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вторник, 20 ноември 2012 г.

Legends and myths about the moon

In ancient times to the moon and other celestial bodies were worshiped. That no one could reach it, increasing the mystique and thus originated many myths and legends associated with it. The moon has always been associated with love, purity and beauty. What makes it even more mysterious is forever changing her person Tilkova strong lights in the sky.

Myths and legends about the moon

Not all stories about the moon are false. Most myths and legends contain some truth in themselves which fulfill the time during which they were created. The following are some of the most famous in the world of myths and legends about the moon.

Sun and Moon

Sun was in love with the moon and wanted to marry her. Reluctantly, the moon came her idea. She told The Sun that she would marry him if she made a gift to her size. The mighty sun made the Moon the most gorgeous gown ever seen. However, she did not. Made another slave, but it does not fit. Or was too big or too small. Sun can not understand the trick of the moon, which every day is a different size - the period between the full moon to the new moon. Poor sun is still trying to make her dress, which she got.

Legend of Chang

Chang is the Chinese goddess of the moon and live on it. This legend is very popular in China during the Chinese Moon Festival, the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month, is retold. Chang and her husband, Haughey were immortals who lived in the sky. However Eating Emperor punished them and sent them to earth as mortals. Chang was very sad and wanted to return to heaven. To save her immortality, Haughey undertook a long journey to the west, where the Queen Mother lived. She gave him a pill of immortality, but warned him that Chang should take only half of it. In his greed to become immortal again, Chang swallowed the whole pill and began to soar in the sky. Haughey could not do anything and stayed on the ground. So they were separated forever - Chang Moon and the ground Haughey.

Myth necklace

Myth is a beautiful diamond necklace and Queen, who wore it. She put her every morning and evening, when thou liest down, put it down. One day, however, she could not find her and told her the kings to find it. They crossed the world and finally found the thief. This was the king of the Galaxy 32. Kings fought and his necklace back. Queen left it to them to keep her. And she kept! We can see the moon shining in the dark night.

Coyote and eagle stole the sun and moon

Legend tells of a time when there was no moon and sun. It was always dark. Coyote hunter was lazy, so one day the eagle said: "Two can catch more than one." Coyote did not do any work, saying that he could not see in the dark and suggested the eagle to seek some source of light. Reached a tribe of Red Indians, where dancing kachinatsite (masked dancers). They had two chest, one to the moon and one sun. Coyote and eagle stole the big boxes and went away. Curiosity, however coyote opened his chest and exited two balls of light. Sun flew and perched in the sky, the moon, not knowing where to go, began to circle around the Earth.

Besides the above ancient stories, there are several modern. When the moon is not visible it is believed that this affects human behavior and the results are more crimes, accidents and suicides. High birth rate and fertility are also associated with the moon, and in some oriental countries specific phase of the moon determines the sex of the child. Old or young, myths and legends about the moon, we still admire today.

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