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вторник, 11 декември 2012 г.

Turkey closed its airspace to Syria

Turkey bans passage of Syrian aircraft
Turkey officially prohibit Syrian aircraft crossing its airspace. Ankara's decision is the result of Syria's threat to transport military equipment to civilian flights. In addition, Syria has banned the passage of a Turkish aircraft in its airspace.

Ankara has already forced landing Syrian aircraft on board which were found ammunition.

Turkey's Foreign Minister alelira to Syrian President Bashar Assad to open dialogue with his people, and only then offered dialogue with Turkey. At this point, Turkey refuses to negotiate with Bashar Assad as he does not show respect to the people and does not care about the will of the people, said bTV.

Syria showed willingness to establish a direct dialogue with Turkey and agreed to be formed Syrian-Turkish Commission to establish a mechanism to monitor the security Syrian-Turkish border. The purpose of this committee is to reduce tensions between the two countries, which has escalated in recent weeks.

Let us recall that five Turkish civilians were killed in the collapse of the mortar shell.

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