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Ancients civilization

Atlantis History

On an island in the Atlantic Ocean once existed an advanced civilization. The inhabitants of this country learned the ancient Egyptians and Mayans how to measure time to build pyramids and many other things. It Atlantean pyramids bet in many different numbers, addressing messages to children. But 11,500 years ago the Earth meteorite (or comet), causing the destruction of Atlantis. Fall of meteorite awaken dormant volcanoes. Started monstrous eruptions and earthquakes. The fall of the meteorite and the sinking of Atlantis, causing a giant tidal wave that swept Europe, Egypt, Asia Minor, America, South and East Asia. Because of the fall of the meteorite is shifted Earth's axis, leading to drastic climatic changes. Spas Atlanta scattered around the world, spreading the story of the destruction of Atlantis and passed the knowledge gained. This is the version adopted as the foundation of all "atlantolozi." First reported Atlantis ancient Greek philosopher Plato (427-347 or 348 BC), writing about her death in the Atlantic Ocean, which he said happened 12,000 years ago. This period specified by the philosopher, coincides with the end of the Ice Age, the subsequent melting of the ice and raising sea level.

The facts, Plato and other authorities

Indeed, in the 10th millennium BC. become monstrous geological cataclysms - the crust was writhing, freeing numb from January mnogokilometrovi ice. Coastal areas of land were shaken by the tsunami was unprecedented power. In all ancient myths the memory of those terrifying disaster. Subsequently initial myth of the Great Flood gradually modified, enriched by legends arose in later periods. Such myth underwent changes in all regions of the globe. Let us return, however, to the writings of Plato. Every story of Atlantis began with the mention of his "Dialogues" - "Timaeus" and "Critias". According to him, this great maritime country lying beyond the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar), spread their domination over the whole Mediterranean Sea, as far as Turkey and Egypt. Extremely rich nature of the island has abundant food for its inhabitants, and high mountains defending reliably fertile valleys of the northern winds. In fact, that's what the ancient authors wrote: "... the gods divided the earth lots of possessions - some larger, some smaller. Way and Poseidon, received for himself and the island of Atlantis populated with children conceived by mortal woman. And here's what the city was a place - equidistant from the coasts and in the middle of the island there was a plain and if you believe the legend, more beautiful than all plains and very fertile. A mid-plane sample of fifty stage of its end, stood Mountains ... " ("Critias") In Greek mythology, Poseidon is one of the major Olympian gods, the ruler of the sea, son of Cronus and Rhea, brother of Zeus and Hades (Eid), which distributed its dominance over the world. Trident of Poseidon is an ancient symbol of his power, which are believed to possess magical powers. It is present in all his images. According to some researchers, it depicts three mountain peaks of the mythical island, overlooking the sea. When the ships approached the shores of Atlantis in the distance, like water itself, appeared three mountain peaks - tizabetsa Poseidon. This is what Plato wrote: "... This island sizes greater than Libya and Asia (meaning Asia Minor) together and then it travelers could easily be transferred to other islands and the islands - the whole mainland opposite . (!) On this island called Atlantis occurred remarkably in size and strength kingdom whose power extends over the entire island over many other islands and over the mainland part of ... " ("Timaeus") In this passage Plato writes about Atlantis and the American continent (!), Which centuries before its discovery, nobody even imagined existed. In 1665, in his book "Mundus subterraneus" ("Underworld"), the German Jesuit Athanasios Kircher says that Atlantis existed and even shows real ancient Egyptian map of Atlantis. An interesting fact is that the lines shown on the map correspond precisely to the lines in the depths of the ocean were actually unknown at the time. The card was probably given by the Romans after the reign of the last pharaoh Cleopatra in 30 BC. Map on the island of Atlantis is painted arrow in circle (compass) showing South. Egyptians believed, however, that the South, not the North, is located on top of the world. Map Kircher accepts Egyptian conception of direction and if we want to see the actual location of the continents, we must turn the image 180 degrees. Then America will be on the west (left), and Africa - the east (right). As can be seen, the map shows the American continent (in 30 BC.!). In the nineteenth century I.Donelli published his book "Atlantis, the antediluvian world," which is seen as the "bible" of the researchers of the lost continent. He puts Atlantis in the same place and Kircher, but it reduced her to him Atlantis was biblical paradise, the abode of the Greek gods and by the cult of the Sun. Donelli accept mythology as one of the main pillars in the version of the existence of Atlantis. Quite objectively, this mythological aspect is given in the book of L. Shtegen.

Mythological evidence

Flood Legends

They are found in almost all nations, with the exception of Africa (excluding Egypt), Australia and northern Europe and Asia. Almost all raskazvat that God ever poured the whole earth with water (usually because of the sins of the people) that started a fire (the sky is falling, the earth quakes, appears mountains spewing flame) and all the people drowned (turned into fish, stones ). Only one man and his family, God had warned about the flood, since leading a righteous life. These people (Noah / Utnapishtim and his family), boarded the boat (ship / ark) and are saved by floods. Then put a bird to see if water is withdrawn and that is not showing land. Finally reach the mountain (but not all myths) and start a new race. Almost all the legends of the ship (Ark) were made by representatives of all animal species.

Legends of newcomers from the West (Old World)-There are some people from the Old World - in particular, the Egyptians, the Babylonians and Sumerians. Coming from the West strangers strangers speaking an unknown language. They train people to produce weapons, build cities, counting and weighing out time to make wine and many other useful things.

Legends of the newcomers from the East (New World) - There are some nations in Central and South America. They told that the aliens arrived sometime in the East of the island, which was destroyed in a monstrous disaster. Survivors headed west, where they founded a country / city /.

Legends of cosmic catastrophes - from heaven fallen rock (Moon, Sun, Dragon, Dragon), then started a fire (flood, the earth shook). Then the survivors scattered on the ground. Being such a legend atlantolozite start looking for (and found) there is evidence for the existence of Atlantis. For example, learning that the "Kalevala" mentions an earthquake and large tides atlantolozite conclude that long ago, the Earth pulls the moon, and that was the reason for the rising tides. This event was remembered and later retold by the people.

Similarities in the cultures on both sides of the Atlantic Atlantolozite pay attention to that in Egypt and Mexico build pyramids are made of stone sarcophagi, mummified dead, used hieroglyphic writing. In Egypt and Mexico has separate priestly caste, sun worship, a similar system to calculate the time and quite advanced astronomy. Some atlantolozi assume that the Aztecs, Incas, Mayans and Egyptians were Atlanteans students who have flown (swim) in their land after the crash (Osiris in Egypt and Quetzalcoatl in America).

The mystery of marine eels More Aristotle noticed that the waters of the Mediterranean can be found eels only female. For their appearance, there are many theories. At the end of the nineteenth century still believed that eels are born alive. Only in 1904, the Danish ichthyologist I. Schmidt solve this riddle. Eels are hatched from eggs in the Sargasso Sea. In the second year of life, they migrate to the shores of Europe. There females climb up along the rivers and spend about two years, then return to the Sargasso Sea, where they passed the marriage period and spawns. Such behavior conger can be explained if one considers that many years ago at the Sargasso Sea were located shores of Atlantis. Warm over Golfstriym them treated the shores of Europe, and then back over them back.

The destruction of Atlantis

Falling asteroid or comet fragments of - to explain the demise of Atlantis, supporters of the theory of its location in the Atlantic, most often referring to the theories of cosmic catastrophes. G.R.Karli first linked the destruction of Atlantis with the appearance of a comet back in 1784g. Polish astronomer M.M.Kamenskiy concluded that Atlantis was killed because comet passed the 9541 BC Polish atlantolog L.Zaydler also believes that Atlantis sank in the collision of a comet with the Earth. German atlantolog O.Muk learning of the fall of the meteorite Karolinska (diameter 10 km., Weight 200 billion tons, speed 20 km / sec) and concluded that he was responsible for the destruction of Atlantis. The force of the impact was equivalent to the explosion of 30,000 hydrogen bombs. Key experts in the collision of Earth with space objects are O.Muk and L.Zaydler. Both authors and their predecessors and successors brought several circumstances in favor of the theory of such a catastrophe:
In some nations there are myths about unusual weather phenomena.

On the surface of the Earth found several meteor crater. On this basis it can be assumed that in the past have fallen meteorites with large sizes.

There are interpretations of the Mayan calendar, according to which it can be established the date of the fatal fall of a meteorite.

Among the most famous myth is the myth of Phaeton. L.Zaydler example, relates very seriously ttalkuvanie like this myth.

Attracting the Moon - In 1912, the Austrian engineer Gerbiger offers "Doctrine for Space Ice", according to which Earth had at least four satellites. 22,000 years ago the last moon fell to earth 11,500 years ago and the moon as we know it today, was attracted to the Earth. This event was due to the tragic death of Atlantis. Under the action of lunar gravity appeared strong ocean tide from the poles to the equator and Atlantis was submerged.

Finally, it is interesting to focus on a comparison to what some researchers make use of the phenomenon of Atlantis. They argue that the outline of the three major Egyptian pyramids in Giza reminds mountains of Atlantis. The pyramids and the mountains alleged (according atlantolozite) are located on the southwest. And another thing - some scientists believe that Great Sphinx in Egypt is older than 10,000 years (!). Furthermore, in Egyptian art gods are always depicted the body of man and head of an animal and never vice versa. In this respect, the sphinx is inexplicable exception, because it has the body of a lion and the head of a man. On this basis, atlantolozite argue that the origin of the Sphinx is a long-lost Atlantis.

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