman who would give birth to ... And she brought forth a man child, who will urpavlyava all nations ... "Revelation 12:5
In other words, the second coming of the Messiah will look different and even has a different name, as it says in Revelation of John
"I wore a new name that no one knew ... and his name was the Word of God. "Revelation 19:12
The Bible definitely speaks for a new person with a different name, not Jesus himself. As we will see later "word of God" is an existing east-Asian name, which even Nostradamus predicts the name of the Messianic figure who would bring eternal peace.

Peacemaker who will unite religions

Therefore, Nostradamus predicted that the Messiah would come under the name "Moon" will be much persecuted, misunderstood, falsely accused and thrown into prison. Is it not surprising that the name "moon" means "word of God".

Reading Nostradamus gives the characters of this Messianic Peacemaker find unequivocal relationship with the Korean religious leader Sun Myung Moon, whose name corresponds to the prophecy in the Bible, the name mentioned by Nostradamus. Read:

Nostradamus: Seven signs of Nostradamus, predictions of the Apocalypse 2012

But what do we know about this controversial new religious leader? Reverend Moon was the biggest threat to the Marxist-Communist regimes. His role proved crucial in the collapse of the godless, atheistic and inhuman totalitarian regimes. The media in Bulgaria even post any scary tales, just to avoid the public to hear the teacher valuable ideas moon. It was ordered by State Security, precisely because of the role of Dr. Moon for the fall of Communism.

Reading the prophecy of the coming of the Vanga Peacemaker again found an undeniable connection with the works, "Fruits", the controversial Korean leader. That's why Jesus said, "By their fruits you will know it."

Projects for Peace initiated by Dr. Moon to prophesy particular correspondent of the Bulgarian prophetess Vanga. Moreover, idologicheski performances given by Vanga, such as "God is one" and "Religions will unite," "mankind will believe one word" overlap only teachings, goals and activities of the Unification movement of Dr. Moon.

Foretold that the Messiah will be persecuted and misunderstood before humanity to recognize and accept. It really is not Sun Myung Moon? Good people have always been persecuted and misunderstood. Sects are not the problem today, tesnogledieto, corruption, immorality and selfishness that Dr. Moon is working hard to eliminate. Is empire moon really does bring world peace promised by God? Time will tell!

Book came out recently in which thousands of Christian pastors testify to the miracles surrounding the Rev.. Moon. Was printed his biography, which became a national hit - a bestseller in Korea. In recent years, Dr. Moon made several proclamations calling for peace to end the divisions and barriers.

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