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вторник, 11 декември 2012 г.

In 2030 we will need a new planet?

If we continue in the same way, in 2030 we will need a new planet, according to WWF. Pessimism? No - because if the Chinese begin to live like Americans, say, the resources simply can not reach.

In its report, called "Living Planet 2012", the international conservation organization WWF warns that if we do not change our way of life, we will need a new planet after a very short time - in 2030. Does this mean then that all energy resources will be exhausted?

Self-destruction - slowly but surely

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In Siberia VIP bunker built by the end of the world

Solar "flames" are carried to Earth


Apokaliptitsi from all sides, focus! 

No, rather it is a need to change our attitude to nature, says ecologist Werner Eckert, who said no to the "Day X" can not speak. But there does not follow that we must continue to act without consider the consequences for future generations, which would lead our way of life. This applies mostly to the excessive consumption of resources such as oil, natural gas and coal, which not only leads to overloading of the atmosphere with greenhouse gases and rising temperatures, but also to "drain" of arable land has greater part of which becomes a desert.

In fact, with apocalyptic warnings and is not something new. Whether they actually sowed unnecessary panic? Werner Eckert's opinion, however, anxiety can be useful - if it leads to improvements. But so far no trace of a positive twist. Resource depletion is irreversible trend, and attempts to change direction yet caused improvements.

Western lifestyle is catastrophic

There are two factors that point to the current assault against Earth, convinced environmentalist Eckert. This is on the one hand, the ever-growing population. According to forecasts, the number of the world's population will stop growing after 30 to 50 years, when it will be too late.

Growing prosperity also a source of problems because if the Chinese start driving cars as much as Americans will need more oil than doubled. The same applies if the Chinese start to consume as much meat as the Germans say. Generally western lifestyle as a model for the world catastrophe. But for many people in developing countries, it is really ideal. Against which they can not be prohibited, says Werner Eckert.

The contribution of each of us

What can still be done? Will just have to get used to the catastrophic consequences of the current approach to nature and resource ecologist suggests. For example - the steady increase of temperatures in which it affects mostly poor countries.

Rich countries, in turn, can accomplish much if you bet, for example, modern technology - for recycling and climate. No need to open something new - you only need to implement the already open, Werner Eckert recommended. He claims, however, that for the moment economic profitability is gone, so things rather stuck in place.

Important in this regard is the contribution of each individual - saving resources, it could serve as an example to others. But if everyone lived the way people live in the West, the crash was inevitable - and not about pessimism, says Eckert. In this sense, the promotion of "responsible" way of life is a good example, as well as an immediate measure. Every gallon of gas goes unused is generally a whole liter of petrol.

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