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вторник, 11 декември 2012 г.

Iran still compare Israel with tumor

Israelis do seem to believe in starting hypothesis for war with Iran

The existence of Israel remains the main problem in the Muslim world, said Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, again used for comparison with the Jewish state a cancer AFP.

Powers controlled the destiny of the Islamic countries for years (...) sat Zionist tumor in the heart of the Islamic world, the ayatollah said, quoted by the news agency Irna, in a speech to the country's top officials and ambassadors of Muslim countries on the occasion Eyed al Fitr.

Today, thanks to the Islamic awakening (as Iran called Arab Spring - Ed.) And the critical events in the region, the question of the existence of Israel and the fate of the Palestinians is once again become a central, he added.

All Muslim governments and nations should be aware of extremely dangerous conspiracy (the West), who is trying to send into oblivion this topic, fueled controversy in the Islamic nation, warned the ayatollah.

However, this issue should never be forgotten, as

the roots of many of the problems of the Islamic world

in the existence of the Zionist puppet regime, he said.

Iranian leaders repeatedly used the metaphor in recent days with malignant education at Israel's statements strongly condemned by the U.S., France, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the chief of European diplomacy Catherine Ashton.

Israelis begin to believe in the hypothesis of a war with Iran, and hundreds of missiles that can strike their country in response to a potential Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear installations, the newspaper "Le Figaro".

That this scenario is not science fiction

statement showed Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that Israel is a malignant tumor that must be removed.

This increase in pressure is sensed in the centers for the distribution of gas masks in Israel, where there is an unprecedented influx of people. An increasing number of phone calls to local information centers by people who want to know where the closest bomb shelter.

The Municipality of Tel Aviv, which is believed to be a priority objective of eventual Iranian retaliatory strike, together with the General Staff of the IDF and the Defense Ministry announced that 60 underground car park will be equipped so as to meet the hundreds of thousands in case of need.
To this figure is added to the network of 220 public shelters specifically designed to withstand rocket attacks. They are now subject to increased oversight and inspectors checked their isolation and their ventilation system and water supply.

Sign of growing concern was the survey of private television Channel 10, which questioned whether Israeli children are afraid of a possible war.

Army mobilizes army as a precaution rear

Procedure was tested for alarm in missile submitted via SMS to mobile phones.

This operation was carried out region by region, so that only residents of the sector, the target of an alleged attack, hiding in shelters, not be paralyzed for the rest.

As an indication of escalating tensions and said that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu chose hard-line action on Iran's Minister of Civil Defense. This is Dihter Avi, the former head of the Shin Bet (domestic intelligence) and a member of the centrist opposition associated with the majority. According to commentators, the Prime Minister also strengthens camp supporting an attack on Iran, carried out without the prior consent of the United States.

Dihter inherit the post Matan Vilna to be Israel's ambassador to China. It was predicted that a conflict can last 30 days on several fronts in this conflict would be killed around 500 people.

So he suggested that struck Israel can not only Iran, but also on "Hezbollah" in Lebanon, the armed wing of the "Hamas" in Gaza and even the regime of Bashar Assad in Syria.
HOLIDAY recommend the Israelis are not hysterical

and said that the country has never been better prepared for such a conflict, but chose to resign, which he expounded in particular the risks of this war, and to become ambassador to distant China.

To complement the overall picture Netanyahu give his prerogatives as new prime minister - unheard decision in the history of Israel.

Officially, these reforms aim to make government work more efficiently. One of these changes, particularly when provided Minister is absent from the cabinet meeting, he could not vote by phone or to authorize others to do so on his behalf, as before.

Observers and opposition worry that these changes may allow Netanyahu to maneuver to neutralize the opposition of a majority of the ministers of the idea of ​​an operation against Iran.

When asked this question, the President of Israel Shimon Peres has said that a decision on attack on Iran must be taken legally by the government or by the Cabinet on the issues of Israel's security.

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