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понеделник, 10 декември 2012 г.

Vanga: Syria falls ke

Humanity will survive many upheavals and many violent events. Will be changing people's minds. Hard times will come, people will be divided by faith. Come the world's oldest teaching. They ask me: "Soon there will come that time?" No, not recently. More Syria fell.

Recently, this prediction seems quite topical because of escalating tensions not only in Syria but also in the Middle East in general. And reviving forgotten confrontation between Russia and the West since the Cold War.

Here, of course, it's not the end of the world on a specific date as the Mayans supposedly predicted. Not even that Syria will fall tomorrow or next month. It is not even certain that the prophetess mind modern state Syria or Greater Syria once. According to some historians, it coincides with the geographical area of ​​the Levant (Eastern Mediterranean - br), while others cover all Arab lands between Anatolia and Egypt, including part of Mesopotamia.

The oldest teaching

Vanga speaks of "the old doctrine," which, as he writes in his book Kostadinova issued by KK "Trud", for it means "religion of reason." And shows that intelligence to prevail, would have to happen much upheaval. Perhaps more than all that shake humanity lately: global warming, famine, lack of energy, global financial crisis, etc.

Could possibly falling Syria to be the catalyst for such a cataclysm? What does Syria to fall?

The situation is seemingly completely identical to the situation in ten Arab countries are shaken by social unrest for more than a year. In some of them a few weeks after the dictatorship fell protests (Tunisia and Egypt), the other led to protracted civil war with the West's intervention (Libya), in others - monarchies, survival mode (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, Morocco).

For Syria until recently was thought to be in Yemen - exhausting long protests to withdrawing dictator. But now it is obvious that the most likely scenario is civil war. And very different from Libya.

Clown Gaddafi was isolated from the world and therefore the West afford to intervene with force in the conflict in Libya, confident that he would not "spill over" beyond her implodira Libya, but Syria will surely explode. Because although weak, has many powerful allies - Iran's regional and global power - Russia.

Damascus and Assad dynasty Alevi despotic than 30 years are a key link in the so-called. Shiite crescent, without which it would collapse. This is called a conditional line Tehran - Damascus - Beirut by the Iranian ayatollahs try to secure dominance in the Middle East and control over territories between big oil and gas wells - Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea.

Imperial interests

Russia relies on Iran and therefore the "subordinate" its partners - Syria and the Lebanese terrorist group "Hezbollah" as a breeding ground for disposing of their interests. Russian veto in the UN against Syria Arab plan shows clearly that the time has come to remind Russia of imperial ambitions, aged more than 20 years after the collapse of the USSR in mothballs.

On the other side of the "cold" now frontline U.S. declared its own interest. Seeking to weaken Iran, they said that Bashar al-Assad was no longer legitimate and he had to go. The same words were heard last year Tunisian Ben Ali, Mubarak, Egyptian and Libyan Gaddafi.

The problem is that when Washington plotting to overthrow the dictators seem to forget to develop a strategy to what happened afterwards. So in Egypt burgeoning "Muslim Brotherhood" is not able to take power by the military, and Libya is going or second civil war or disintegration.

Syria is at the center of a dense web of strategic regional alliances, geopolitical interests and religious strife. There is a battle of Iran and the West, Persians and Arabs, Sunnis and the Shiites. And if Assad's regime falls, there shall be truly cataclysmic.

Dictator of Damascus can not evaporate. He will dig and ignite sectarian civil war, the outcome of which is not at all clear. Assad and his elite troops that hold chemical weapons and missile garrisons are Alevis (Shia sect - br), and most rebels - Sunnis.

Because of the open opposition of Russia and China in the UN West probably will not come open in the second "Libyan" adventure. But in America, there were already influential voices to arm the opposition or to encourage Sunni powerful enemy of Iran - Saudi Arabia, and a small but belligerent Qatar to invade Syria. They certainly see the situation as an opportunity to razsekat a scimitar Shiite and Sunni crescent form - from Damascus to Riyadh in Ankara.

It is clear what the answer to the mullahs in Tehran - direct confrontation. For them it is vital not to remain isolated and save your minion "Hezbollah" and its access to the Mediterranean and Israeli borders.

Plan "Samson"

Assad's retaliation, however, will be more interesting. Because he is fully capable of rug burn all your neighbors - Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. Maybe cause by a true Armageddon populate Israel with rockets and kill thousands of Jews. And thus "pull the trigger" plan "Samson".

So American journalist Seymour Hersh called Israel's strategy massive retaliatory nuclear strike if it is subjected to a scathing attack by hostile Arab neighbors. In this case, Israel, just as the biblical hero Samson will push columns of the Temple of filistimyanite and will wipe out along with the entire Middle East.

Now that would be a disaster. The question is whether it is reasonable to overcome before it happened, or will happen as Vanga said.

Only 12 of the world hinge Assad

NEW YORK - Only 12 countries around the world support the regime of Bashar al-Assad, who for 11 months killed 6,000 opposition in Syria, Reuters reported.

UN General Assembly later adopted the day before yesterday by 137 votes "for", 12 "against" and 17 "abstained" resolution that calls on Assad to immediately stop violence against his people and sdade presidency. Among the voters were against Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela and Bolivia.

"Assad has never been so isolated," noted Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice regarding the resolution, whose 75 authors is Bulgaria.

"The impressive majority, which was adopted by resolution is clear evidence of the commitment of the international community to end the suffering of the Syrian people," he said yesterday Foreign Minister Nikolay Mladenov. Bulgaria and promised to continue to support the legitimate demands for the withdrawal of the Syrians to Assad.

"Now is the turn of the Security Council to assume its responsibilities and impose clearly expressed will of the UN," Mladenov said.

Adopted by the General Assembly document is similar to a draft plan of the Arab League for Syria, which failed to pass in the Security Council on February 4 for the veto of Russia and China.

Russia's UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said that was disturbing tendency to impose "external formula for a political solution" in Syria. A Chinese deputy in Damascus. Foreign Minister Chzhay Tszyun cut that Beijing is against violent change modes.

"The Arab League is a Trojan horse, which the West and Israel cleverly used in the plot to help capture terrorist opposition to Syria," said Syrian Ambassador Bashar Jaafari at the United Nations.

Middle East - Western model of 100 years

The last time Syria has dropped to 24 July 1920 and this event, though far from the upheaval determines the overall geographic and political landscape of today's Middle East and Arab attitudes to the great powers - as a bunch of hypocritical imperialists.

At the time, Syria is the Arab Kingdom, which covers the territories of modern Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Palestine and northern Iraq. Nationalists in Damascus kingdom based on 8 March 1920, even though the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, it is clear that Britain will not promise to support them.

In 1916, at the height of World War II, London was able to get the Arabs to revolt against the Ottoman Empire, assuring them that after the war will make obshtoarabsko Kingdom from Egypt to Persia. This is a series of letters between the British Ambassador in Egypt, Sir Henry McMahon and the Sharif of Mecca (direct descendant of the Islamic prophet Mohammed) Ali bin Hussein.

But the same year, behind the Arabs, Britain signed a secret agreement with France "Sykes-Picot" for future division of Arab lands. And in 1917, with Balfurskata Declaration promised Palestine Arab Zionists a national home for the Jews.

These two arrangements which formalizes the Paris Peace Conference and the UK and France get called. Mandates in Arabia, which in turn are supported by the San Remo Conference in 1920

Paris into the territories of present-day Syria and Lebanon, and London - Mesopotamia (Iraq). For betraying the Arabs, the British were rewarded by a French mandates in Palestine and in the oil-rich region of Mosul, which is now Iraq, but at the time it was Syrian territory.

So Brits leave Damascus in July 1920, leaving the Syrians themselves against the mighty French army. King Faisal I decided to give up without a fight, but his forces confront the French at the Battle of Meysalun where defeated.

So Powers created a fragmented Arab statelets puppet monarchs and start a nearly century political, ethnic and religious conflicts in the region.

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