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вторник, 20 ноември 2012 г.

Identical myths of various peoples

Many people have exactly the same myths and it is unclear what caused this, since antiquity there was an opportunity to share information from different corners of the world.

Such is the legend of the sword in the stone. England legend snagged the stone sword, which can be removed only by the future King of England. It managed to make only a boy named Arthur. Then the magic sword - Excalibur - mistress was thrown in the lake.

Same story in Vietnamese remains and ancient legends. Le Loyu nobleman had to lead an uprising against the Chinese invaders. From the sea, where he lived hero, released a huge turtle. She wore a magical sword.

In many nations the creation myths of the world alike. According to ancient Chinese universe like an egg. Then it was born giant Pan Gu, who after his death gave life to everything.

In Hindu mythology, the egg is born god Brahma, who by the power of thought creates humans, gods, demons and monsters. According to ancient legends of Hawaii creator of the world Taaroa lived for many years in a shell that looks like an egg.

There is also a more violent version of the creation of the world - from the torn body. Thus, according to Scandinavian legends world was created by the gods led by Odin parts of the body of the giant asserted.

Native Americans were convinced that the world was created from the body parts of the murdered dog. Ancient Tibetan legends that the world was created from parts of the body of a demon in the shape of a tiger.

Ancient people from different parts of the world believed the same - that the world rests on the fish. For Russians, Iranians, Indians and Japanese world rests on the backs of several whales.

According to Buddhist beliefs, the world is fixed on the belly of a huge frog. The Chinese believed that heaven is supported by a huge turtle with a cut leg.

In many cultures it was believed that the world is three floors - sky, earth and underworld. The relationship between the three worlds is a great tree. The Scandinavians tree is Igdrasil, the ancient Egyptians - huge golden tree.

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