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вторник, 11 декември 2012 г.


World War III is on the verge of Bulgaria! NATO has pledged to help Turkey if attacked by neighbors are Syria, our army is on alert
THIRD WORLD WAR! NATO pounded BULGARIA AND SYRIA! World is facing another challenge to survive, but a few days away from the start of yet another devastating conflict.

Turkey and Syria continue to accumulate forces along the border, the two countries closed their airspace to one another and are expected every moment a spark to ignite a new global destruction.

Today, NATO issued a special statement that will support the Turks and fought on their side in the coming war against Syria. Because our southern neighbor is a member of NATO and Pact must protect it. Bulgaria is part of the Euro-Atlantic area and in fact only a few days or even hours away from the January entry into World War III.

Syria is the last barrier in the West to Iran, which will surely intervene in the upcoming conflict, and this will be the beginning of the Apocalypse. Unfortunately Bulgaria has so far participated in two world wars on the losing side. May is going to do it for the third time in its modern history.

World War III is near! Prepare!

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