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вторник, 11 декември 2012 г.

Apokaliptitsi from all sides, focus!

What I will say thousands of supporters of the theory of the Mayan calendar and the end of the world, when on December 22 this year the world woke up alive and well? Must immediately find a new occupation.

End! It ends on December 21, 2012 - troubling the internet buzzing hive. On this day the Earth would descend god Bolon Yokte Ku convinced the vast global community apokaliptitsite. This, incidentally, is growing every day, so even if the U.S. space agency NASA felt obliged to refute manic thoughtless. NASA has released a video in which scientist Don Yumans again explains what NOT to expect from the 'return' of Boulogne Yokte Ku:


First - on the 21st day of the 12th month of 2012 will take place no collision of Earth with the mysterious planet Nibiru, simply because the planet does not exist.

Second - the old Boulogne will hardly succeed the appointed day to strengthen and solar activity, so that the sun can swallow the Earth. This activity will reach its peak until May 2013, but this poses a special danger.

Third - does not entail a change of polarity. North and South Poles really change places, but the process lasted millions of years, and is actually quite harmless.

Fourth - on December 21 this year, is not expected and no odd order of the planets in the sky.

Conspiracy of Scientists

The arguments of scholars, however - as might be expected - did not make an impression on the world wide web apokaliptitsite. Lovers of mysteries and dark conspiracies hardly understand the irony and the NASA people who are on the video picture of the hypothetical planet Nibiru, a bright red imprint "Top Secret". Because the network is not constantly say that scientists who "serve" policy deliberately silent about the imminent end of the world to not cause panic.

New Age nonsense-

Poor Mayans also draw the consequences of the brouhaha over the calendar of their ancestors. According to Indian media in Guatemala, who are descendants of the ancient Maya, now refuse to answer any questions about the end of the world. And astronomers and specialists calendars hoarse repeating that the December 21 ending actually only a 400-year cycle - the thirteenth in the Mayan calendar.

Mayans themselves had never talked about the end of the world. This (rather Christian) idea brought in their land only Spanish. A concern today the Internet has only offspring of the so-called New Age - the belief that the world has entered a new, unusual phase in which dramatic things happen.

Just fight them fix ...

Incidentally, among other contraptions, the net long spin and claim that the U.S. never sent spaceships to the moon and people that it was all staged in the desert of New Mexico. Recently, a proponent of this theory even publicly called "liar" a former astronaut to walk on the moon. Astronaut replied almost only running argument: punch in the face - ironically commented newspaper "Die Welt".

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