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вторник, 20 ноември 2012 г.

Ghosts haunt Missouri

Lemp Mansion Inn is located in Kansas, Missouri, and is considered one of the most haunted places. People who stayed here have complained that throughout the manor footsteps, knocking on doors and windows. During the period 1975-1977 during the renovation of the building, workers have reported paranormal phenomena. Complaints of slamming doors, ghostly noises, strange feeling of discomfort and capture staring at their eyes.

The inn served as home to generations bearing Lemp family. Take off the most representative died in 1970 at 90 years. Last behest, which leaves ureditelya, is to destroy the collection of paintings and precious family belongings.

Once the estate has lived a boy who was the illegitimate son of the owner's brother, William Lemp. It suffered from Down syndrome and is referred to as "the boy with monkey face." Hid him in the attic to see it empty.

Today the boy's ghost inhabits the third floor, attic and basement of the inn. Guests and staff heard him say, "Come and play with me" and people on the street saw his face, watching them from a narrow window in the attic. Researchers of the paranormal have left toys have always been found scattered in different parts of the room. In another case in the attic researcher felt tug on your hair right in front of the boy's room.

Guests heard fast running salbishte main steps and sounds of knocking. Were made aerial photographs of paranormal circles that ascent and descent down the stairs. They often have one feeling that someone was watching him, and rear salbishte be heard panting breathing dog sound of nails and rattle his chain.

On the second floor, where the apartment was Owner, William Lemp was observed vision of an old man with a beard, standing by the window in the dining room. In the closet apparition appeared in the reflection of the mirror. The apartment called "apartment lavender lady" wife of William Lemp, who dearly loved this color is felt strong scent of lavender, and a shadow slipped through the crack of the bathroom door. Many times the same door was locked, and then inexplicably located and by whomsoever wide open.

When the inn is quiet, someone likes to play the piano on the first floor. The bar drinks are stirred themselves and glasses moved or broke by itself. In the dining room of lavender lady who was originally office of William Lemp, research by the Association of ghost hunting in Missouri was hit by the door of the man's ghost. The portraits that hung on the walls in this room with his eyes followed every move.

In the dining room, which was once living, guests were touched by a ghost, but this was invisible. Emerging spirit of man sitting at the table, and when the staff asked him what you want, he instantly disappeared.

In the women's bathroom located down the stairs to the left of the dining room, many women have reported the appearance of a man watching them. Previously this was a private bath Owner, William Lemp.

The basement area is inhabited by two nervous, angry ghosts and placed underneath a tunnel is now sealed, dubbed the "Gateway to Hell." Some mediums feel angry ghostly figure, moving back and forth across the sealed tunnel, and one researcher zasekal mystical air to hover around a circle. He could shoot it. Tablecloths in the dining room were pulled down by the masses, and the masses moved. Residents felt from time to time some presence, peering behind their shoulders. Made pictures and videos of paranormal air circuits and recorded EGF

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