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вторник, 11 декември 2012 г.

War on Iran: a matter of weeks?

Authoritative sources say that Iran has doubled the amount of uranium enrichment gunned make atomic weapons. According to experts, this means that Israel's war against Tehran is becoming more likely.

According to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) would hardly bring relief. Quite the contrary. In the latest report on Iran's nuclear program says that the regime was forced proceedings. The heavily guarded facility Ford number of centrifuges to enrich uranium for example, was increased from 1064 to 2140. The new centrifuges have not been in use elsewhere. On top installation in underground Ford located in mountainous and therefore well protected against possible military attack. He is also said that this is where Iran has produced and highly enriched uranium - up to 20%. And then to obtain highly enriched uranium by 90 percent, which is needed for an atomic bomb, it takes only a small step.

Suspect shares Parhin

Again according to the IAEA within the military facility Parhin, southeast of Tehran, were conducted tests on components for nuclear warheads. Since the Agency urged to access this facility, there is too noticed suspicious activities: buildings were demolished materials were transported to other places, but the earth was dug. Iranian official said that only about production for civilian use. This dual strategy is particularly dangerous because Israel may soon lose patience and take a military strike, experts say.

"From the perspective of Israel crossed a red line if it appears that the Ford plant in full swing," said Joel Gutsanski, Israeli scientist Institute for National Security Studies. Between 2005 and 2009 Gutsanski was a member of the Israeli National Security Council, which advises the Prime Minister on security issues and the Iranian nuclear file.

Pride Ahmadinejad

Is Iran really wants to produce nuclear weapons or not, remains unclear. The signals are mixed and it is the tactics of the regime, which wants to keep its advantage to have the intimidating element. In the Israeli media for months even speculate about that time was approaching for a military strike. "Instead of months, now only talk for weeks," said an anonymous representative of the office of Netanyahu to the newspaper "Haaretz".

Rumors of war are not a bluff

There are other signs that point to the fact that time is short. In winter eventual military attack would be difficult due to poor visibility. Observers also believe that it is in the interest of Israel if the country takes hit before the U.S. elections on November 6. Barack Obama, who is fighting an election, could hardly even now refuse to support its ally.

Many in the U.S. and Europe interpret talk of war against Iran to Israel primarily as a bluff to increase pressure against Tehran. "I do not believe that it is a bluff with a view of the dangers that threaten us, if Iran becomes a nuclear state," said Joel Gutsanski of the Israeli Institute for National Security Studies.

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