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сряда, 12 декември 2012 г.

Medvedev: Aliens are among us! (video)

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev decided to follow the Prime Minister of Australia. Asked about the presence of aliens on earth, he replied: "How many among us would say, because it may cause panic."

So Mr. Medvedev announced the presidents secret book, and that the art film "Men in Black" is actually a "chronicle-documentary." The most interesting thing is that at this point only silly laugh REN TV journalist, and the prime minister himself while holding very seriously.

Perhaps one of the prime ministers of countries have started an epidemic of stupid jokes But the prime ministers of each country, including Russia, are required to match stories to the media and to respond to each word, write

If Medvedev has chosen this way to show a sense of humor, let me make it home to his family.

It should be noted that the statement of the Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gilard of the coming end of the world December 21, 2012, written by professionals and you have nothing to be jammed. If a part of the world, it can rightly say - I warned you. If it occurs, can say just kidding.
But unlike Julia Dmitry sensational cast improvising, though he sought it also served two ways - in every joke has a kernel of truth, right?

Belgian news website published a video that Medvedev after the interview with major Russian television channels about a secret that aliens live among us. And it's served as the Prime Minister says, when it deems that the cameras are off. His statement was recorded unnoticed by journalist iPhone.

Verbatim: "I tell you the first and last time. Along with the transfer of the briefcase with the nuclear codes president of the country receives special folder. It is marked "Top Secret." It is entirely dedicated to the aliens who visited Earth. Meanwhile a report absolute secret from special services that deal with the control of aliens on the territory of our country. Both files are transferred President together with nuclear briefcase. Following termination of his mandate, these folders are transferred to the new president. More detailed information on this topic can be obtained if you watch the famous chronicle-documentary "Men in Black". Came several series. How are aliens among us - I will not say because it may cause panic ... "

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