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Who are the Illuminati and what they do for all of mankind?

Recently in U.S. bookstores book appeared konspirologa Icke. He studied the Illuminati for decades and believes that the leadership of the Order, his inner circle of old was composed not of people but of reptiles (reptiles) that can
take human form. In his book "Children of the Matrix," Ike says he knows of hundreds of witnesses who saw how these things turn back into reptiles.
Ike has many followers. And now the Internet can read for example that "the cause of the presence of relatives in the very establishment of the Illuminati is because that frequency domain of their DNA is very similar to the DNA of reptiles from another dimension and is compatible with it. Similar frequencies allow reptiles and other actors to take control of the Illuminati body much more effectively than over the body of the common man ... "
The Illuminati are the cause of the economic crisis on local and world wars, changes of government and other political ideologies in his excitement. Are all these events occur spontaneously, at random, under the influence of abstract historical patterns and solar activity, and behind it some kind of purposeful force? In recent years, become increasingly popular view according to which behind the most important historical events lie a series of covert activities, carefully concealed by secret societies. Among the most influential of these is the mysterious Order of the Illuminati.
Some conspiracy theorists referring to the legend of Masons believe that the history of this Order shall be calculated in six thousand years, starting from when or aliens or esoteric forces uncovered some Sumerian priests of power book, written on stone . After legendary Sumerian book was attributed to the papyrus from Egypt and has since kept in the strictest confidence.
Sometimes you may encounter and claims that this is a secret order of scholars who keep the knowledge secret from ordinary mortals that has existed since antiquity, many famous pillars of ancient wisdom, are included in this knowledge.
As for the family and even - tazhdenstveni the Illuminati are goviri and the so-called Philadelphia. They quickly deal royal knight Guillo December Nogaro well known by the defeat and slaughter of the Templars. In the 17th century the ninth re-appeared in England, and a century later in France, but there is already one of the Masonic usurp that name.

Rise and Fall

In the second half of the XVIII century. the historical scene exit Weishaupt Illuminati. Incidentally, academic historiography prefers to work on the history of the Illuminati be limited and it is for this Bavarian Order.
The first neophytes of this order is adopted on May 1, 1776 Initial Order includes five people, but three years later, he has four branches in the Bavarian cities. By mid-1782 the Order numbered about 300, and after another two years - more than 650 people. At that time, the Illuminati have branches in several German states and in Poland, Austria-Hungary, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, France and Russia.
The whole establishment of the Order wore voiced aliases. Weishaupt himself was called Spartacus Baron Knigge - Philo, Professor Vest reader is known among insiders as Pythagoras, as a bookseller Nicholas Lucian canonic Hertha as Mario lawyer Tsvak such as. If Adam Weishaupt preferred the Order to recruit the most talented young men among its students, Baron book "hunting" especially among nobles, scholars and its prominent men.
He was able to engage in a number of Knights influential people and to awaken in them the hottest hopes for reform of the then dominant political system. Because of Baron Books in society Bavarian Illuminati entered Duke Ernst II Gotha, Duke of Weimar, Karl August, Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick, Prince Neyvid, a row gyotingentski professors and even the world famous pedagogue Pestalozzi. Ultimately, the number of members of the Order reached nearly two thousand people.
In 1784 - '86 the Bavarian Illuminati was exposed, and a pogrom pobedeni.Bil izdadaden decree banning the activities of secret societies. Illuminati and Freemasons immediately closed their temples. And then the police intervened. A search of the homes of
Order leaders found many interesting documents. In particular, it is known that the Order of the Illuminati, a secret from ... sefinansira Rothschild!
According to one version, the Illuminati appeared in the Middle Ages as an Enlightenment secret society of educated researchers leading the fight against the persecutions of the Inquisition. In the cohort of these fighters were Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo, Copernicus, and even Sir Isaac Newton.

It must be said that the history of the Illuminati in general often suspicious so entwined in the fates of the powerful. And here, it seems, begins the most interesting ...
There is no more powerful way to vadeystvie of men through the women, said the head of the Bavarian Illuminati Veyshulpt. They must therefore be our main object of study. We need to get their good opinion, give them implying their release from their obedience to public opinion and the opportunity to be independent. Exempt from all restrictions will be a great relief to their enslaved mind and this will ignite further uradno work for us. " The list of the thirteen most powerful Illuminati families get Astor, Bend, Collins, Dupont, Frimek, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, Van Duino and Merovingian. Under the Merovingian in the case implied all European royal families. This peak is closely related to four families: Reynolds, Disney, and McDonald Krupp.
Major supporters believe conspiracy Rothschild family of so-called RT - Rothschild Tribunal. Illuminati seem them as gods in human form, and their word is law. From contemporary political figures of Olympus releases like Illuminati said David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kisindar, Helmut Kohl, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice.
Working under the auspices of the Bush - senior Paul Wolfowitz, apparently today is the strong relationship between the U.S. administration and the inner circles of the Illuminati. It is easy to see that the Illuminati dominate among Americans that it is no wonder. Many conspiracy theorists claim that the very formation of the United States is the work of the Illuminati, which direct the actions of prominent Americans in the era of the struggle for independence of the United States.
The word "Illuminati" in Latin means "enlightened." We as internet journalist who is hiding under the pseudonym Wes Penry, they represent a very elite club of secret interconnected financial oligarchs. Well distributed in a hierarchical way, they control the government, they are the real "puppeteers" in all major areas of public and political life. It is made in detail Organisation. It includes people who hold very senior positions. They are unusually rich and above the law of the state. In recent years, these people prefer to call their organization "victory of the wind Morayi".
Most of the Illuminati today belong to the thirteen of the wealthiest families of the planet and they are the ones who run the world behind the scenes. They write the rules for presidents and governments. The roots of their pedigrees are in the depths of time, they carefully preserve the purity of their blood. Their power is based on secret knowledge and economic power. Illuminati ownership belongs to international banks, petroleum companies, the most powerful industrial and commercial organizations. Their people flooded the political structures and bought most of the governments.
Many interesting things can be seen from the American banknotes in denominations of one dollar. There is little that they can see the pyramid with the all seeing eye, a symbol of the Illuminati and the Masons. At the foot of the pyramid is decorated with the words "MDCCLXXVI". This actually write the numbers in Latin, the equivalent in Arabic numbers is 1776. It was during this year Adam Weishaupt founded the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati. A semi-circle below the pyramid is the Latin inscription "Novus Ordo seclorum», translated - "New World Order".

Gains and objectives

The ultimate goal of the Illuminati is to create a world with ednno Government and New World Order. Thus, they are extremely close to the influential American-British secret society "300 Committee", which should probably be seen as part of a larger Illuminati system. Similarly, obviously, must be taken and the secret Masonic elite and also under the control of the Merovingians' Priory of Sion. "
Illuminati for centuries create their affiliated secret societies and organizations, and across the political currents. Among which, you should probably assume are Bavarian Illuminati of Adam Weishaupt, Philadelphia, and Freemasons, Communists and Fascists. They have cheated in the power to change countries are throwing people in bloody wars and profit from this move towards your ultimate goal.
To achieve their ultimate goals Illuminati currently seek the following: get control of all domestic and foreign policy of the United States to achieve complete destruction of national identity and national dignity in the world, the destruction of religious and especially - of Christianity, while encouraging the spread of religious extremism, the creation of a general crisis in the global economy and causing general political chaos, the introduction of subversive agents in all governments and conducting activities aimed at the destruction of the integrity of sovereign states within these governments.

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