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сряда, 12 декември 2012 г.

Putin: Do not push women! But we have three children

Do not push women to have a second child, said Russian President Vladimir Putin in his address to members of both houses of parliament.

Women know better when to give birth. Thus, the president said the program to encourage increased population. The foundation of our country should become a family with three children. Women should not hesitate between family and career, he added. Should increase childcare to enable parents to enroll their children without unnecessary queues and nerves Putin said pointing out that given by the Government of Dmitry Medvedev to develop a program.

There is a war people also explained the president. It is not only natural resources but also for the intellectual capacity of the people said he. To lawmakers from both chambers of the head of state priorities and provide state report says

Now we have to make rich and powerful Russia must develop and maintain their identity. Patriotism will unite us.

Russia not only to increase its military potential, but must be requested from our partners and neighbors, he added. Putin said that the demographic crisis undermines the country. If you do not have more and better, there is no external enemy to break us. population began to grow naturally. However, the mortality rate is high. We need to start a program, just smoking, alcoholism and drug addiction deprive us of hundreds of thousands of Russians. Because it has to promote the sport among people and especially for the kids.

Our society feels compassion deficit. We must maintain the institutions that kept our morale. Morality can not be kept by law, but can not be enforced by law. For this we must turn to the school, which somehow remained in second place after Internet and media. We should focus on the education of the young. We need a strong and talented teachers who have to educate, but to educate. Emphasis should be placed on accessibility to education.

I encourage the government to develop a project to attract all Russians who live abroad, while newcomers should give up their current citizenship, said Putin. He stressed that foreigners should not come with their ID cards in Russia.

Russia has no other way than democracy. But Russian democracy is the citizen of the country, not something imposed from outside. This is unacceptable, so anyone who tries to declare dissolution of our country should be excluded from politics, Putin said.

Putin said that the need to develop high technologies, to develop new programs for utilization of space and turn their backs on natural resources-dependent economy. Because there are large differences between regions that must be overcome. Our way is to the east, this is the region that has the highest potential for it to double the construction of roads, ports and airports, outlined the priorities of economic development, as he stated that Russia should become independent of food imports .

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