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вторник, 11 декември 2012 г.

Nostradamus: World War III starts in Iran

The world is in panic as the outbreak of World War III

Eerie prophecy of the great prophet Nostradamus is about to come true, the newspaper "Every day." After the assassination of Burgas airport terror froze not only Bulgaria and the world. Astrologer who lived in the 16th century spoke of the inevitable war with Iran.
The country has been accused by Israel of terrorist attack at the airport. More frightening is that Nostradamus predicted World War III begin precisely in 2012. According to him, the great World War will begin at once. By mid-2012 the great countries will start hostilities.

But at the end of the year events will culminate and will enter a decisive phase, another scientist predicts. His prophecies portend further that all countries will be affected by the use of a new weapon in the developed countries.

The weapon will be mass destruction.
Within hours many villages from all over the planet will be wiped off the face of the Earth. This nightmare will continue until 2025, and in mid-2028 would create a new source of energy. French prophet prophesied Towers bombing - twins in New York.

In 2001, the month of September in a seaside town trouble will happen: you will burn the towers, Nostradamus wrote. He saw the beginning and predicted the victims of World War II. Scientists and researchers of Nostradamus say that by now most of his predictions have come true.

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