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вторник, 11 декември 2012 г.

Solar "flames" are carried to Earth

Solar "flames" of massive sunspot can reach Earth this week, meteorologists warned space online, quoted by DPA.

On Monday there was double sunspots and the earth have been dumped massive amounts of coronal matter, which could reach our planet during Wednesday-Thursday and cause moderate geomagnetic storms and auroras in northern latitudes.

A group of sunspots has formed the sun over the weekend and could be cause for future solar storms. The current sunspot, which erupted so-called solar "fire" is so great that it can not be seen with the naked eye, astronomers have warned that viewing the sun in this way can damage eyesight, said Monday.

Sunspots known as Region 1476 will be a straight line with the Earth in a few days, it will increase the likelihood of geomagnetic storms, state experts Center for forecasting space weather to managing National Oceanic & Atmospheric U.S..

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